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Sex offender alerts now available over phone

North Carolina residents can now sign up to receive a phone call when a sex offender moves into their neighborhood. The Attorney General announced the new program today. The North Carolina Sex Offender Registry is already online, allowing people to search for convicted sex offenders in their neighborhood, view maps and sign up for e-mail alerts. To find out more about convicted sex offenders in your community, you can visit the North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry

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Sex Offenders list

This is criminal, this is inciting people to vigilantism, the judicial system and the police are relinquishing their duties which is to protect the people, all people, it is their job to watch and monitor all criminals, but they don't, they leave it to a usually misinformed crowd, hoping they will act "strongly" on this deviant, not telling the deviant might be a twenty year old having had consensual sex with a sixteen year old "child victim", think of Genarlow in Georgia, racism and bigotry was written all over this judgment. What a shame for justice and its so called enforcers. What a shame to people who allow such things as a sex offenders list.

I'm sure I'll get a lot of grief for this, but...

While this service may give some people peace of mind at the convenience of seeing where sex offenders live, the whole sex offender registry needs to be completely revamped. I work with the underpriviledged, and I see a huge downfall to this system from the other side. When a young man, say 18 years old, has a girlfriend who is, say 15 years old, and the two engage in consensual sex because they "love" each other, this is considered statutory rape. Now, I'm sorry, this is NOT a crime to me. This is not a case of a 40-year-old man kidnapping and raping a 12-year-old child; that is heinous. However, the two will be viewed as equals, slapped with the same exact label for the rest of their lives. The 18-year-old will never be able to move anywhere in the country without people thinking he's a pervert. He'll never get a decent job, or adopt children, and all because the mother of the 15-year-old didn't like that her daughter was having sex with her boyfriend. I mean come on, 3 years difference? What's disgusting is 70-year-old men having trophy girlfriends who are 27 years old. That's a crime. Call me crazy, but there needs to be a distinction between the heinous crimes and the "technicalities" of sex crimes. It is unnecessary to punish someone for the rest of their lives in a case like this, a case which happens more often than people might realize.

NC General Statute 14-27

Well why would you catch any grief for your comment? Because in NC there has to be a four yrs difference in the age so what you are refering to is not a crime unless its forced upon the person.

To Crazy

Well, you wanted me to call you crazy, so I did. Actually, you are absolutely correct. I have a good friend here in town that made the list because a hateful wife with a camera took a photo of her husband, asleep, with his daughter snuggled close to him, asleep too. His hand happened to be cupping his daughters rump. That's all it took. Then there is another fellow I knew that would party over at his best friends house. The friends 16 year old daughter came into the room one evening and simulated a "moon". The alleged sex offender grabbed at the moon. She turned him in. She has since apologized but it's too late for that. Then there was the NC Appellate Court Judge's son who did a peek-a-boo on his under aged stepdaughter while showering. He's not on the list but has a felony conviction. Go figure. A small paragraph about the offender and the seriousness of his crime would be nice.

You are right

Agreed. It is very, very common for the above situation to happen, and often the incident is reported not because the victim feels violated but because of a grudge towards the adult party or the discovery of relationship by parents who the adult party is in disfavor with. This may sound vulgar, and maybe it wont get posted, but the fact is that in this day and age most 14 and 15 year olds know whats going on, at least as much as an 18 or 19 year old partner (Beyond 20 gets sketchy) and their mutual agreement to the act in nearly all cases is no different when the underage turns 16 (Statutory age of consent.) It's a touchy subject but it is true that in the situation you describe an 18 year old can find himself in a tough situation, if the prosecutor is aggressive, over something that was uncontestedly consentual and was reported in retaliation for unreturned phone calls or public disrespect.

Sex Offenders By Phone

This is a great service. Locations of sex offenders should be easily available for everyone. These people should not be allowed to be anywhere near children.

Now what?

We have a sex offender in our neighborhood who lives in a home filled with kids. Their are kids all over the neighborhood who go over to that home. We know he lives there due to the registry, my children don't go over there. But what do I do with this knowledge?

I would start with the authorities

If I knew of a situation like yours, Guest987, I would call the police and find out first of all, what sort of offender he is, and ask their advice. It could be that he isn't supposed to be in that home, or around those kids. I wouldn't cause a big stink until I had the facts, but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't look into it.


Do you have a reason to be concerned about the children going over there?


You educate your children if they are old enough to receieve and comprhend such education, and you be careful, but the question of what to do with this information is ridiculous. It's as if you are looking for a way to get him out of your neighborhood. Well, you can't do that. There are a lot of rights this person lost for being a convicted sex offender, but the right to move into a house in a neighborhood, as long as he is abidding by his registry terms, he is within the law. Use this, as I said, as an opportunity for education!!!!