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Second suspect arrested in Creekwood murder

A second teen is in jail charged with a Labor Day murder in Wilmington's Creekwood community. Seventeen year-old Thaddeus Boney is charged with first-degree murder and armed robbery in the death of 45-year-old Michelle Crutchfield. Fellow suspect Obrian Hester was in court yesterday. Police arrested the 17-year-old Hester last week and charged him with murder and armed robbery as well. Investigators say Crutchfield was shot and killed on North 30th Street September 1, 2008. Boney and Hester are both in the New Hanover Detention Center without bond.

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what was she doing in

what was she doing in creekwood at 3:00 if she was not tring to find crack it wouldn't happened


That is true, it wouldn't be her that is dead. It would be somebody else. Nice try to shift the blame. A thug supports other thugs.

Comment to Mr. Boney

You are 100% right when you say "you reap what you sew". How did these young men get raised to KILL? My son is a Sergeant in a police department in another state who is the head of the K-9 unit. He is a Christian, raising 4 little boys along with his beautiful wife. I don't think anyone said the entire Boney family was no good (if I am wrong, I am sorry).I think that ALL children should be taught from the beginning that they can be anything they want to be. Who would WANT to grow up to be a killer? God bless you and your family. People shouldn't judge just because of your last name. And may God have mercy on Thaddeus.


All you can do is raise your children and then the rest is up to them. Some kids just learn what they see and parents can't do anything about that especially when you live in that neighborhood and some people can't afford to move out of it. It should not matter what your last name is, some kids that come from good homes do the same exact thing.

Response to Jance

Yes someone stated that the "entire Boney family is cursed and stay in trouble with the law." It's great that your son is doing well as a police officer. My son, which is a Boney, just graduated college and will be entering Law School next year. My nephew was not raised to kill. He didn't kill anybody and had no knoweldge that the other person would shoot and kill that young lady. Although I do not know all the details, I do know for certain that he was taught well. Now he wishes that he listened to his father and mother. Blaming the parents for this situation is so unfair. I know you are upset because black man kills white girl in "Creekwood" at 3:00 in the morning; let's not rush to judgement.

3 Questions

1. What was a 17 year old doing out at 3:00 AM? 2. Where were the parents at 3:00 AM and why were they not out tracking him down? 3. Why is there not a curfew law in place for those under 18? If there is, does it hold the parents accountable?

Response to Raymond

Maybe Janice is upset because someone was murdered. Not because it was a black man that killed a white women. From what I read it was you that brought the race card to the table. Who cares what color the killer was? Bottom line your sorry nephew was there and had his hand in the murder. How about you not rushing to judgemnt and assuming everyone but yourself is a racist. That angle is really old.


I gaurentee that 90% off the people on here running there mouth about "my tax dollars" and "Creekwood is a Cesspool" have never had to struggle and had a silver spoon in your mouth. Let me tell you, I am WHITE and I lived in Creekwood, Houston Moore, and Garden Lakes! I have seen first hand people going to school, and going to work everyday! Some people do take advantage of the system, WHITE, BLACK, and LATINO.....! There are others who are trying to get on thier feet and this is the only option you have (which was my case) I worked my way up and out and there are others that are doing the same. The only reason there are not more WHITE people in the "Projects" is because they are scared, who's fault is that? Public Housing is Public Housing, it is not called BLACK housing. People sit her and try to make it seem like BLACKs are the only people using housing, and getting food stamps, and welfare checks....Have you ever been in Social Services? There an even amount of all races in there..... Yep I sure did use WIC when I was pregnant and I worked all 9 months of my pregnancy for $7.00 to $8.00 an hour, and my Rent in the "Projects" was $30.00 less than Full Rent, BIG BREAK I GOT! People learn your facts, know what your talking about.....Do you know how many times I was pulled over my WPD when I LIVED in the "projects" , numerous times because what? I WAS WHITE in the "Hood" Talk about racial Profiling....I guess I was coming to buy crack, but why not get the people selling crack, why me? I do not think that this woman bieng killed was justified, it was a bad choice, but parents are not to blame! 17 knows right from wrong, 5 year olds know right from wrong.....If for goodness sake it was your child would you want to be critisized when you have done the best that you could? What we really need to figure out is how why CHILD MOLESTERS and PEDIFILES, RAPISTS and MURDERERS are getting 2,3,4 years in prison and a Coke Dealer is getting 10,15,20! Nobody forces you to get hooked on, buy, or smoke crack. Do you have to choice to be murdered or raped? OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM IS FLAWED! To the family of this lady, I am sorry for your loss and I hope you find piece and forgiveness in your heart. For the families of the boys who are presumed to have commited the crime, I am sorry for your loss as well and hope you can find piece in your heart, you have lost a child as well. Please people stop talking about how the government is supporting Creekwood and public housing and find a way to help in the community! If you own a business give someone a job, offer an oppurtunity to someone....BLACK, WHITE, work together to help each other and god forbid you never fall on hard times and need the system and "My Tax Dollars" have to support you!!! Ignorance is Bliss!

