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Section 8 recipients fear moving to Creekwood

READ MORE: Section 8 recipients fear moving to Creekwood
As we first told you Thursday, the Wilmington Housing Authority is looking for people currently receiving Section 8 housing assistance to voluntarily give up their vouchers, and move into public housing. People volunteering to move, would help reduce the financial burden on their Section 8 program. Several residents say they are willing to move to almost any public housing development to help. Subreia Hunt is a single mom, who receives Section 8 assistance. Hunt said she would be willing to move into public housing, if it helped free up Section 8 funds for others, but there is one place in town she will not live. “When I first came to Wilmington, I rolled through Creekwood and I didn't like the vibe.” Hunt said there is too much violence in Creekwood, and she is worried about the safety of her 15-year-old son. Mary Claiborne has lived in Creekwood for 8 years. She said the trouble is not with those who live there. “It's pretty nice, except for the people that come in here, that don't live out here, selling their drugs and starting trouble.” The Wilmington Housing Authority is aware of the problems in the neighborhoods surrounding Creekwood. WHA Board of Commissioners Chair Bo Dean said the housing authority is working with police to keep residents safe. “All of the neighborhood issues, not just Creekwood, but all the surrounding streets are also being watched and are also being patrolled and those good neighbors and those good families are being taken care of.” Claiborne has seen both good times and bad in her neighborhood. She says lately, things have been getting better. “But the police department is coming in and cleaning it up all over again. So Creekwood is very fine.” To help keep the neighborhood safe, Creekwood has a community safety committee, and ID badges for all of its residents over 10 years old. All of the residents in the community say they feel safe living in the community.

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Theres a new day coming

Everyones on here talking about how people don't deserve section 8 or public housing and you know they have never walked a mile in your shoes and never wanted for anything in there hole life. That is why the country is changed and we will see an end to the old way on Tuesday. It is a new day and we finally see that it more important to feed the babies and help a man get a job than you own that big house out on the beach or vacation on the Riviaira. The first shall be last and we all will live as brothers and sisters, looking out for each other and taking care of each other. You who don't want it and refuse to accept the new America will have to fall into line when you loose all your castles and gold. The old ways are gone and your selfishness will no longer be tolerated.


It really seems like you want to blame someone for the poor choices you have made. Or it could be you just don't want to work and expect society to support you.

castles and gold

first of all no one has said that people do not deserve section 8 what has been said is that the resorces at hand should be used for their intended pourpose secondly you can't be to much of a PROUDWOMAN sitting waiting for the day that your social savior takes away the evil rich peoples gold and castles. whats funny is that if the savior isn't elected tuesday we the terible evil holders of the gold and castles will still produce weekly checks that produce taxes that feed and houes the less fortunate maybe if the savior isn't elected we evil holders of the castles and gold should rethink what we do provide maybe we can start programs that will insure that the able are working and get the people with 10 1/2 years on the payroll off and a last note to the proudwoman look into your own heart and ask yourself did i do everything i could today to advance myself my neighborhood my family , or did you just vote for someone who you thing will give you what you have not earned

You are hating because our

You are hating because our President is part African American and it is ridiculous to still have those views and belittling dispositions all because of uncontrollable upbringings.

Public Housing

I am a single mother of three and I graduated this past May from the University with my 4 year degree. I am still unemployed! I have been searching tirelessly for empoyment,without success,and have decided to pursue graduate school! I find it very disturbing that so many people,without hesitation, offer unkind words and accusations. They voluntarily belittle families in the housing projects without offering a solution to the problem or any assistance with helping find one. Sometimes people just don't know what help, if any, is available to them to remove themselves from difficult and embarrassing situations. Many people aren't privied to the "Unspoken Priviledge" that accompany so many others. After reviewing the census data from the Wilmington Chamber of Commerces' website, I have found that White citizens make up 79.9 percent of New Hanover County while Black citizens make up 17.0 percent and the remaining goes to "other"; yet, all that is ever discussed is housing projects and areas that are predominantly Black. These are considered problem areas by most. I must emphasize that 17 percent is a small fraction of the greater 79.9 percent of the residents. Does anyone question why all of the "projects" are filled with mainly black families when this clearly is a predominantly white county? Unless all of the White residents are considered middle to upper class with fairly decent salaries, have a lack of unemployment issues, and are completely unfamiliar with the Department of Social Services and the Wilmington Housing Authority, then public housing issues aren't the only issues that need to be re-evaluated! I challenge all to aid in offering solutions to some of these problems instead of always restating them. Have a reason to speak!

