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Shallotte Middle School called unsafe, superintendent responds

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Brunswick County school district Superintendent Katie McGee is responding to published reports she says imply that Shallotte Middle School is unsafe. McGee acknowledges concerns of the school being overcrowded, but says that will be remedied come 2009. That's when a brand new middle school opens up and takes some of the load off both Shallotte and South Brunswick Middle Schools. As for safety, McGee wants to ensure parents that no drugs or related acts of violence have been reported at all this school year -- and a K-9 search just last week turned up nothing. There were four such reports in all of last year.

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Well, Mr/Mrs. Far Away Native - it's pretty obvious that it's easier for you to judge the condition of this school from a distance rather than visit it yourself. I graduated from this school years ago and was shocked when I moved back into the area and sent my child there. I had never seen such disrespect and blatant rudeness in my life. Most of the kids seem to have no home training and the staff seems to be afraid of them. My daughter came home every week with stories about kids slapping teachers, sex acts in the restrooms and on the bus, fights, and the list goes on. My child was an A student when she arrived and barely making C's when she left this past year. I'm doing everything I can to make sure my next child has another option than Shallotte Middle for next school year. Spend some time at this school - you'll have to have a heart of stone to come away unchanged.

some could change

Some of that behavior could change it parents would start to act like parents and not place blame on everybody and everything for the poor choices they have made in their lives. Once children see mom and dad owning up to their actions and working to make a better life maybe the little monsters will start to act better. Especially if the parents then hold their children accountable for their actions.

Schools are only as good as

Schools are only as good as the communities in which they are located. What is the Board member really saying about his district?


If you know the children are not safe why the hell are we waiting till 2009? I don't know about this so called no problems, I know of 3 fights since school started there so maybe we shoould look at the suspension record for this year?

To Mr. Magician

Unless you can snap your fingers and have a school built over night, which I'm sure they would appreciate you doing that for them, then it will take a little time to build a new school

guest 123..45678

I am not saying BUILD the school now, I'm saying make the school SAFE NOW. Whatever it takes, these are our children. Apparently you have no children because of your attitude. A new school is not going to change the violence (they cover up) they are letting things happen. Like I stated what about the fights that were not mentioned? Kids smoking on campus which in turns means they are carring something to light it with, or do you think they are useing magnifying glasses under the sun??? Did your ever hear someone say was not done in time to stop it?


Overcrowding issues exist in many public school systems and Brunswick County is no different. At least there is a light at the end of the tunnel with a new school opening in 2009. The areas in and around Shallotte, Southport, Supply, Leland, and Winnabow are becoming more crowded every week! Obviously this affects schools because with new residents comes new students. Katie McGee's work as superintendent should be commended. I have never seen a more active superintendent in ANY school system.

RE: Commendable

Brunswick County Schools are in the best shape ever. Brunswick county is one of the fastest growing in the nation. It takes time to build new schools and money. Speaking of money I think the many new communities in Brunswick county should be paying an impact fee to build these new schools. Katie McGee has done a very good job, in fact much better than her predecessors.