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Second redistricting meeting Monday night

Monday night New Hanover County schools will hold its second public forum on redistricting. Parents will get to voice their opinions and concerns at Eaton Elementary starting at 6:30 p.m. There are three options on the table right now. A neighborhood option sends kids to schools near their homes. Other plans focus more on diversifying schools, and would affect hundreds, if not thousands of students. The school board will make the final decision.

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If my kids were still young....

I'd eat PB&J twice a day if that's what it took to pay for private school tuition. You are doing your children NO favors by sending them to government schools.

That must be your problem, too much PB&J on the brain

There are many public schools doing a great job, particularly the year round schools. Our child is enrolled at Codington and it's been wonderful experience for us. Codington and other schools in this county consistantly finish in the top 30 in scoring out of over 1300 schools in this state.

Yeah, thats because

Yeah, thats because CODINGTON is not in the HOOD..of course its gonna be a good school!

the real reason

It is because parents with children going there are involved in their child's education. We don't look at it as a free daycare. Try to become involved and see if the scores go up in your "hood" school. The schools in the "hood" don't have any parental support or help.

I thought this was ruled by the US supreme court

I believe there was a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the past few years that outlawed "bussing". Meaning, driving children to schools that may not be the closest to their residence to "diversify" the schools. Keep it as it always has been. You go to the schools that are nearest your home. For decades people have bought homes utilizing the school district/local schools as one of the main factors in their decision. If I moved to Ogden because I want my child to go to Eaton Elem, then thats where I expect my child to go! I purposely don't want them going to Blount Elementary!


ruling said they couldn't base it on RACE...our BOE is calling it "economic diversity"....I say my life decisions should be put on my child as a punishment.