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Soles introduces bills to create new DA, lower pension requirements

READ MORE: Soles introduces bills to create new DA, lower pension requirements

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Sen. R.C. Soles may be leaving the legislature, but he's not going quietly. The longest serving member in the history of the legislature filed a bill today that would split the 13th judicial district.

It would create one district for Bladen and Columbus Counties and another for Brunswick County. Under the bill, the winner of November's election for district attorney would get the new district in which he lives and asks the governor to appoint a member of the losing party to the other district. Democrat Butch Pope lives in Columbus County. Republican Jon David lives in Brunswick.

Soles also introduced a bill that would give judges, DAs and other court workers a state pension if they retire with at least 20 years in the job after the age of 62. Interestingly, current 13th district DA Rex Gore, who lost the Democratic primary to Pope May 4, turned 62 last month and would fall just shy of the 24 years of experience. When reached by phone this afternoon, Gore said he was aware of the bill.

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Davina Buff Jones

Does the former Emergency Management Director of Brunswick County have anything to say? Randy, I've held this back a long time, but don't you think you owe these people an honest explanation of your role. This good family needs some explanations. And don't forget Emmittsburg, Maryland...I won't...

Bill to Split D.A. District Let's Overhaul the Machine.

I just spent a tremendous amount of time and money hard-earned, not only by me but by many contributors, to win the Democratic Primary for Brunswick, Columbus and Bladen Counties. Now, less that 3 weeks since the Primary, it appears that if I win again in November I will be the D.A. in only two of our three counties; yet,as strange as it seems, I will have to continue to campaign in all three until the November election. I don't know what will happen with this Senate Bill. Meanwhile, I am still working as hard as I can to be the D.A. in Brunswick, Bladen and Columbus so I can work everyday to restore our citizens' faith and confidence in the prosecution in this District. I am at home in all three counties so make me YOUR district attorney.
Help me overhaul the "Machine". VOTE POPE.

Overhaul the machine?

When you had a chance on television to mention Gore's largest misguided decisions, you had the perfect opportunity to mention the suicide ruling of Davina Buff Jones. You mentioned the case in Bladen County, which I agree is egregious, but then, you chose, instead of my sister - a police officer - to defend RC Soles. I have discovered in campaign records that Soles has donated to your campaign. Maybe that was why you chose to talk about him instead of my sister. I expected better of you. You said after you read the book, you had questions. Apparently, not enough. Cleaning up a situation? Sounds like more of Soles, Gore, and now, you.

DA and pension

The people spoke and they want Gore out. He was wrong in the death of Davina Buff Jones and lenient with his good ol' boy friends. If he doesn't have the years for the pension, it shouldn't be changed to benefit him. As far as dividing the district, I think it should b done but Gore shouldn't be able to be DA in either. Soles needs to go away and not be allowed to pay his old friend back for letting him off the hook for his crimes.

RC and DA

Government Corruption and Click Club Rule on-going -why am I surprised by the
Look out for those who look out for you model of government and politics. ....Ronald Hewett had to pay for his crimes...Why should the tax payers have to pay Rex Retirement? This is sorry and sad... I agree that the districts can be divided......
bye bye mr. da.......I forgot though- the sheriff is a democrat and he will switch back so that he can keep his promise to die a democrat.......we need to clean house and get rid of the so called conservative and get some real conservative.......Republican ethics-----win at all cost.....where are the Reagan Conservatives when you need them?????? The democrats seem just as bad...... we should ask the candidates how many wives do they have? I will not vote for the sheriff race.......Somebody rescue my beloved brunswick county....
I have an idea...make the da a non-partisan race with the clerk, register of deeds, sheriff...Have a great day....

How about amending the bill?

Shut government down effective July 1 if all 2009 state income tax refunds have not been delivered to the tax payer?

The State Treasurer, on this site among others, stated all tax returns would be processed and all refunds in the taxpayers hands by May 15.

It's a week beyond that date. Do you have your tax refund?

Let's also suspend his salary until all state income tax returns have been processed. For that matter, suspend the salary for all Revenue Department employees beginning today and keep them off the time clock until they deliver on his promise.

I wonder if Senator Soles would go with this proposal?

Would also be a good follow up piece for WWAY. How many taxpayers are still awaiting their tax refunds?


RC is saying "Thanks for not sending me to Jail"

Fallen Police Officer, Gore, and Soles

There has been talk for a long time about dividing the 13th District, such as the 'Honorable Soles' has suggested. However, it is interesting to see who would benefit at this time: Gore could get back in, Pope could get a DA's position even if he loses to David. Either way, Democrats win - again. Does this suggest that Pope is a crony of Soles? I hope not. I would hope that corruption should not be so hard to dispel once it has been revealed so clearly time after time.

My family and I have passed still one more year where my sis Davina Buff Jones was ignored as a rightfully designated fallen officer due to one single man: Rex Gore. This after we won local, state, and national rulings that she did NOT commit suicide. It is sacrilege many people who know the truth allow to continue. Gore may have the only power to change her cause of death in court, but there are many others involved who DO know the truth. They are no better than Gore.

