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The Rant

The Rant: December 14, 2011

Last night we told you about a recommendation from the NTSB that states adopt laws banning cell phone use in cars. It's a story that's created a lot of buzz all across the country.

The Rant: November 30, 2011

McGlockton's death has led many of you to share your memories and condolences. WWAY's Kevin Wuzzardo has more in tonight's edition of The Rant.

The Rant: November 18, 2011

The shooting of that robbery suspect has generated a lot of reaction around town.

The Rant: November 15, 2011

In just about an hour Wilmington City Council will meet for the first time since last week's elections. On the agenda is a proposal to spend more than a million dollars on worker bonuses and an employee appreciation party. It's a suggestion that has many of you speaking out.

The Rant: Fun with write-in votes

Earlier this week we told you how voters in tar heel had to write-in candidates, because no one was on the ballot for mayor or town council, but they were not the only voters who exercised their right to write in a name, though some did not exactly vote for qualified candidates.

The Rant: The fall of an icon

There is no doubt there are very real victims in this story, but the fallout from the Penn State scandal has created a sort of collateral damage for the legions of fans who follow Penn State.

The Rant: Remembering Andy Rooney

You've probably already heard that "60 minutes" commentator Andy Rooney died over the weekend. His death marked the end of a unique era in television history. In tonight's edition of The Rant, WWAY's Kevin Wuzzardo takes time to remember a TV legend who blazed a trail unlike any other.

The Rant: November 1, 2011

There was certainly a lot of outcry over the debit card fee plan. A movement to get customers to switch to credit unions and community banks had marked this Saturday as "Bank Transfer Day." The question is whether Bank of America's change of heart is too little too late.

The Rant: October 28, 2011

Of course, our area's economy got a big shot in the arm yesterday when we found out "Iron man 3" will shoot in Wilmington. Even though the blockbuster movie will bring jobs and cash to our area, there's still a lot to be done to help the job situation here.

The Rant: October 14, 2011

This week we started a series of profiles of the candidates for Wilmington City Council. It's not our job to tell you who to vote for, but it is our job to give you information about the candidates that includes when they do something that may be questionable.

The Rant: October 11, 2011

We'll start introducing you to the candidates for Wilmington City Council. It's our way of helping make sure you are informed when you go to the polls.

The Rant: October 5, 2011

Town rules for trick-or-treating? WWAY's Kevin Wuzzardo asks whether it's the latest sign of the nanny state in tonight's edition of The Rant.

The Rant: October 3, 2011

It was a big turnout at the Battleship North Carolina yesterday. Many people shelled out their quarters to take advantage of 19-61 prices to mark the 50th anniversary of the battleship arriving in the port city, but not everyone was in the celebrating mood.

The Rant: September 26, 2011

North Carolina's efforts to improve tax incentives for film projects a couple of years ago could be a big factor in attracting "Iron Man 3."