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Segway store opens in downtown Wilmington

READ MORE: Segway store opens in downtown Wilmington
WILMINGTON -- You may have seen police officers patrolling the streets on Segways in downtown Wilmington. But you may start seeing more than just police riding the transporters soon. That's because the first Segway store in North Carolina opened this weekend in downtown Wilmington. A Segway can cost between $5,000 and $6,000 and can travel up to 24 miles on a single charge with a top speed of about 12 miles an hour. But the manufacturer recommends using it for short trips. The owner of the new store says Segways can be used for more than just patrolling the streets. Cape Fear Segway owner Richard Hays said, "It's great for personal transportation. It's got a range of 24 miles, so anyone that works within that range can easily get to and from work." Segways are also made to travel on different types of terrain like beach and wooded trails. The transporters, though, are not made to take curbs or be ridden up or down stairs. Cape Fear Segway 106 N. Water Street #108 Wilmington NC 28401 Phone: 910-251-2572

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Stone Age to Hybrids

I must admit my interest at the back and forth comments posted. It reminds me of what must have transpired when electric lights were considered over gas lanterns or horseless carriages over wagons. Some things never change nor do the people that fail to see change as positive. Segways are just one of the first lines of change in the way we transport ourselves as pedestrians and they won't be the last. Like a gun, Segways are a product of the rider and they way they are used. As for me and my wife, we ordered 2 Segways from Cape Fear Segway as we found it a way we can sightsee, be together with a common hobby and see more of Wilmington that we have ever seen on our many trips. Thanks Segway and Richard Hays for keeping noise, smoke and large vehicles our of historic Wilmington!!

Sightseeing as a hobby

What's wrong with walking while holding hands if you want some intimate outings? Why would you forgo the added benefit of aerobic and anaerobic exercise walking can provide while adding nearly nothing to your green house gas footprint? I can see that the Segway may have some usefulness to those people who work and live in the downtown area for commuting to work. So many days in our beautiful city are hot and steamy and walking would leave you drenched. What do you do with the Segway once you get to your destination? Are you going to leave it parked on the sidewalk impeding the travel of others? Are we going to have Segway corrals? Couldn't it be easily stolen? Bikes, skateboards, skates and, scooters aren't allowed by law on the sidewalks. I don't feel that Segways should be either. What makes a person who can afford a Segway more deserving or more priviledged than the person who can afford a skateboard? By the way, once you get on a mechanical means of conveyance you no longer can claim designation as a pedestrian. That is reserved for people who are walking.


Go ride one... They are fun!

You and your wife....

...could have purchased two good bikes for less than the cost of one Segway, done everything you are now doing on the Segways, and extended your life by years from the resultant cardiovascular benefits. I'm glad that you're happy with your purchase, but the question I posed ages ago remains unanswered: What can you do on your Segway that you can't do on a bike or motor-scooter? Whenever I ask that question, all I receive in reply is, "Oh, but they're technically sophisticated!" Technical sophistication is a trait, not a benefit. The light bulb didn't win out over gaslight because it was technically sophisticated. It won out because you it was far easier to turn on and extinguish, and most of all because it greatly eliminated the danger of your house or the whole block burning down. Tangible benefits. The automobile didn't win out over horses because of its technical sophistication, it won out because it didn't have to rest, and eventually went faster and could carry more. It didn't die if you couldn't "feed it" for a month. Tangible benefits. So tell me....WHAT are the tangible benefits of a Segway over existing forms of one-man transportation?