I, for one, am glad that after all the years of service to this state, Soles realized that this district contains three counties and might need to be divided. You, the public, are supposed to be too stupid and too powerless to change anything else about it.

WWAY, I sometimes write and you won't publish. If you can cover all the politicians and their lies, you can publish my truth. Please. For my sister's memory,since she's not 'fallen' only shot in the back of the head during her watch.

I regret the passing of your sister

but if you read the bill, as outlined, the winner of the November election would get one position and the loser would be appointted by the Governor to the other position. Mr. Gore would be in neither seat.

With the budget mess currently being worked on in Raleigh, and Senator Soles' position within the Legislature, don't be surprised if this passes.

Regretting my sister

Thank you, SurfCityTom, for your regret - but, if you read the bill and have listened to Gore in the last few days, you will read and hear the word 'appointed' does NOT preclude Gore being put into the DA position. Gore said yesterday that he was not interested - yeah, right. If it was possible, he would not be mentioning it. Appointed does not mean the two in the campaign are the only ones eligible for the newly created job. If it does pass, it wouldn't surprise me - my sister's death and the coverup prove that crooks line up from Brunswick County all the way to Raleigh.

Justice for Davina

Elaine, Your dear sis' murder was the first thing that I thought of when I learned that Gore had been defeated in the primary. "Finally, a chance for justice for Davina and closure for her family", I thought. During National Police Officers Memorial week just recently, I felt sadness that Davina's name has been unfairly omitted for all these years.

I am amazed at the lengths these boys will go to in order to oil 'the machine'. The only thing that Gore can do to redeem himself, in my eyes, is to do the right thing and reopen Davina's case before he leaves office. (I know that is unlikely.)

I am sending prayers of healing and perseverance to you and your family. I admire you for keeping Davina's memory alive as well as the bravery you all have exhibited in standing up against 'the machine'.


I'm 50 years old and a retired police officer in South Carolina who has "unretired" and is back in the game. My insurance carriers are guessing I'll be around another 20-30 years. I hope so. I have a strong spine and voice and will continue to be a thorn in the side of any weasel who wants BHIPD Ofc. Dee Jones' memory brushed aside into some dustbin. She was gunned down execution-style for reasons about only which I can speculate but she WAS murdered and as long as I have a breath, I'll continue to keep her memory and death alive until she receives the respect she deserves, and hopefully, until those who want her forgotten are exposed as the poultry guano cowards they are. The truth is the truth.

While i don't like

adding MORE politicians to the mix...Brunswick does need it's own representatives. Brunswick has nothing to do with Cumberland and Bladen counties.

What I Don't Like

No, Brunswick doesn't have anything to do with Cumberland, but it certainly does with Bladen and COLUMBUS counties.

Appointment versus election

Let's just re-write the Constitution while we're at it.

According to Soles, votes shouldn't matter. Let's let the Democratic governor appoint a DA right after an election, regardless of how people voted.

I'm glad Soles is leaving. I hope that anyone voting to support this ill-advised bill will be going with him come November.

In a budget strained year,

In a budget strained year, this is needless legislation intended only to reward political allies while the senator sunsents a career charactized by one embarrassment after another. This is politics at its worst. The public needs to speak up.

R.C Soles

Seems to me that he is trying to buy his way back.

here we go again

good ole boys back in business PLEASE SOMEONE STOP THIS!!!

RC Soles

Soles must do one more dirty trick for Rex Gore before he leaves office. Poor boys........they have a reputation to keep up (Wouldn't want nobody calling them "honest") LOL

"beware your sins will find you out"

These gentlemen are both getting up in age. It's hard for me to believe that these two are not afraid of going to hell.

Afraid of Hell?

Since the Davina Buff Jones fiasco on Bald Head Island in 1999, it is clear to me that Gore does not worry about going to hell. There are some more who will answer for that as well.

No surprise

Soles trying to create a new position for his buddy Gore. No big shock there.


That's not a big shocker at all. If this gets passed then everyone will know just how much power that Soles really has.I guess that people just wasted their time going to put in there votes because it doesn't matter about them anyway. Soles is going to protect his buddy system so that he continues to have pull in these counties.People in Columbus county need to wake up and see what is going on here.Everyone knows that he is out to protect his sidekicks cause when Rex lost. Soles came out with this bill. Soles knows that there will no longer be a DA in office to help him with his dirty work anymore.Everyone just prey that this bill is not passed and make Columbus County a good county to live in again.I don't know about everyone but,I'm tired of our county being talked about all the time.Everyone just stop and think just for a bit and say to yourself we have never seen such a bill mentioned like this before why now all of a sudden since Soles will no longer be in office nor will Rex.It is nothing but to continue for the dirty work of Columbus County to continue to go on.Please lets all wake up and realize whats going on here.Enough is enough.

Soles abd Gore in ColCor

Go back to the early 1980s and read how Soles and Gore were deeply involved in vote buying. They will be buddies to the end. He owes Gore, he pays Gore with your tax money. ColCor only slowed them down. This is most ridiculous.