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Senator Bob Dole in Wilmington drawing support for his wife

Senator Elizabeth Dole and Kay Hagan are locked in one of the nation's closest Senate races, and the Dole campaign just released a controversial ad. Hagan is suing Dole over the ad, saying she is a Sunday School teacher and an elder in the Presbyterian church. With the election only days away, Senator Bob Dole was in Wilmington, drumming up support for his wife Friday. He stands by the ad she ran that is causing such a stir. “She goes to Boston; sneaks in the side door. They have footage of it and she claims they are attacking her faith. It has nothing to do with her faith. Atheists want to do away with Christmas; they want to take God out the Pledge of Allegiance and off the coin. I don’t think North Carolina people feel that way,” said Senator Bob Dole. Dole said suing his wife is the only defense Hagan has for her actions with the Godless Americans group. An Associated Press poll released Thursday shows Hagan slightly ahead of Elizabeth Dole, 48 to 43 percent.

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liddy on the go

nice of liddy to stop by...all four people got to hear her...that's 3 more than have heard her here, unless you count bush and congressional fundraiser in figure eight and landfall in 6 years... but no worries....Senator Hagan is about to move to washington and restore pride, constituent services, and honor to the office of Senator of this great state with Senator Burr. Liddy can go back to Kansas where she is from.


Dole looses, it is HER OWN FAULT! She has stopped listening to the people of this state and THUMBED HER NOSE at us for the OLF debacle...

Hagan's Ads Most Negative

Here the state candidate with the most vicious ads on TV, sues her opponent for a negative ad. Hagan's ads against Dole were misleading and out of context, not to mention that Hagan's ads were running against Dole for the whole month of August, before Dole responded. Hagan started the dirty business, and most voters feel her ads were the most negative of any state candidate. When she gets her own medicine, she screams the loudest. By the way, Dole was in the area to honor veterans, and campaigned on the side.

RE: Dole

It doesn't matter whose ads are worse. There are certain facts in this election that cannot be ignored and are the reason that Liddy Dole is about to become the next ex-Senator of the great state of North Carolina.

What facts might those be?

Be specific; here's your chance to spell out specifically what Senator Dole is guilty of. Come on, put it up. Voting is tomorrow. Quit the sly innuendo. WHAT are these facts you spout off about?

Hagan's Ads

Hagan is just part of the Obama Revolution that is trying over throw our country!