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Security tightened after WBHS shooting

READ MORE: Security tightened after WBHS shooting

ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (WWAY) -- A student shot outside of a Bladen County high school is recovering tonight. The incident has parents at West Bladen High looking for answers. Parents had tons of questions after the shooting, and some are still out of the loop today, including the victim's mother.

Tuesday afternoon Robert Davis was shot near the front entrance of the school. The bullet lodged near his lung. At the time, though, Davis was unaware he was hit. After he realized what had happened he was airlifted to a Wilmington hospital.

Today Davis's mother told us her son had told her about bullies that he had problems with at school. She said she alerted the principal Antonio Beatty, but nothing was done.

Bladen County Schools Superintendent Greg Killingsworth said the school was aware of the mother's concerns.

"We have to have facts before we react and Mrs. Beatty has done an excellent job with the investigation," Killingsworth said. "Is someone being shot a good enough fact now to make sure someone keeps an eye out when someone reports bullying? Well bullying is a new state statue that we have even trained employees, we take it very serious."

Students who returned to school today were greeted by extra sheriff deputies and even metal detectors. Killingsworth says the precautions are just stepping stones to make sure everyone stays safe. As for those extra precautions like the metal detectors, the superintendent says they'll be up as long as the schools needs them.

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I think West Bladen High

I think West Bladen High School should of taken much MORE care in this incident and should of put the school on lock down. Poorly done job by the principle and by staff. I would like to say this to the superintendent of Bladen County "You are NOT doing your job at keeping our schools SAFE." Something NEEDS to change. Not later. But NOW.

These kids fought several

These kids fought several times before the incident. However, I don't blame the principal. I don't blame the educational system. I blame the community for setting this social standard and treating territorial violence as though it were a game.
The community needs to realize that this could happen to anyone. The standards that the parents and social network have placed for the children are not too low; they are simply terrible standards to begin with. The two arrested boys will never get this off of their records. They will never live the full, normal life that they should be able to live.
There is not one person to blame here, but rather the community as a whole. These kids have no where to turn but to each other, and when such violent, stressful times arise-they lack in wisdom. It isn't their fault, the School/Government's fault, nor is it the parent's fault.
The shame should rest upon the shoulders of the people who turn their heads to violence and look the other way. The blame should rest upon those who are selfish enough to punish an entire community because of their own incompetence. Moreover, guilt should settle into all of our hearts, for we have allowed this to happen.

We all need to get involved and reach out farther than our family ties. Otherwise, the youth will suffer the consequences.


I agree with you on this.. Alot of parents are not paying attention on what their children are doing now days and it is sad..It's not hard to figure it out! Parents need to step up and be apart of their kids life.

I think....

I think that both the victim and the shooter should be charged! They are both in the wrong, I also believe that the SBI/FBI should be checking myspace's and facebook's..and get all the students who have "gang" related items on their pages. I would not let them attend any school not even Extended Hope..I would send them to a camp like the Tik Tik Camp or have them on the roads picking up trash! Doing community service...You sending them home does nothing it doesn't teach anything it makes it worse. Better yet send them somewhere that has TRUE gangs and let them see how that life is. The things that are going on are ruining the education for the rest of us who are actually there to learn and do something with their life. I know the shooter and the victim I have went to school with the shooter since I started when I was 5.. He is a really good person at heart. I think rappers and the media have a big impact on these kids..Because half of them are really smart at school and know how to behave but people in their families and in the media and etc. influence them alot. So people need to look at both sides of the story..come on now you just don't shoot nobody for no reason..I think both should be punished and thier "lil members".

Stand up to the punks!

Adults now are to scared to stand up to these punks. I don't care if the school says "well they were in the building." I don't care if they in the yard, building on the roof. NO GUNS allow. Check their cars etc.. Never let them get on the grounds or at the school building. bulling is a big problem in our world today. And how brave our kids are that stand and tell that this is happening to them. If this is happen to your child and you can't get anywhere with the school. Go over their head. School Board, your local counsel members, The adults that are running the school should do just that. If your child has been brave enough to come forward. You need to be the adult and handle it and help them. This is not ok. No body has the right to make you feel bad or do things to you. Because the next time we hear about this the kid will dead. where he/she has killed theirselves or the bully has done it. And the reason this behavior continues. IS BECAUSE WE ADULTS LET IT


How can someone not realize he's been shot?

Happens all of the time!

There are many documented cases of people being shot and not realizing it immediately, especially with small calibers. There are many with larger calibers and more shots than this young man took.

Skin and muscle tissue has a natural defense mechanism that causes a "numbness" in the area of the wound(s) to prevent shock. This numbmess is normally short-lived and not associated with a bone impact wound. This would be the reason for his delayed knowledge of being shot.

Bullying and Bladen County School System

Being raised in the Bladen County School system (though it was a while back) I was bullied and teased. Nothing was ever done! My mother placed complaints and all she was ever told was kids will be kids! Well now fast forward a few years kids are bringing guns to school so I ask are kids just being kids now? No kids are being deadly! Is anyone talking to the parents ever, you know the ones that are being bullied and reported as being the bullies? Is the school system or principal reporting these things to the parents? If you don't then how are parents suppose to correct their children a parent can't fix what they don't know is broken! However that being said you can't blame the school for a shooting parents where are you children getting guns from? Where did they learn that this behavior is alright and appropriate? Are you being the good example? Are you raising your children or are you letting TV, Video Games and gangs raise your children? Are you too busy to be bothered with rearing your children? If you are then why did you even have children? Perhapes if you can't be bothered to parent you shouldn't bother having children! I fear for us with this next generation coming up no respect for authority, no respect for their selves or anyone else! I say give the principal the paddle and let her start poppin' some rear ends since mama and daddy can't be bothered to disciplin or raise their children, or put them out of the public school system let mama and daddy pay for a private school for their little thug! Them mama and daddy might get real and get serious and try to correct JR when he puts a hurtin' on the families wallet!

In the eyes

This kid looks so scared in the hospital bed. His just looks like he has been bullied and what will come next. I think it is so sad that kids have to feel like this. I will say a extra prayer for him and the kids in jail. Both sides need help

what are they leaving metal

what are they leaving metal detectors up for a week like they did when the "riots" happened last year!!! thats a good one.. the smartest thing to do is ... if they are trouble makers .. let the get their GED if they want a education and put them out of public school for good... how many chances can a student get>? its the SAME ONES EVERY TIME!... wake up and realize that. The students that are in this "gang" stuff bring drugs to school, cause trouble in class the little time they are there, and try to fight constantly!