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Shark bites surfer off Figure Eight Island

READ MORE: Shark bites surfer off Figure Eight Island

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Wilmington man kicks a shark and then gets attacked. Josh Clement, 25, was surfing off Figure Eight Island with some friends Saturday. About 3 p.m., he caught a wave in. As he was jumping back on his board to paddle back out, he accidentally kicked the shark. He says the shark then turned and bit his left foot.

Clement is recovering in Raleigh, but he told us about the attack today by phone.

"I honestly thought that I lost my foot," Clement said. "I mean it happened, and it hit so hard, I thought I lost my foot, and I couldn't look back to see if my foot was there and finally I got to see if my foot was still around my leg. Of course it scared me to death, but it all comes with the territory. You're out there in the ocean and they're out there as well."

Clement got six stitches. He has no idea what kind of shark it was, but he says he could tell when he kicked it, it was a big one.

This is the fourth shark attack between Topsail Island and Myrtle Beach in the last six weeks.

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Shark Attack

Its easy to sit back a read the news paper and make tough guy remarks DAS however when your in the ocean and somthing has a hold of your leg everything seems bigger than it probably is. Then again it probably wont be a problem for you and Im guessing you dont surf.


"I honestly thought that I lost my foot,"

6 stitches? Attack? Why dont YOU all blow this out of proportion a little more?

He scared the shark and it responded, its called NATURE. This was not an attack, if anything he attacked the shark.

There's a case from Florida...

...many years ago, where a snorkeling teenager saw a sand tiger barely moving along the bottom. He dove down and grabbed it by the tail, at which time it turned around and clamped down on his knee! He tried to kick it off and pull it off, but the shark had a death grip and would not let go.

The guy then thought to let go of its tail.

The shark immediately released him and swam away.

Did anyone

see former Senator Edwards in the area? He does have a home on Figure 8. He was a civil attorney; and they are known to have shark like tendencies.

You know better

Sharks have a purpose for being here, edwards has none.