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Senate votes to delay digital switch

We made the digital switch in September. The rest of the country was supposed to switch over in February, but that may get delayed thanks to a bill making its way through Congress. Monday, the Senate voted to delay the deadline for the changeover from analog to digital broadcasting. The bill will now be submitted to the House, and if approved, the switch will be delayed until June 12th.

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It's amazing to me that there are people who don't have cable? I mean who actually still uses bunny ears?

a lot

There are many people who do not have cable, cant afford cable, do not want nor need cable. Many people out in the counties do not have access to it at all yet. They rely on dishes or antennas. Drive around in the boonies and you will see.

if they

have a satellite dish they are not affected by this.


Glad I live in town...I can't imagine life without road runner.

How long have we known about

How long have we known about this switch over...there is no excuse to not be ready.

We are victims here

Everyone in the country should have to suffer through the same digital nightmare that we have. Or at least we should receive some of that bailout money for the hardships we have had to deal with. Come on Obama, hand some over to US!

Digital postponement

Rumbletilt The reason I signed up to this another TV Channel in Wilmington is just because I wondered about blacking out large groups. Months ago I bought one of those boxes that is to be the way to recieve other than cable tv and I could get absolutely nothing on my rabit ear tv so I took it to the waste recycling place in the city that takes electronic equipment for free. Fortunately we do have Cable TV. Heard some of the probs early in the Wilmington area for those who cannot get cable but somehow lost track. Signing from Albany, Oregon.....


Ok. The digital switch may possibly be delayed...WHY???


you have to HAND HOLD the morons...we have been carrying them on our shoulders for YEARS...

Because to government is

Because to government is involved, thats why. They pushed and pushed for this, and now they can't deliver on the promises of the all the coupons they said they could. The new DTV in this area leaves way too much to be desired. UHF signals don't travel as far as the old VHF & UHF analog signals. Now, in order to wacth television at my home, I have to pay for satellite dish service, since I cant get an antennas up high enough to catch 3, 6, 9, 7, 12 or 26...I get nothing but a blank screen. Thanks alot US Government.


CHANGE you can believe in!