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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: CFPUA clarifies notification process after sewage spill


FROM CFPUA: There has been some information included in coverage of the recent sewer system overflow that occurred along the Ogden Interceptor that warrants clarification. In particular, there is some information not accurately reflecting CFPUA’s notification process. To clarify, reporting guidelines as established by the state in response to sewer system overflows require that we notice the state within 24 hours. Press releases are required within 48 hours. This particular event and other incidents requiring press releases issued by CFPUA have been addressed well within our required time period for contact with the state and with release issuance. The statute for reference is §143-215.1 C.



The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority is coming clean about a major sewage spill two days after it happened. The overflow happened just before 4 p.m. Wednesday along North Kerr Ave. near Deerbrook Apartments.

Approximately 120,000 gallons spilled out from four manholes. Much of it made it into the nearby Smith Creek, potentially damaging water quality.

"We have been running tests. We'll continue to run tests to monitor that," CPFUA CEO Matt Jordan said. "Obviously, any sewer overflow is something you want to avoid. There could be some short term effects, but it should be short term, and we're again measuring those levels."

Wednesday's heavy rain event is blamed for causing the manholes to overflow in the "Ogden Interceptor" area which is under construction.

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CFPUA is a JOKE!!!!

This company has had problems from day one. From overbilling people to inferior service. I have never been anywhere that has had sewer spill after spill and the answer is OH Well!! we screwed up again. It is unbelievable that the "Government" around here let's this continue. What I want to ask CFPUA is how the amount of water that they charge me entering my house, is the same amount I get charged for leaving my house. I know that I put some in a pool and water my lawn and drink water. SO HOW CAN MY WASTE WATER NOT BE LESS THAN MY INCOMING WATER? I SMELL SOMETHING FISHY!!! Oh that's right! Sorry about my luck!

Thank You CFPUA

Why is it that a community that values environmentalism continues to put up with this organization? We are doing our best to force out a company that wants to clean up the messes of the past while providing much needed jobs, but everyone just sits back and watches as CFPUA turns our waterways into sewage plants.

Caster and Pollution

Bill Caster has been directly responsible for the incompetence and corruption in sewer infrastructure and a growth policy that has served Caster's special interest financiers at the expense of the vast majority of residents and everyone who cares about having clean, safe waterways in our region.

Caster created the CFPUA, a complete failure run by special interest cronies (developers) and Caster sits on the Utility Authority Board with these greedy cronies. Bill takes money from these same people to buy his way into office.

Brian Berger fought the CFPUA, which has raised rates twice already this year, with many more double digit rate increases planned after the election. Berger is for clean, safe water and caster is for more pollution and spills.

Caster needs to go. We can't afford more of Bill and his corrupt, unprincipled agenda of serving special interests and himself. He doesn't represent me or most residents.

Fire Caster and hire Berger. Vote for Berger today and view his website - He's so much more honest and principled than Caster...Bill takes his ethical standards from the John Edward's book of morals.

I am in complete agreements

I am in complete agreements with what Guest77 says about "special interest cronies".

Here's an aspect of the CFPUA structure that's under my skin. When the board was first empowered there was representation of elected officials, one of those positions was filled by then Wilmington Commissioner Jim Quinn.

It would not be unreasonable to infer that Mr. Quinn's ostensible duty would be to protect the interests of his constituency, the people of Wilmington who elected him to office.

Mr. Quinn is no longer a Wilmington commissioner, he lost his last election bid, yet has been re-appointed to another term on the CFPUA board.

Who is Mr. Quinn now representing? It is plain to me that a voice and vote on the board that WAS accountable to the taxpayers and voters is now gone.

Another fine example of a politician infesting the process and reaching into our pockets.

My vote for Mr. Berger is assured! When does Mr. Thompson come up for re-election. It's time to send all these arrogant politicians a reminder of who they are oath bound to serve.

Here's a question for you

What do CFPUA Board members make?

I was only able to locate a

I was only able to locate a single line-item captioned "Board" in the most recent CFPUA budget. It was for about 64000 last year and 55000 for this year... The item was unclear whether or not it represented compensation for members.

Virtually all published meeting minutes refer to the presentation of financial statements but those financials are not included in the published record of the meeting.

I have searched for published governing documents and bylaws for CFPUA and found nothing. Searches for published financial data (except for the budget and the CFPUA's copious self praise) have yielded nothing either.

The New Hanover County website Finance Department does have comprehensive reports on file but the downloading of them hasn't been working for me. I will re-attempt to see if there is anything consolidated into the county's financials representing the operations of CFPUA.

It is possible that this is a non-stipendiary board but documents to prove this are not conveniently available online.

I'll admit that I can be wrong and maybe this board is a collective of fine and upstanding citizens volunteering of their time and expertise to assure the rest of us that we will receive the greatest possible service at the lowest possible cost.

But, then again, I could be wrong...

Kinda reminds me of a

Kinda reminds me of a Godfather movie..."Look..Im going to condemn your have to buy my choice....and there is not a thing you can do about it..and so what if you dont like it....its an offer you cant refuse...Oh ya..if you dont like it...we are going to use the police power of govt to make you buy it....

Here's a statement directly

Here's a statement directly from CFPUA Board Mamber Jim Quinn's campaign site (truly written by a politician full of himself):

"For a city to survive and thrive it must grow. North Carolina is one of a handful of states that permits cities to annex adjacent areas that have developed to municipal standards, in some cases against their will. It is fair to both those being annexed and to those already living in the city as it ensures that all who benefit from the services and proximity to the city share in the costs of those benefits.
Municipal taxpayers pay for streets, transportation systems, fire and police; parks, and recreation and cultural amenities. Jobs and economic growth are built on that foundation. While it would seem fair to require a vote of those being annexed, rarely will a property owner voluntarily vote to pay more taxes.

Orderly growth is essential to the survival of a city. For this reason I have consistently voted when necessary for forced annexation. I consider it my duty to the tax paying residents of the city."

Thank God for small favors that he lost re-election.

So how many times has this

So how many times has this happened again over the past few years? But I guess it's far more important using the county and city resources to build convention center and shut down night clubs over a 2 - 3 block radius. Or maybe we should spend $55,000 dollars on an unneeded new positon to regulate gaming. I just hope people will have the good sense to vote these politicians out and actually get this area back on the right track.

Sewer Line @ Smith Creed over flow

I live real close to where they are replacing this sewer line. Anybody that lives on my road can vow to what im about to say... this isnt new news, I personally have contacted cape fear public utility for months now telling them there is an awful smell and they come out and pretty much just tell me sorry about your luck without further investigating it. It is so bad at times especially when its hot out that we cant even bear to be out doors. this is terrble for Anybody of any age to breath in. It would be safe to say there is more than 120k gallons in smith creed IMO.

I agree 100%, I have also

I agree 100%, I have also called cfpua and complained of the smell in kings grant where they are replacing the pipes, with no investigation for more than 2 weeks! The smell is bad enough but is this not leaking into the water supply also???? It can't be good for anyone to inhale this on a daily basis. And the final comment from cfpua...sorry, you'll have to live with it until we finish....IN AUGUST!!!