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Senate gives final approval to ban texting while driving

The State Senate gave final approval Tuesday to legislation to ban drivers from text messaging or sending e-mails with their cell phones. If Governor Bev Perdue signs into law, someone caught violating the law could face a $100 fine plus court costs. Drivers that are younger than 18 are already barred from the practice. They are not allowed to talk on their cell phones, either. The new law would go into effect December 1st.

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I think cell phone use in a

I think cell phone use in a car while driving should be banned all together. Too many innocent people get hurt because someone is on a stupid cell phone. I was parked in a parking lot and a lady pulled in a parking spot behind me and started backing up and backed over my car because she was on a stupid cell phone. So my suggestion is HANG UP AND DRIVE. If its that important pull in a parking lot and take care of it.


What this boils down you cannot so much as DIAL A NUMBER while driving...not saying that is good or bad...but texting is technically dialing a phone number...

Text: Make a Real Law!

This country is going to hell in a handbasket...please give us more rules and tell us how to dress, act, drive, etc. Another waste of time and energy, but that's what politicians do.

I see more Cops and

I see more Cops and city/county workers txting/talking on their phones than normal people.. so good luck enforcing this.

Great idea...too bad it

Great idea...too bad it can't be inforced

Try To Enforce It

Just try to enforce this stupid law. I for one will not stop texting or emailing from my phone!

Re: Try to enforce it

Obviously a young kid that we'll see along side of the road in an accident one day. I hope and pray that you don't hurt someone else in your accident (like your own family).


I happen to be in my 30s

Phones and driving

Just out of curiosity, how is anyone going to know if you are dialing a phone number, sending a text message, checking e-mail, or looking at built-in phone GPS systems? How will anyone be able to tell the difference between these? If the Wrightsville Beach bridge is up on a Saturday morning and I want to look at my e-mail what difference does this make? Are we so jaded now that the more our freedoms get taken away the more we think it's for the greater good? How long before you won't be able to have any passengers in your car? or music? or air conditioning? Because these things all pose distractions as well... Seems as if this is another law for our "protection" that will certainly make local and state police departments extra revenue. I hate the inefficiencies of our government but love that I have the freedom to say I hate it. I suppose I am a hypocrite just like everyone else.

cell records

Of course no one is going to admit they where using their phone when they had an accident. BUT if the police suspect it they can have your phone records subpoenaed and it will show what that phone was doing at the time of the accident. Remember that huge train wreck a while back? The engineer was texting and it showed on his phone record. I have never even tried to text while driving. I want to live.


DING DING..I agree with EVERY BIT of your comment. There are SO MANY distractions in a car...texting IS one, but just the bottom of the totem pole.. Radios Passengers AC controls KIDS seat adjustments that guy not paying attention on a scooter the liberal loons on Oleander and College HECK DAY DREAMING is probably the NUMBER ONE cause of wrecks from not paying attention... Another DO NOTHING law...just what we need!