I commend you

You are taking steps to achieve self sufficiency. I believe most of the negative posts are for those who take no steps to achieve self sufficiency and who after 10 or more years are no closer to exiting Public Housing. You raise some good issues.

I have read all of the posts

I have read all of the posts and agree whole heartedly. Unfortunately the actions described will not happen overnight. As FUNCTIONING members of a democracy WE have to contact our representatives and tell them how we feel. Let those in power know that we will not vote for anyone who supports long term benefits and housing for those other than the elderly and disabled. Having a tough time? Fine, we help you out for a year or so. In that time you find a job like the rest of us and get on your feet. The only way to do something about this is to make your opinion known to those that DO have the ability to make changes to this outrageous cycle of injustice. I’m ready to write my congressman and march in front of the WHA if I can get some decent tax payers to join me!

You peole need to stop being so ugly.

We have programs like section 8 to help people that are in need, don't ever knock someone for receiving it until you hvae walked a few hundred miles in their shoes. I for one am a single mom and I have a job with no section 8, but it's not all that easy for everyone out there. By the way it's hard to get child support for a lame father. Trust me I know, I deal with it every month, he always seems to slip throught the cracks.

Sect. 8, Creekwood, My thoughts

I've read both Articles on this Web page.. Full Discloser; I'm a Disabled, Single, White Father of 2 Teen-aged Daughters. I've been on the "waiting list" for Section 8 housing for the better part of 4 or 5 years, after WHA, "lost" My previous Application... My Current "wait" time has been 2+ years. I recieve 797 per month, which 475 goes to rent, the rest into utilities.. Progress, (elect)/City of WILmington, (sewer/water/trash), Piedmont, (gas)... No money left over after I pay those... I say/posted these figures, because, in case people wonder, If I "need" Section 8.... I've been contacted by WHA recently regarding housing, if I would "consider" moving into the housing Projects.. Which, I politely declined, truth being, when you have a WAVE Transit bus driver ask, "Are you sure you wish to get off here"???, in a certain area of Wilmington, (Creekwood/Taylor Homes come into mind here), You KNOW YOU DO NOT want to live there, or be caught there after dark if your disadvantaged/disabled in the area in question...Plus, My Daughters and I are the Wrong Color.(White) My "other" concerns.... Residents, (for the most part), of Public Housing are NOT PROACTIVE, in their own Safety, Security or surroundings, they DO NOT care, or are "scared" of thugs, read; SONS of the very Welfare Mothers that are receiving Public assistance, Joining Gangs and Dealing crack Cocaine. (Example, One poster expressed that She "Minds Her own Bidness", living in creekwood for 10 years!!!!...)Part of the "Problem", right there, Not being "Proactive" in the Community, NOT taking PRIDE in the area you live in.. Entitlement "privileges" run AMOK!!! Unless you are Disabled,or a Senior Citizen, Public Housing should be a Safety net, **NOT** a Lifestyle,10 YEARS! Sheeesh! Having Child after child, Living off the guberment tit, rearing GANGSTA's, that our Public Housing has become. Scamming the system, with a "Babies Daddy(s)", Working/Living/dealing drugs while residing there rent free. I watched the Nice Greenhouses erected and then torn-up, (Creekwood), by the very residents that they were met to help out. If trash wasn't picked up by employees of WHA, it would become a trash dump literally overnight. A Attitude that is expressed, It's not mine, so I don't have to "take care of it" mentality exist's... Thats just a few Realities of Public Housing.. If I were to move into "Public Housing", I would be Murdered in just a few months, after all, I would be PROACTIVE, start a Community Watch against thugs, Ask residents to enter into agreements to Policing Community areas, (policing *trash* in more ways than one,other than the trash laying on the grounds), Calling in Suspicious people, "hanging out", Intolerant of Drug dealing..etc... Those "Babies Daddies", staying rent free with these Welfare mothers would and SHOULD be Promptly be reported to the WHA AND Social Services, paying a portion of the rent based on their income or get out..Thats called FRAUD Folks....(How do you think some of those "Welare reciepants" drive nice cars? They don't pay "rent" while "Babies Daddy(s)" work/deal drugs, staying rent free). In Closing, I'm going to continue juggling my utility bills, hoping not to get cut off in the meantime, not affording personal Hygiene/cloths for Myself, (My daughters DO get theres, I do without), and just get by the best I can... I'll wait for that voucher, or die waiting, Maybe Living in a Puptent after My Daughters Leave, before I move into a Public Housing Project..Endangering MY Daughters and OUR lives..

