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Sen. Joe Biden held two rallies in NC Monday

Democratic vice presidential nominee, Senator Joe Biden, returned to North Carolina Monday, just a few days after he finished a three-city bus tour. Barack Obama's running mate held rallies in Greenville and Greensboro today. On Saturday Newschannel 3 had the opportunity to speak with Biden via satellite about issues facing North Carolinians. “The middle class is really getting killed. The foreclosures in your state, loss of jobs, and taking jobs offshore; we have to fundamentally change the policy of the past administration,” said Biden. Democrats have been campaigning hard in North Carolina, trying to turn the state blue for the first time since 1976. Barack Obama will be in Raleigh on Wednesday, attending an early voting rally at the Halifax Mall.

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Religious fanatic troll.

Obama, McCain... doesn't

Obama, McCain... doesn't really matter. Look at the 9% approval rating of Congress which is loaded up with Congresspersons in their third, fourth, etc, terms. There's where our main problem lies. And how many of us will just vote them back in? Those of you who vote a straight ticket (no matter which party) ---GET A CLUE! Study the people running for various offices and make some educated choices. PLEASE!!!! We have to do something folks, and a 9% Congressional approval rating tells us where the real problem is, and it's not Sarah's bridge to nowhere or Barack's middle name.

Joe Biden

I would love for a reporter to ask Joe Biden why Obama will not turn a true birth certificate over to Federal judge in the Eastern Philadelphia prove that he was born in the USA there must be a reason why he will not do it. So if he was not born in the the USA I would like to have my Vote back! I think we all might end up seeing what Obama is all about! God help us I pray.

Joe Biden

Do you really think that Obama is that stupid to run for President while being born outside the US ??? Unfortunately there are too many people in this country who believe every stupid rumor out there and who cannot build their own opinion about the candidates. Hopefully we get somebody strong who can stand up against the big lobbies and we will be much better off. So go ahead and take your vote back and see what McCain is all about or God forbid if something would happen to him and we would end up with Palin. God help us - I pray.

yes! they do

Small minded people believe everything they read in their spam emails and backwater blogs. They all truly believe that Obama is heading a huge farce that involves government entities at all levels so he can be elected. He has been qualified to run by the powers that be. Do you rednecks really think that if he was born in another country that no one IMPORTANT would have figured that out by now? Let it be, this ship sailed long ago.

Where was Obama Born?

Where was Obama born? This is a basic question, certainly for a Presidential candidate. Is this another "press pass" for Obama? He has so many "let's give him a pass on this one" from national media networks.

Where was Obama Born?

Where was Obama born? This is a basic question, certainly for a Presidential candidate. Is this another "press pass" for Obama? He has so many "let's give him a pass on this one" from most national media coverage.

It is reported

he was born in a Kenyan Hospital. At the time, that was a British colony. Thus, if true, he is not eligible to be President. A very good question -- why will he not release a clear copy of his birth certificate? If he does not have one why not ask the hospital where he was born to release birth records. He won't authorize that either. Another good question -- why was his paternal Grandmother quoted as saying she was at the Kenyan hospital when he was born and now he will be President? Another very good question -- why will he not authorize the colleges he attended to release copies of his admission applications which would state his borth place and nationality? Another good question -- why do his Indonesian school records list his nationality as Indonesian? Did his Mother renounce his citizenship when she remarried and emmigrated to Indonesia? Another good question -- why is the liberal media giving him a free ride? If this was a Republican they would be all over it with an army of investigative reporters.


Tom has a new victim. Get a new soapbox.