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Sen. Dole discusses immigration at Carolina Beach

READ MORE: Sen. Dole discusses immigration at Carolina Beach
WILMINGTON -- Illegal immigration brought Sen. Elizabeth Dole to Carolina Beach Tuesday. She was there to discuss a new program for law enforcement. Sen. Dole met with sheriffs from across the state to discuss a program that will help law enforcement identify and eventually deport illegal immigrants who commit crimes. That was the case last year in Brunswick County when Ramiro Gallegos, an illegal immigrant, plead guilty to the drunken driving accident that killed a man and left his wife in a coma. This program delegates the authority of identifying illegal immigrants to county sheriffs departments. Up until this point they have not had the ability to effectively identify illegal aliens to take action toward deportation. Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett said, "So many times we have illegal immigrants come into our jail under a name, new names each time, and we really don't know who these people are, whether they're here legally or illegally, and what kind of criminal activity they've been involved in." One of the tools law enforcement officers will use to identify illegal aliens is a national database that will be shared between local and federal authorities. So far Alamance, Cabarrus, Gaston and Mecklenburg Counties have already partnered with ICE through a program started in 1996 that trains and certifies local law enforcement officers. Those counties have access to several ICE programs, including one that helps identify illegal immigrants processed at jails and prisons. An estimated 400,000 illegal immigrants live in North Carolina, and sheriffs across the state have said they are taking up an increasingly larger share of jail beds.

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On October 8, 2007, Alexandra Faith Binion, AKA "Lexi", a sixteen year-old Laney student, received a hall pass from her teacher to be temporarily excused from class at 9:15am. That was the last time anyone has reported seeing her. Lexi left behind her pocketbook and make-up when she disappeared. Her belongings are intact at home, Lexi's cell phone was not used that day after the start of school and her family and friends have not heard from her since. Alexandra Binion is 5 '5" tall, weighs approximately 155 pounds and has brown hair (she changes her hair color frequently) and blue eyes. She was recently employed at the Golden Corral Restaurant. She was last seen wearing a blue hoodie with a blue tank top, red shorts, white ankle socks and white and pink tennis shoes. There is a possibility that Lexi may be with 27 year old David Garcia, AKA Emmanuel Garcia who immigrated here illegally from Mexico. However, at this time, there is no evidence that she is with him. Had Lexi have left the school with this 27 year-old, there is no evidence that Lexi did so on her own accord. The missing girl's father, Jim Binion, says he has no idea how she left the school grounds unnoticed. Mr. Binion had weeks earlier warned the school and the school's resource officers of the 26 year-old man that was attempting to spend time with his daughter. MISSING POSTER

Not the school's fault

First of all, I'm sorry for the trouble and crisis you are going through. From what it sounds like, this girl has had some sort of relations with this guy. Why would you try to make us all believe that she was forced to go with this guy? Maybe her dad forbid her to see him and see left because of that. As far as leaving without being seen, that is very easily done. With over 1500 students, the school can't keep an eye on everyone at all times. If she is with this guy, she probably went willingly. It would have been easy for her to walk out from the school and get in this guys car. If there was a struggle and she didn't want to go, then I'm sure someone would have seen something. You can't blame the school or resource officers for what happened

go home now

Listen, we don't need you people here. I don't care about legal or not at this point because you make people think your legal but I bet not...I know how you change your names quite often..hum...why is that? You suck up our benifits and I not blameing it all on you our country sucks for allowing it to happen. You don't pay taxes, you can't speak english, all you are doing is sucking the life out of our country and having 9,000 kids. Hopefully someday we will get the right person to be our president because if it was me, I would say "you go home now, you've been here to long, BYE, BYE!"

Ya know I agree to some

Ya know I agree to some extent but I disagree also.I feel that everyone should have the right to a better life.But if you come here and you comit crimes then you do need to be sent back after you pay your debt here for whatever crime you commited.And not all Latinos are Mexicans and not all of them are illegal.I think people should just get over this whole thing about get the illegals out b/c you know what,think of it like this if they leave WHO is going to go and work in the field,factories,and whatever else they do that we as Americans WON'T DO... think of it like that for a minute.So to all of you who are saying get them out,are you going to go and do whatever job they were doing just to keep things going the they are now or will it be left alone and things go worse? So everyone needs to think about this.Because you know Dole IS NOT going to do any job that she makes them stop doing so she will only be hurting the common people b/c she has no money problems so her bills will get paid either way.

Gues 123

I understand what you are trying to say but think about this. If you took all the people on welfare, all the non violent offenders and put them to work doing the work that the illegals are doing, where would we be then. We would have a society that understands the value of a dollar and maybe would think twice about having that third child on welfare, or using their hard earned money for dope, or not paying their child support. Instead we give them money, food and health insurance and when they are in jail we feed, house and give them tv rights. So, put everyone to work, and if we have to give them some subsidies such as food stamps, housing or what, we are not giving it to illegals? we still are generating income from their taxes. So, in answer to your question who will do the work? there are plenty of options it just takes a government who takes a stand against welfare, crime and illegals to make the necessary change.