Silver Spoon

By saying born with a silver spoon do you you mean people that actually had to work for what they have, and not depending on the State to support them?


Sounds like you have "issues" I do pay taxes and I'll be DANGED if people should be allowed to STEAL from my family to take care of THEIRS...people need to start taking care of THEMSELVES and stop blaming A or B for THEIR life choices. YOU were living in the HOOD because of YOUR parents life choices, that is NO ONES fault but THEIRS. You wanna know what...I don't give a FLYING TRAPEZE FLIP what goes on downtown or anywhere else...what I DO care about is what goes on in MY neighborhood and what I have to deal with. I GUARANTEE you that if I drive downtown ANY day of the school week I will find AT LEAST FOUR TIMES as many school age kids skipping school with their parents walking the streets as I do in my neighborhood...I am ALL FOR a helping hand for someone on tough times...but my patience is growing THIN for people that take it and take it and take it without trying to get THEMSELVES out of a situation they are in. Wants some help, FINE, want a free hand out...SORRY! Get of your high horse, not everybody that has done well in life or that doesn't live in the hood have silver spoons in their mouths! We just bust our arses and have different sets of priorities!



These Poor Boys?????

A life was lost here! I don't feel sorry for the boys! I feel sorry for the family that will never get to see their loved one again. She shouldn't have been where she was at 3am, but what on earth were "these poor boys" doing with a gun, outside with hatred so deep that they could shoot another human being? God have mercy on y'all!

This poor child GENES are

This poor child GENES are just CURSED!!! The whole family have had and have problems with the LAW.. Both of these boys Daddy's went down the same road.. Isn't it sad how time repeats itself????? Their families were big drug dealers etc. and now trying to turn their lives around. I guess. I don't live in the Port City anymore. Selling and using drugs will tear a family to pieces. I am so sorry that the cycle wasn't broken. I know that their families are toren up, but we have to hold these boys accountable for the crime that they committed. Because had the shoe on the other foot, they would have wanted that lady charged with murder as well. So instead of one family being hurt, its now three families. I hope that the lady family can find some forgiveness for the crime, and the boys make PEACE and ask for FORGIVENESS.

Genes not cursed

To say that "The whole Boney family have had problems with the law" is a big lie. What is wrong with you people. Casting judgement on us like that is so ignorant. Majority of my family are good hard working citizens just like you. We are not depending on the system to support us. It's easy to judge my family because your family is alright for now. But remember, "You reap what you sow." Yes, the Boney family is very disturbed about this heinous crime that was committed. But we will continue to love our love one unconditionally. Remember one is innocent until proven guility. Let's wait and see. Our prayers do go out to the young lady's family.

Creekwood murder

"Thou Shalt Not Kill"-one of the ten commandments that these "boys" parents should have taught them. It was not a mistake-they are not mentally challenged; they knew what they did was wrong. Besides, 17 year olds are not even legally allowed to possess a gun. The person who got them the gun should be begging God to forgive them, and they should be in jail too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just think its funny that

I just think its funny that people keep commenting to he "misfortunate" in the projects that u can't visit the keep commiting crimes against good people. If all of these "intelligent" minds would come together and see that not only there is a problem there, but it is not going to be solved by poeple mnaking comments about the co-habitators of creekwood's financial status, or whether or not your tax money is footing their bills, even though they are, and just take the time and see through what the news story is actually telling you. yes, there was a wrong done, but not by anyone that actually lives in that neighborhood. NEITHER of the assailants are residents of creekwood... and everytime something happens to someone out there, the criminal usually lives miles away, probably right near you. Everybody keeps talkin about tearing creekwood down, they shouldn't tear it down, they should make the same people the jail for tearing it down come out there and do some community service cleaning it up, so that the decent people that have to be afraid to tell on them can witness retribution, first hand. Furthermore, they already have an identification system in place out there, they need to enforce a little bit stronger. Maybe they should get a gatekeeper, and a curfew, and anyone without resident indentification or out there after visiting hours cannot be allowed to loiter 30th street. Those are things that can acutally make a difference without making people that live out there and get up and go to work everyday and support their families and pay the same taxes you do, don't have to feel like the roaches "tearing down their hopeless community" makes them feel like. Creekwood is being destroyed by the very people we call our neighbors, the ones that come out to buy the drugs and the ones that come out there to sell the drugs and then they come home and sleep right next door to you and me.


