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Social Security benefits have seniors worried

READ MORE: Social security benefits have seniors worried
Social Security benefits are designed to keep pace with inflation. As the cost of living goes up so do the benefits. For millions of senior citizens relying on Social Security, money is tight and getting tighter. For the first time since it went into effect in 1975, social security checks will not include a cost of living increase. “I was a little upset, but I know things are bad and I, in some ways, kind of expected it,” said Social Security recipient Maryanna Kelley. The annual adjustment is based on the Consumer Price Index between July and September of each year. Last year, food and gas prices were sky high, so Social Security increased by almost six percent. Since, those prices have fallen drastically, which means no cost-of-living increase come January. “There is nothing I can do about it, as far as I know,” said Homer Glover. “I am not going to be concerned about it.” But many seniors are concerned. With high costs for health care, some say there is barely enough money left for the essentials. For many seniors it has meant big withdrawals from their savings. “I've got some stock and every month I have to take $1,000 to $2,000 out of that,” said Glover. President Obama is trying to soften the blow by urging the government to give a $250 payment to nearly 60 million Americans; a proposal that's received mixed reviews. The Cost-of-Living Adjustment will also affect federal pensions, and disabled veteran benefits. The White House says the extra $250 payments will cost the government more than $13 billion. For seniors, it would be the second one-time benefit check. The first was part of the president’s stimulus.

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surf city boy /elderly

I am NOT 62 or 65 years old "YET", but I WILL be along with you jerks (and YOU know who you are) I am no different than most that are sliding to the "elderly age" I have paid and paid and freaking paid since I was 14 years old and I got my first after school job. Most of you have done much the same. Yet some of you say that older Americans that worked hard for the minimum wage for so many years should just hurry up and die? Who are you? Do you have a life? Do you just sit on you computer and write nasty comments? You know who you are Surf and others, is there any joy or happiness in your lives? Do you have any friends or are you the one not invited to "Christmas Dinner" by your own family? Are you going to get "Old" someday, do you even think of anyone except yourself..EVER? You people are indeed a SAD piece of work and please do not Whine when your time comes, there might be people on here telling you to suck it up and Hurry up. People just like you. People who have no one. COMMON, you are the exception, many agree and enjoy you on here.

You Must

have avoided reading comprehension when you were in school. My post addressed the results of the last election. So many people voted for the annointed one who made so many promises which can not be kept. My post called for everyone to think the next time they vote. There was nothing vicious or mean in my post. Rather, everyone was encouraged to review the health care proposal and ensure they knew all aspects of it -- which by the way includes "end of life counseling" once one hits 65. But then you probably voted for the Annointed One and now face the ramifications of an unintelligent vote.


HEY COMMONSENSENOTC..., I'm trying to get a handle on what your politics are. I see your post all over the place. Are you far left , far right, drifting in the middle. Some of your post I agree with the others I think that you have lost your mind.The reason that I say this is that I'm right of the middle, I didn't say far right.Ten years ago I had to have surgury on my lower back for a bone spur that was about 2/3 of the way around my spinal cord and putting pressure on my spinal cord which had a serious effect on my walking. I had to sign a paper that said that it did not happen while on the job. And I did not think that it did,so I signed it. When I had the surgury the doctor's found two ruptured disc,one above the bone spur and one below the bone spur,that had to have happened on the job since I had been working there for ten years at the time and had been having low back problems for a long time. After returning to work on 12/01/2001 I was fired on 12/30/2001. The Co. fired me for stealing a waste pump that they found two weeks later. The only thing that saved me was SSD. In NC they can fire you for any reason and there is very little you can do about it.My wife faced the same thing about four years later, she was fired after having surgury from an injury at Food Lion. She was fired for doing what she had been traind to do about 12 years earlier.Now I'm on SSD AND SHE Has been trying for about 3 years to get it. We have lost almost everything before they would step in and help her.I can't get anything because I make to much from SSD even though I owe around 65,000.00 in CC,hospital pharmacy and many others such as food insurance,taxes,etc.And as a RVN veteran I will not feel disgrased taking a dime from the GOV. S/F ROGER FLEMING ertran696