You Lost

They lost your application because you are a white male.

potential tenant

what is wrong in this damm world i can do little more than say a prayer for you and your girls god bless you

Thats ridiculous

First off,most people who have section 8 do not have a job and want to live off taxpayers hard earned money.You should be thankful that you even get a place for free or at discount because I don't.I probably make just as much as you get on your welfare check and still make it. If your scared to live in creekwood get police officals to clean up the streets of the senseless crimes and filth that live out there.

You are ridiculous!

If you know it all FIX it all! I am completely disabled and not able to work. If you say I can give me a job with the drug coverage I need. I will work! Too many people only have a negative sterotype, and are of an iq of 71.

Tired of the ignorance....

Well my question is are you in a position to hire people? I have been trying to get a job in Wilmington for 9 months with NO luck. I am an intelligent woman with a 3.7 GPA in College( computer info systems degree thanks). I also get section 8 that I only got because I was homeless with three children and lived in a shelter for 3 months. I don't want to live off the government but that is what it is there for. When I did work my taxes went towards those programs so it actually IS my money. And FYI I get a welfare check.... a whopping $297 A MONTH for three small children. That barely pays my light bill and I have to make a way to pay for everything else. Also there is a time limit on how long you can even get welfare money and there are stipulations i.e. you have to be looking for a JOB. No one is getting rich off of welfare, sorry to disappoint. I am really sick of the stereotypes.

concerns, about women that is gettting welfare checks

well , you are getting welfare checks ,on your own disappoint of your mistakes of having dead beat dads , wondering around that dont want to surport their kids ,not sayings the kids are mistake, but you dont have an clue of where , your childrens fathers sss# or their where abouts ,are. One time yeah but two , come on , thats great you have an degree , well one thing you may want to try is moving to another state or town , where theres more jobs , good luck


Creekwood is obviously a dump, but that's only the fault of the residents. There are no drug dealers rampant in my neighborhood because as residents, we won't allow it. But how ridiculous is it that in America you must have an ID badge to be in a particular neighborhood. Could I not walk through Creekwood without an ID Badge if I wanted to(yeah right) After all I pay more for that housing than anyone living there.

They wouldn't enter Creekwood to sell drugs....

...if there were no sales! They are simply serving their customers. BTW, Godzilla should be afraid to move into Creekwood.


this Ms. Hunt, a single Mom "rolls into town"; doesn't like the vibes and dictates to WHA where she will live. Does anyone see a problem. Apparently one of her first acts is to sign up for public housing. If there is a 4000 person closed waiting list, how could she "roll into town" as a newcomer and get a Voucher? She is a single mom. Is her son's Father providing support? If not, has she gone to Social Services to obtain assistance in getting her son the support he is entitled to? If the Dad is doing the right thing, did she disclose that to the Section 8 Housing folks so they could adjust the level of entitlement she is allowed? If the 15 year old is her only child, is she working or going to school? How long has she been on public assistance? If she's neither working or going to school, why was she granted Section 8 in the first place? What other government programs is she availing herself of? There seems to be enough food for thought to generate a follow up piece by the reporter. It also appears the new Director of WHA ought to be out at her residence with her case worker putting together a plan to get this person off the public dole. I saw her appearance on the news; she had a very arrogant tone of voice for someone who is getting something for nothing.


As a man i'm sure "surfcity Tom" has not tried to get "support" from an absent father in this state! You need to ask around and see just how many "fathers" are actually paying,no matter how hard the mother is trying. It's pathetic and so wrong.This is another broken system.


do you focus on one aspect of my post? Why not hit all the points? as to absentee fathers, most social service agencies can become pit bull dogs when asked. I go back to the post, has this specific person asked?

