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Senator Dole responds to Hagan's claims

The candidates are moving fast this election eve. Senator Elizabeth Dole jetted in and out of Wilmington Monday evening. She was making several stops across the state Monday for some last-minute campaigning. Dole said she doesn't regret running the recent ad questioning Kay Hagan's relationship with the atheist political action group Godless Americans. She said some people have misinterpreted the ad, and it isn't a question of Hagan's faith, but instead, she wants to know what her challenger thinks about the group's agenda. "It's truthful and it's perfectly acceptable to do it because she had started by questioning my going to the home of a George Bush supporter," Dole said. "Well let me question why you went to the home of the person who helped to found Godless Americans PAC." Dole said she isn't concerned about being sued by Hagan's campaign about the attack ad.

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I don't know what statistics

I don't know what statistics they use to rate the effectiveness of US Senator but by the shape of this country, nobody in the US Senate has done very much to benefit any of us in the last few years. Having said that, Kay Hagan has been a part of this state's government and look at everything that is wrong with it on a state level. Dole makes decisions that affect the entire country but Hagan makes decisions that have directly impacted our way of life and there is a lot of things wrong in this state. Neither of them appear to be very effective in their respective positions. Personally, I don't really care if Hagan is athiest of if she preaches fire and brimstone from the pulpit each Sunday. In politics, you are judged greatly by the company you keep. With that in mind, she should have declined the invitation to this group's leader's home and she should have declined the donation of $2300. I cannot see where that amount of money could make or break a political campaign, and it certainly could not have been worth all of the negative publicity she has received for it. Her campaign did start the negative ads and no campaign manager in his or her right mind goes down that road before considering what they can be hit with in return. This is something her campaign brought on itself.

Wrong Surftom: Hagan Seasoned and ready

The choice is clear: Hagan is ready for the job and clearly has more elected experience that Dole. As a seasoned senator in the state legistlature in North Carolina and the co-chair of appropriations, not to mention a legislator who worked countless hours with her constituents, something Ms. Dole, from her Million Dollar, designer office in Washington has NEVER done, Kay Hagan will take the reins in Washington and be a force to match if not exceed Senator Burr and we will have two Senators FINALLY figthing for us in Washington and reaching out to constitiuents and worrying about US and not their Watergate Condo Lifestyle and washington elite powerbrokering. WAKE UP! Dole has sold us down the river and we must have change!!


Hagan certainly is ready for Washington. Just look at all the taxes she helped get passed in North Carolina.

That is why

That is why I puked in my mouth a little bit as I voted DOLE out and her in. I can't stand career politics but I can't stand career politics. I voted for the younger who had attacks against her that were below the belt. I hate to admit that. I wish I could have voted PRESENT. That would have jinxed my voting altogether, though. I whisper that Hagen can undo her bad budgeting and stand up to her new role.

Not good for the kids

She comes from a good family in Salisbury. She seemed qualified enough. She followed party lines. She has served in many other capacities. But to okay a commercial with a voice intimating her opponent is godless & our kids are listening to this? If a teacher said such, they'd be hauled up on charges & fired.

Clear the Wax out of your ears

neither Senator Dole or anyone on her behalf intimated or implied that Ms. Hagen is Godless. The Ad noted, and rightly so, that Ms. Hagen attended a fund raiser; it noted who some of the attendees and sponsors were; and it noted Ms. Hagen accepted donations. Oddly, when confronted, Ms. Hagen is the one who claims she has been accused of being godless; just did not happen nor did she return campaign donations.

Let's See

we can take our choice. Ms Hagen who will be a neophyte in Washington. Who will need a couple of years just to get the hang of how things work. Who will need a second term just to get committee assignments which will have an impact on NC. Who will be subjected to even more review of her past and associates. Versus -- Senator Dole. Who knows how to manuver legislation through the Senate. Who serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee and looks out for one of NC biggest employers -- the Military, Who is Past President of the American red Cross. Who served as a Cabinet Member in the Reagan Administration. And who can, if push comes to shove, can turn to Senator Bob for advise. Does not seem to be much of a decision there.

How did Dole help the

How did Dole help the military? By saving Camp LeJeune? It was never at risk. Nor was Fort Bragg or Fort Pope. Shady J (S.J. AFB) maybe but she didn't "save" it. A Committee did. I don't care for either candidate but a choice has to be made.

Re: Let's See

If Dole is so "seasoned" in moving legislation through senate how come she is ranked like 93rd out of 100 senators for effectiveness??


where does Senator "I vote Present" Obama rank?

Re: And...

He is ranked in the 11 of the country. 93rd vs. 11th hummmm......

Those rankings mean nothing

There are some worhtless, very troubled politions that high rankings..........

Re: Mean Nothing

Well lets see who is near the top of those lists-Hiliary Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama to name a few. So they must mean something!! I would'nt want you to look at my numbers either if I was ranked 93rd.

How much

validity is there. Senator "I Vote Present" Obama has been in office less than 180 days. Rather than take a stand on something, he votes "Present" on 90% of the bills which come forth when he is present. And you think he is effective??


Dole is trying to win by demonizing people; she doesn't deserve to be in office.

Getting it Straight

Hagan started the negative ads in this campaign. Hagan, with all that out of state money pouring in...outsiders trying to run our state for us, has outspent Dole many times over in negative ads. These ads work, mainly because voters don't know the facts. So they believe twisted sound bites. Negative ads on TV have caused Dole to fight back. Dole has every right to ask why Hagan is taking money from "Godless America". Hagan questions where Dole gets her money. Hagan doesn't enjoy the game so much on the wrong end of negative ads! Dole will represent the values and best economic future of the state. Hagan will vote with her liberal party in a big liberal Democrat binge. God does need to help us!

re: getting it straight

So what are you going to say about God when Kay Hagan wins?

I'm going to pray for her as

I'm going to pray for her as well as the person who made that last comment.