My politics? COMMON SENSE

I analyze an issue and take the position that is intuitively obvious to anyone with a brain AND firmly rooted in the Constitution. So please explain how even your situation rates a COLA this year, when there has been no CPI increase? What part of "cost of living allowance/adjustment" confuses you? The government is not here to make life wonderful for everyone. We ALL face hardships and duress of some type, and **WE** have to deal with them, not rely upon the government to handle them for us. As far as being a Vietnam Veteran, glad to hear it - me too. The difference is that I pay in tens of thousands in income taxes every year, much of which goes to help people who aren't vets, who aren't incapacitated through no fault of theirs, but who choose to be total screw-ups whose every decision makes their life worse and worse at every step. But take heart! I still think the Socialists will be sending you another $250 bribe.

Well the men and women on

Well the men and women on the hill didn't care about that , they voted themself's a raise. What do you say about that???????????????? S/F ROGER FLEMING

This IDIOT OBAMA and his

This IDIOT OBAMA and his menions only bring disgrace,treason,and everything he has said and done has been a miscarriage of justice to this country. S/F ROGER FLEMING

So because what, the cost of

So because what, the cost of gas went down we are supposed to believe there was no increase in the cost of living this year? I can name several things I bought in grocery shopping this week that not only cost more than they did last year but actually more than they did just a few months ago. If the cost of living is decreasing, other than in fuel costs I don't know where it is at. As regards seniors, Most of them have worked longer and harder than anyone posting their snide remarks on this page. They deserve their benefits more so than the trash in public housing breeding one illegitimate child after the other each year for the taxpayers to support and so that they do not have to get off their lazy behinds and work. And what is the comment in one of these posts about them dying off sooner? Maybe that is the plan. After all the demos health care plan calls for massive cuts in Medicare funding when the society is rapidly aging. And of course the one thing it will cover is the end of life counseling to encourage people to just give up and die instead of being a further drain on our resources. Maybe that is Obama's plan. Maybe he envisions a "Logan's Run" type of society. Reach a certain age and you are gone. Of course, at some point, that will include all of you.

Let's go over this again

No inflation = no COLA. You don't deserve a raise just because you've made it another year. You get a cost of living adjustment when the cost of living rises. It hasn' you don't get a COLA this year. It really IS that simple. Maybe Obama and Pelosi will give you another ridiculous $250 gratuity to hope that you'll vote for the Socialists.


I totally agree. Since when does being old mean you should be more "valuable" than the rest of us. I pay into social security now, knowing that it will never benefit me. It will be long bankrupt before I get to be that age, and I accept that. Now though they want me to pay more and more each year? Not my problem. Furthermore, the SS age should be raised at least 10 years I think. People live to their 80s, 90s and 100s more and more, therefore people should expect to work longer and not be drains on society. If you can

This is a sad world we live

This is a sad world we live in when we can't take care of the old, when all they have done is worked their whole life. Instead of "cash for clunkers" we should be pushing "raises for the really old"

Old People

How is it that old people deserve more than anyone else. My disability checks aren't jumping to the cost of living. No one is giving more food stamps because my steak has jumped 72 cents a pound. And it's not like these old people have anything to do or any place to go. As long as Dancing with the Stars or Faux News is on TV they are fine. Best I can tell most of these people could care less, they don't know the difference between cat food and tuna. I mean how much we talking about anyway, $800 a month? Who can live off of that? Sooner they go the better I guess, maybe that's the plan.

What we are thinking

The sooner you go the better. You are just about the same except you only put in for a few years and you have been a burden to society for much longer than you ever worked. Maybe the sooner you off yourself the better for us paying your rent.

Now, now, Guesty....

He gets tired and cranky easily. How could anyone work with that handicap? PSSST! Hey, if we can find out the attorney he used, we too can sit on our butts and collect the earnings of others. Then again, I have a sneaky suspicion that you and I would never do that. Pride and integrity enter the equation...

I wonder

If we did try to pull that bs, err I mean disability, would we also have to register as dimocrats? Yes, that little thing called pride will get in the way every time.

Old People/Clevenative

You really think Dancing With The Stars and Fox news is all they have....? The sooner they go? You are a cruel person, these words will come back to haunt you one day.

Re: I love Seniors but

I love seniors but really how many of us paying into social secuirty get a yearly cost of living raise??? Just something to think about!