I came LEGALY!. That's the

I came LEGALY!. That's the razon that i put my comment, because no all are illegaly and no all are mexican, latin people that came from South America, come legally but that do not make any diference, we are latin people that spoke Spanish, or you know who are illegal or who not?. Pls! Just learnd to share this land, with us, the people that do not like be a problem for you, for the society and for the country, if we are here illegaly iT's just 'cause the goverment do not give us a way to be citizen, that's all. WE ARE TRYING TO LIVE AGREED TO AS HERE IS LIVED. thx. for the criminal people is realy, realy good idea take them and send to their born country, but the people that contributed to this country is no fair.

babble fish

I did not need a translation. The guy writes better english than some of the American people that post here. At least he has an excuse for it, he is just learning it. How is your spanish?

Good for you

[quote]Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett said, "So many times we have illegal immigrants come into our jail under a name, new names each time, and we really don't know who these people are, whether they're here legally or illegally, and what kind of criminal activity they've been involved in."[/quote] Any defense for illegals is thus negated, welcome to reality. One strike your out. If you legally come over, cool. Happy to have you aboard.

Welcome legal Latina

"if we are here illegaly iT's just 'cause the goverment do not give us a way to be citizen, that's all." Citizenship should be earned legally, not given just because they walk across the border illegally.

Latina, I am very proud to

Latina, I am very proud to have you here. You came legally, and you now have every right to be a part of the USA.

Hello!!!. Yea Dear Dole, i'm

Hello!!!. Yea Dear Dole, i'm agree with you, but why the others do not undrestand that not all latinos are Mexican?...and not all latin are criminal, there are some like me, that have family, we are good people, we do not hurt anyone fisical or verbal, we are studying English, drive carefully if we have licence, some not has and not drive, because we respect others live, we are PTA members and help anyone who need it, we live like yours, we followed the USA rules and life form, we are getting used to living as here is lived, so please do not be strong with us the nice and good people, think that not all latinos are criminals, we are persons and live just like yours too. thx.

did you come here legally ?

did you come here legally ? If so We will do what we can to help and welcome you. If you came here illegally then you committed a crime and you need to leave.


Glad someone is trying to doing something about the illegals here. I see more Mexicans now than ever. Just last week my daughter was in a BAD car wreck. Mexican woman pulled right out into her from her trailer park while my daughter was going 55mph !!! My daughter hit her at 55 mph, then bounced off and hit someone else coming from the other direction, all 3 cars were totaled. The Mexican woman did not have on her seatbelt and her head hit the windshield (she refused ambulance service), besides that amazingly no one was hurt. So the Mexican woman caused the wreck, totaled all 3 cars and HAS NO INSURANCE. WHAT DO YA KNOW.


Wow I would be so raging mad if I were in an accident and the other had no insurance. If they were legal or illegals. There are way too many people around here in NC with no valid drivers licenses and or insurance. Oh and send the illegals out of here fast. A friend of mine found her sister murdered by an illegal working on the house. It was a horrific scene no one should have to experience. It was hell. Had nightmares about it for months. He did get life with no parole and had 21 charges against him for just this one incident. That is something we will all never get over.

She has an issue!

Finally there is something that has lit the fire under Sen. Dole! And I thought she was a dud in office. This is something that should have been done something about a long time ago. Illegals are one of the largest causes for the downturn in the economy, healthcare and government run programs. They fuel the underground economy and help Mexico benefit from the free trade agreements with unfair advantage. They overtax the healthcare system in our country by hogging premium hospital resources and everyday American citizens die from the shortfalls caused by Illegals. And they sap the government (taxpayer) dollars set aside for the real Americans that need assistance. Just think what your food stamps and housing voucher would buy if the system delt only with real Americans under those programs. Glad Senator Dole woke up. Now she needs calls from us to make NC number one in being pro-active about this issue.


She woke up on the issue of the OLF. FINALLY she woke up on that after she saw how IRATE people were about it. ANYTIME you have hunters and groups like PETA and greenie weenie groups on the same side...YOUR IN FOR IT!


If you help, harbor, hire or house an illegal...the Federal Government should bankrupt you into oblivion!

Agree 100%

I completely agree with you. All citzens or legal residents need to be held accountable for their actions regarding the hiring, housing, harboring, etc. of illegal or undocumented workers. Regardless, of the reason if your presence in this country breaks the law you should be sent back to our home country immediately no questions asked. I do not agree with the exceptions that are made for illegals after they get here. We have to stop allow them to break our immigration laws by giving some sob story of why they came here. This cycle has to stop. I also think something needs to be done concerning "anchor" babies also. This is another way they are getting around our laws.


Wow! Was that her first trip to North Carolina since being elected? How long was she within state lines? Why are we sending home only "illegal" immigrants who do crimes and not all "illegal" immigrants ? Isn't being "illegal" a crime in itself? Do they have to shoot somebody first and be classified as " more illegal than the regular illegal" immigrants?


It is a proven fact...N.C. is the easiest state to get a valid drivers license..that is why alot of Illegal immigrants come here in the first place....give DMV a false SS number and take the very easy test and you are on your way!!