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Shelby Wyatt knows internet will help her find love

READ MORE: Shelby Wyatt knows internet will help her find love
Cupid's arrow hasn't exactly struck Shelby Wyatt. She's tried the married life three times, twice with the same man. However, instead of throwing in the towel, she's spent the past few years searching for Mr. Right on the World Wide Web. "There was a guy one time that was pressuring me into, get this, meet him in the back parking lot of a grocery store,” Shelby said. “That's when you go 'this conversation is over, good-bye.'" A casual coffee date with another guy got Shelby's heart racing, but not from the caffeine. She explained, "He begins to tell me about a lot of mental problems that he had had and how he used to want to kill everyone he saw. And I'm sitting around going 'oh crap, I'm by myself, how do I get out of here?' I get up and all the way back to my car I'm going 'please don't follow me to my car, please don't follow me to my car.’ He did. And on the way home, I was looking in the rear-view mirror the whole way, just scared to death." Shelby nearly fell victim to the popular Nigerian Sweetheart scam that could've put her in the slammer. A man she had been cyber dating for a year turned out to be a con artist trying to trick her into cashing fraudulent money orders. Although Shelby's journey has taken a few frightening turns, the good times and friends she's met along the way, have made it all worthwhile. “I haven't given up hope, by any means. Sooner or later I'm going to meet him. I mean I know I am. You can't give up hope." Shelby said the biggest problem she's faced with internet dating is the pictures people post are deceiving. She's come across many guys using pictures from college, and lying about their age. She said people portray themselves online the way they'd like to be seen, but look much different. Tomorrow, WWAY will look at the dangers of internet dating and a particular internet love case that put a man behind bars for years.

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Married three times!!!???!!!

How does it feel to be dumber than Mark Twain's cat, which sat on that hot stove only ONCE. Don't feel alone. I tried it twice, but I finally got as smart as that cat.