Protect the elderly

Our society continues to neglect the elderly on the local, state and federal level through reduced benefits and higher taxes.After years of hard work , we are betraying this generation.The $ 250.00 is a political gimmick by the Obama Administration to deflect criticism.The federal government has bankrupt our nation through incompetence and corruption and average working Americans , who have always played by the rules ,are being asked to foot the bill.Expect to see a continued deterioration in your standard of living. This movement towards socialism that has slowly crept along for years ,is now being expedited by King Obama.Every American's standard of living will continue to fall because our nation still has not addressed the fundamental problems that plague us. No politician will ever reveal the truth, Republican or Democrat ,because there would a harsh reality about the state of our nation. So expect the political gimmicks to continue. This enables them to bide time until the next election cycle.Social Security is a socialist program and a Ponzi scheme but many have paid in and want a return. Americans will have to eventually wean themselves off this program.It will be 25 more years before I am a recipient of Social Security and I am making plans not to depend on it.Social Security will not survive another 25 years!

up a creek...etc.

I hate to say it but, "I told you so !" When people were running around saying how good Hussein Obama would be for our country, many of us were trying to help others to "see the light." So far, I agree with all the other commentators, like stop supporting all of the illegals and the "baby factories" and on and on and on. Let us pray for our country.

Why do you call him Hussein

Why do you call him Hussein Obama? Last time I checked he goes by Barack. Obviously, Hussein is his middle name, but he doesn't go by it. I also have a middle name, but no one has ever called me by it in my entire life. And no one I know ever called the former president Walker Bush. I guess you're trying to trying to equate Obama with Islam for effect? The effect is, that it makes you look like an idiot. I have no problem that you don't agree with his policies. But if the best argument you have against him is to call him Hussein, you don't bring any intelligent debate to the table.

Here's a thought

Why don't we cut the WELFARE benefits and give the elderly who very likely worked hard ALL their lives the money they need to survive in their later years. What is wrong with these damn people, it is ridiculous that the elderly have to suffer and the illegals and lazy welfare mothers get increases in their benefits all the time.


Is Obama willing to admit that this more or less shows that the government's reported inflation numbers are bunk? There's a typo in the article, also: "The White House says the extra $250 payments will cost the government more than $13 billion" That should read: "The White House says the extra $250 payments will cost the TAXPAYERS more than $13 billion."

I wonder

how many of these senior citizens voted for the annointed one last fall? How many believed him when he made all those outlandish promises? How many will rush to sign up for the free "end of life" counseling should he get his health care plan past the Legislators? Let's hope everyone thinks before they vote again; both on a national, state, and local level.

I wonder

I wonder if you get some of your postings and expressions from Sean Hannity or FOX news?

If I'm wrong

prove it with facts. Instead, like the majority of liberals, you resort to jibes, innuendo, and irrelevant postings.

hey tom

I'm wondering what you are talking about.I didn't hear you state any facts in your jibes.If you read common's post its not Obamas fault theres no raise,not entirely anyway.Your rant does sound like it came from fox,who doesen't kmow a thing about facts.I'm not sure what fact the post your talking about needs to prove.I bet your watching fox right now,maybe not rush is on.

Hey Guest

I don't hide behind a blind name. Folks in Surf City know who I am. Funny you don't better identify yourself; or maybe not since most liberals hide behind inneundo. For the record, I'm not watching Fox right now; actually taking a break from working; of course if I break too long, that cuts down on the available wealth the Washington DC Looters can attempt to pillage.


I knew you was going to bring up the name thing.I don't live in Surf City so I don't know who you are. Who cares if all your pals in Surf City knows who you are,I'm sure they think just like you.You didn't say you weren't listening to rush.If its a name you want you can call me Bubba in Wilmington. Some folks in Wilmington know who I am. I can't just say folks because theres more than 100 folks living here.


you present yourself as one all knowing. How do we think in Surf City? Let's see. We think we have to work to support ourselves because we have too much pride to accept a reduced standard of living by accepting entitlements. We think less government intrusion in our lives is a better American way to live. We think everyone who is physically and mentally able should be self supporting. Let's see, we think you should consider a candidate's promises and consider the implications and probable results as well as the costs associated with those promises. Bubba, apparently in Wilmington there are a fair number who do not think.