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Senate Commerce Committee thrown for a loop

Senators put the brakes on some legislative sleight of hand that would have effectively stalled the Titan America cement plant in Wilmington. Members of the Senate Commerce Committee thought they would be considering whether or not to allow people to replace hot water heaters in their homes without getting a permit. Instead, the Associated Press reports that two coastal legislators inserted language that would force the proposed Titan American plant to undergo a potentially extensive environmental review. Committee Chairman R.C. Soles said senators were blindsided by the change and postponed action.

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Just another tax

A permit to replace my water heater? Really? If I do it myself, why should I give the county a dime?

Permits for water heaters.

Permitting water heaters is a safety issue for the protection of homeowners, their families, and property. The state of North Carolina made this a law to prevent unlicensed and underqualified persons from doing work which may lead to extensive damage to property and body. If you do not want to pull a permit and choose hire someone for ten dollars an hour to replace your gas tank type water heater with a electric high efficency tankless water heater, I cannot image what could possibly go wrong. Do not laugh, there is a reason they require permits.

Titan America

This is deceit - plain and simple. I don't care which side you're on, this action was deceitful and dishonorable. It greatly distresses me that some people will think this behavior is acceptable, and even applaud these two women for this disgusting display. To me, it just brings to a very bright light the content of their characters, and it turns my stomach. They were put in their position to do a job for the people of North Carolina, NOT to be subversive and dishonest with that trust. I truly do not care whether Titan America comes to Wilmington or not (and yes, this is my home - I was born and raised here), but I DO care that our representatives would stoop to a level below a snake's belly to achieve their agendas. It is wrong, no matter which way you feel about Titan - their actions were abominable, and anyone with a conscience of any dimension HAS to know that!

You can kick, bite and scratch....

....all you want to, but Titan is coming to town. This is big money falling into a lot of fat pockets, local citizens aren't going to be able to defeat that. All preventative efforts from this point on are futile.

Just curious....

I'm just curious. Those involved with the Stop Titan group would be absolutely LIVID if this thing had gone the other way. If legislators had tried to sneak something into TOTALLY UNRELATED LEGISLATION that would push Titan's startup through, how long and how loud would the ST crowd be whining and crying foul?? I gotta give these two credit for the attempt, though. Hiding something this controversial in something as banal as hot water heaters was creative and imaginative. Too bad these two felt being underhanded and sneaky was more important than honesty, professionalism, and integrity. Seems to me that if you have to play dirty in order to get what you want, you forfeit any validity your claim may have had. Bottom line: If what you seek cannot be achieved through open and honest methods, then perhaps your cause is not worthy of being saved.


Looks like our very own DemoRats have learned well from Master Obama...deception...DECEPTION is the key.

Sneaky legislators ain't they

Not about the Titan thing but about needing a permit to replace a water heater. What's next out of big govmint?

Just more proof....

...that the StopTitan crowd and their lackies in Raleigh simply will not abide by existing federal and state law, but choose instead to resort to deceit and trickery. It's also a great commentary on the integrity of Boseman and Justice.