Here's a Plan

First: identify all of the non-resident young gentlemen who come into the project[s] after dark to conduct business. Second: have the Police do vehicle registration checks on the SUVs, Escalades, Mercedes, and other high end vehicles which appear in the projects after dark. If they are not registered to an occupant of the project, and they are there after 10:00 at night, tow them to a Police impound yard. If they are registered to an occupant of the project, have WHA officials contact that occupant to determine how they can afford such a vehicle while on Section 8 housing. Third: offer their parents the opportunity to get the Gentlemen out of areas they do not belong and have them get jobs that do not include selling non-prescription pharmacutical products. Fourth: Have the local NAACP chapter focus its marching efforts in the Projects and in front of the homes of the previously mentioned young gentlemen and their parents. That will certainly accomplish more for today's society than marching over something that occured in 1898. This has been suggested before. Fifth: Have the police there every night. If Resource Officers can be put at every school in every county, then let the police place armed officers on the ground. If the police can'nt do it, let the Governor dispatch National Gaurd troops to the projects. Keep them there until the gentlemen dealing drugs get the message. Have them return periodically to reinforce the message. Sixth: if all else fails, evacuate the citizens for a long week-end; seal off the projects after the gentlemen arrive to do business; then send in Chuck Norris and The Terminator. Maybe include Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, and Jean Claude van Damme. Have the President grant them a full and unconditional pardon for any actions they may be required to take over that long week-end to clean up the projects.

Well thought out. It would

Well thought out. It would work, if our government was WILLING to do it. I like it, now how do we go about getting it done?

For Starters

1. have the City Council adopt legislation which would allow the police to auction off the impounded vehicles. The loss of rides may keep some dealers from the area; the revenue from vehicle sales may cover a part of the cost for placing the police officers on the grounds. We're not talking a significant number of officers; certainly no where near the number placed at schools throughout the city and county. 2. focus NAACP marching efforts as mentioned. Focus on today's issues not something which occured in 1898. 3. Involve the media. Could be seeing their offspring on the tellie would cause some parents to question why their young gentlemen are on the streets at 3 in the morning. Add the impact of the parents' car being impounded, the message may get through. 4. have the National Gaurd units hold summer training sessions in the projects. They train for 2 weeks each year. Stagger the sessions so one group moves in as another group exits. Really should be no cost increase as they budget for training anyway. 5. Have Screen Gems film an action adventure movie set in a southern city. Chuck Norris as the star. Fees paid to city and National Gaurd might actually turn a profit in the fight to take back the neighborhoods. In all seriousness, what would happen if the NAACP, City Council, WHA leadership, media reps, and parents start taking to the project streets after 10 or 11 each evening? Have them approach, with police backup, these groups of young gentlemen who seem to congregate with nothing to do.

FYI: Chuck Norris

Guns carry Chuck Norris for protection.

Chuck Norris don't need no stinking help

sufcitytom: Don't insult Chuck Norris by suggesting he would need any help!!! :-)

No Insult to Chuck

the job might get done quicker if he had some help. Arnold might have some free time after the elections when he is not on the campaign trail. Who knows, maybe this could be an action packed movie filmed in Wilmington. Apparently got the troubled neighborhood. Got a movie studio. Bring in a couple of action heroes. Roll the cameras.

It's not about the cost,

It's not about the cost, it's about safety. Just because you don't make enough money to keep from living in a cardboard box on the street doesn't mean your 15 year old needs to be at risk of a drive by. Maybe you need to shut up and realize there are good people out there that need assistance. Businesses are closing and good people are losing their jobs. What are those good people doing? Asking for assistance, the same assistance their taxes have paid their entire working lives. I agree that there are many areas around town that need to be cleaned up. The police can't be everywhere all the time, but there are some places where they are simply not present.

Unfortunately, the teet is

Unfortunately, the teet is dry because to many loafers have sucked at it for too long. I ask you, where is this money supposed to come from? Good people want JOBS before they ask for a handout.

They need to shut up and

They need to shut up and take what they can get. If she thinks the taxpayer should pony up the costs for her to live in an area she likes better, she's in for a rude awakening. In this area, more and more businesses are closing, and more and more people are losing their jobs. There is NOTHING here to replace those jobs. WORKING PEOPLE are forced to pay for these programs. No work means no money. No money means less for the state to steal. How much blood can the State get from a stone?

the vibe you get

subreia hunt rolled thur and didn't like the vibe, was the stereo thumpin' as you rolled thru scopin' your op's? you should be the first to move and why are we (the tax payers) asking for volunteers this is not an option as a good citizen i will volunteer trucks and man power to help move people into the housing that is avalible and i'll bet i will find more people to help,with this post. someome with WHA just let us know where to show up