Why is it that whenever we, the taxpayers, foot the bill for the "less fortunate" to have a place to live, they ALWAYS trash it? I'm sick of it....then, when they've destroyed their own, they venture out to trash ours! There are places in Wilmington you cannot even go anymore because we have coddled people for so long and put up with so much to avoid being labeled discriminatory. This is so unsettling to me. Wilmington used to be so pretty. UGH !!!


Okay…A mistake, so some of you are saying he made a mistake, he is being charged with murder, shooting someone or being involved somehow, what if he had was drinking and driving and killed someone. Would you all consider it a “mistake” I highly doubt it. He made the choice now he has to live with it. As for the comment about the Landfall murder, lets not compare statistics from any “government housing” communities to one that has hard working people, or people who have inherited money from their hard working family. The “assistance” (free ride) that a good portion of the residence of Creekwood, is teaching people it is okay to be lazy, giving them the mentality that if I got a real job (tax paying) they are going to take some of the assistance away. I’ve heard people make that remark. And they don’t want that so they go out and make quick un-honest money. I mean I hope my tax dollars don’t pay for them to be “fly and rock ice” have their grills and drive a $45k+ SUV with their 22in chrome wheels. They are making a lot of money somehow. I wonder?? If there are residence of that area that are tired of the crime and filth that flocks to Creekwood, do something about it get a job, or the easiest of all cooperate with the police the motto “cops aren’t waiters so they don’t get tips” is pure BS. We all make our lives so don’t complain when you are not willing to do something about it. As for the parents I know when I was 17 there was no way in hell I was out at 3am. My parents knew what went on where I grew up, Philadelphia. Why are parents so scared of their children? Military school, boot camp, there are all types of “tough love.” If I would have committed a crime at 17 and my parents knew about it they would have been the first to turn me in. Thank god they taught me right from wrong when I was a small child. The excuses need to just stop.

"You Know Nothing About This Family"

Everybody keep blaming the parents for the things their children do. You can only raise your children to the best of your ability, explain to them right from wrong and hope that they make the right choices. The child, especially at their ages, control their own destiny. And as for the remarks about the "BONEY" family....The parents of Thaddeus were always and still is hard working people. Their children never wanted for anything!!! And I know this first hand. There was no reason whatsoever for Thaddeus to rob these people, all he had to do is ask his parents, they would have given him money. Thaddeus was pretty much a spoiled kid, all of them were spoiled; they pretty much got what they wanted from their parents, that's why to this day, I don't understand why he was mixed up in this crime. The Boney Family have a very luxurious 3500 square feet home in Atlanta, Ga. This family doesn't live in Creekwood. They have at one point in their lives, many years ago, but they were always hard workers and "tax payers." What I'm trying to say to you all, Don't blame the parents for the way their child turned out, they did the best they could. thaddeus may have snatched the money from out of the man's hand, but one thing I do know for sure, and I'll put my life on it, he is no murderer.


They say ignorance is bliss and I suppose you are very happy. If you ever took time to understand how and why people live in low income housing, then you would know that most of them do not want or like to live there. Everyone who lives in the "projects" aren't drug dealers and criminals, but those who are are put in the eye of the media to point out as the root of the cities crime problems. Your tax money pays to help people who are on the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum, not to "rock ice". Also if you would take a look at who is actually committing the crimes, they are not even residents! And about the Landfall murder, you are correct we shouldn't try and compare statistics. I say this because the fact of the matter is that community is filled with Caucasian faces; who have active law enforcement presence, who will respond very quickly to a 911 call, or even a concern about a perceived threat. The residents of Creekwood live in fear of retaliation from gang members and other threats, which would not even exist if Wilmington P.D. did their job. And people here do work and aren't just "looking for handouts", hard worker or not people aren't enthusiastic about giving you a job if they know you live in Creekwood. Because like you, they assume that you are lazy, a criminal, or generally a bad person. My last point is just don't be so quick to judge! All of the youth of Creekwood are not degenerates! I myself lived in Creekwood for a large part of my youth and I am a North Carolina State University senior, who will be getting my degree in Biological Sciences in the Fall, all due to proper parenting, despite the circumstances of low income housing!

You're half-way there

You were smart enough to get out of that dump. Now, when you start paying taxes and begin to realize how much money the government takes from you and gives to people who are perfectly content to sit in Creekwood and come up with all sorts of excuses why they can't do exactly what you did, you'll finally understand how wrong a turn we took in this country forty years ago. Wealth redistribution is not the governmnet's job. Subsidizing failure and financially rewarding reckless behavior simply conditions an aid recipient to accept his or her inability to succeed in life through individual effort and responsibility. Welfare (now TANF), public housing, food stamps and Medicaid did more to keep Blacks down than the KKK could have hoped to do in their wildest, most twisted fantasies.

wolfpack o9

Congratulations on your success. Your parents had a lot to do with that I am sure. You are not the norm. How many others do you know that have a college degree that live there? How many even graduated HS? The problem is that the residents can not seem to break the cycle. You apparently have and your children will be successful as you are. That is one bright light on this entire situation. I know you have seen the bad parenting, the non parents that breed just to get a check. I am sure it disgusts you as it does the rest of society. Most of these kids are bright and need encouragement from responsible adults. My Father and Uncle were raised in total poverty. Both of them were brilliant boys. My Uncle got a full scholarship at Cambridge and my Father went to night school for 8 years while working full time, went on to own his own company and holds many patents including one of the first ink jet printer nozzles. It can be done but I feel sure the system makes it so easy for people to do nothing and still get rewarded that it will be impossible to break this sick cycle carousel that they are on.

I am very happy. If these

I am very happy. If these people don't want to live there why don't they change it. I know if I can be 23 years old keep a job a roof over my head and put food on my table and go to school with absolutely no help from the government (my tax money) than any other person who is able to work and wants to better their lives can do the same thing. And the "active law enforcement in Landfall, you mean the rent a cops with flashlights. Rarely do you see a W.P.D. patrol car inside those gates.

You are right

Good for you! You are totally right, its hard to survive but you do it. You don't depend on the govenment to hold your hand through it. Its called LAZY! They get a taste of government $$$$ and they are hooked, FOR LIFE!


Way to go. You are 100% right! What about WIC (all the formula for free) and then they get into the lexus with tint and wheels. It drives me crazy, esp. when its abused.

I feel sorry for these boy's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I start by saying i feel for this woman as well as these guy's.This should be a lesson for all youth.Some parents are trying to raise they kids right but fear of the law can stop that as well.It's a certain way to talk to your kids you can't spank them. When something like this happen the parents did not raise them. The truth is you don't allow them to. Some kids you can talk to some needs spanking.Don't the cops talk to some and beat others .They under stand cop abuse. It's bad when the parents want to spank they kids they are wrong but when this happen the parents are at fault. Parenets you are dam if you do and dam if you dont. What are the parents to do go to jail and start spanking the kids. Parents i say to you god has the last say.May god bless your family as well as the woman's.



this child is

i think that this child is innocent. if you knew him the way everyone else did youll know why people are saying he's innocent. to all you negative that have smart comments you know what to do!!!!!!!!

Are you people kidding me?

Ok, first of all...Are ya'll kidding? Creekwood? 3am? Aint nothing going on in there at 3am thats legal. Admit it if you live there, learn it if you dont. Second, most people that live in there are decent people, but are scared of the younger generation thats taken over. There is more disrespect to the elders there than anywhere in the county. Most of the 13-30 yr olds are rude, violent and flat out obnoxious. They will chase you down, especially if you get caught behind public transpo and are white, asking you "whatchu want? whatchu need?" then tell you to get the hell out of there if you dont buy drugs. The parents and grandparents of the 13-30 yr olds are scared of them and cannot solve the problem, yet I believe wish they could. Its time to clean house back there and put time limits on the government subsidized housing. There are 3 generations of families that have lived back there in the same place...on the taxpayers dollars. How about a 1-2 yr limit? And how about the citizens of Creekwood GROW a pair and take back their neighborhood from the dropout hoodlums and gangsters and quit supporting them? Everytime you see the cops back there, the citizens are arguing with the cops, telling them to get the hell out of there. YOU CANT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS PEOPLE! Either help them or continue to live in the degenerate cesspool that Creekwood has become. BET/MTV/ Rap music sure has helped raise some good children hasnt it? Good job parents!

that being the case

Why not have the NAACP and the city council work hand in hand with the new Public Housing Authority Director to clean the place up? Rather than march to Raleigh to rehash something that occurred in 1898; let them march the streets of Creekwood and the other projects between 10 PM and 5 AM. Let them carry cameras and two way radios so they can call the police in for a quick response? They probably won't get the warm fuzzy feeling they will get from marching to Raleigh to relive something their great-great-great ancestors dealt with. Is that the reason? Or is all their rhetoric about making a difference just that rhetoric? What impact will a march to Raleigh have on today's issues? Could marching the streets in Creekwood make a difference? Let's see if they are all show or gave some stamina?