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Shelters pushing capacity as temperatures dip

READ MORE: Shelters pushing capacity as temperatures dip
Area homeless shelters were at capacity Thursday night. The cold weather kept shelter organizers busy and has those staying there thankful to have a roof over their heads. "It's really cold." Michael Lunsford about sums it up. He stays at the Good Shepherd Center and sees first-hand the influx of people. "As it gets cold, there's a lot more people at night that are coming in here. We got people who sleep in the woods in the surrounding area. They're coming out of those woods. It's really cold," he said. The Good Shepherd Center can hold more than one hundred people at night, but with even more people expected, the mats, pillows, and blankets are ready for those who may not usually turn to a shelter. "When it becomes this severe, either on their own or with the encouragement of a caring police officer or a neighbor in the community, they might be encouraged to come in here for a few nights," said Good Shepherd Center Executive director, Katrina Knight. What many may not realize is that the shelter is just about at capacity every night of the year. "The lines used to be just in the main lobby, they're going all out the door now," described Lunsford. It is a similar scene at the Salvation Army. "The beds that have been empty before the cold are now filling up," Salvation Army shelter monitor, Andrea Lindemon. Beds and hot food are ready for those who will spend the cold night here. Salvation Army resident, Tanya-onyia McCants said, "It's very important for someone to be able to come in out of the cold when you don't have family or friends or anyone to turn to." The people at the shelters are thankful to have these shelters to turn to, knowing the alternative could be deadly. Despite the frigid temperatures, one shelter monitor told me there are still people who refuse to come inside. Shelter workers try to give them what they need to stay comfortable outside overnight.

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Homeless society

Some of you people who make your comments on here about homeless people and the way of life are just wrong. I am not homeless by choice or by drugs or any kind of mental illenss. I came to North Carolina to get off the durgs and alcohol. I am in a shelter because it is cold outside and after now being in the shelter I stay in I would rather be on the streets. It is not the fact of getting free food or a bed or clothes who cares it is the fact that I am trying to get my life together to better myself and I can do that whether under a bush or in an apt. I do not panhandle for drugs or alcohol I do it because I just recently got my buss pass stolen and oh well it happens I am ashamed of where I am but only I can change that and I go out everyday looking for a job and bugging I have worked since I have been in North Carolina just certain situations happened not only on my part for me to lose my job. You all think the shelters out here are so wonderful you go to them for a couple of nights and experiance what we go through everyday with it. I know there are people out there who take advantage of it but damn don't critisize all of us when you do not know everyones situation. Stop looking at us like we are aliens and Yes there are some of us who actually would eat food it we said we were hungry and you bought us something. You go to someone and ask for a buck for a bus ride or a soda or a sandwich and see how they look at you. Thank God for some of the people who don't think like you all do cause the ones of us out here actually wanting to better ourselves would be dead on your streets. I am wanting to find a place to call my own without having to beg. These shelters don't help like you think they do trust me on that I have watched people get thrown out over the most stupidist things but then watched people come in head over heels drunk if they got money to drink they got money for other things that are more important but not all of us are like that. Have a heart to some of us that are not maybe normal but trying....


A guy was panhandling near the Dodgers store the other day and I watched a cop tell him to stop, cop drove off and the guy went right back to the same spot. Nice huh? What a miserable life they choose.


some people are homeless because of mental problems,,, drug and alcohol abuse. Some are homeless because of relationships. The guys i see panhandling on the side of the street take there money they have received and buy alcohol. I have watched those guys down at monkey junction who panhandle go straight to the convenient stores and buy beer. Panhandlers get free food everyday and there are homeless shelters here in town. DO NOT GIVE THESE GUYS MONEY!! Offer them food and they wont eat it.

YOur comment on homeless

Not all of us who are homeless go off and buy alcohol with the money we ask for when panhandling. We go to monkey junction looking for jobs and have had to ask for change for the bus to get back to the shelter that you all claim feed us so well and help us so well. Our bus pass was stolen by someone and if not for some of the good people we would have no way back. Maybe you should come visit these shelters you think are just so wonderful and see how us homeless people that are actuallyl trying to survive are treated. Yes granted there are some people out there that take advantage of good natured people I have seen it but don't judge everyone because of one persons bad mistakes

You're tooootally right!

I know. I don't know why anybody would choose to be a cop. It's such a thankless job. I mean, you're required to tell people that they're not allowed to take the absolutely most degrading step possible just to survive. I don't know if I'd call the life of that cop "miserable," but he's the only one I can see with a "choice" in this situation.


Funny post. Seriously Teacher you cant think that homeless people have no choice in their predicament. It is a long series of bad choices that get them there and keep them there. As far as the cop goes he is probably miserable too, I sure would be having to deal with the dregs of society all day. But at least he has a job and a warm home by the choices he made....

No choice? That's total nonsense!

People wind up homeless because of their own rotten, incompetent life-choices. If they're miserable (and many are not, some prefer the lifestyle) it's a self-induced misery.

Hopefully the officer drove by later and saw him

If you've ever been hit with a Taser you know that once it's turned off and your muscles relax, you feel warm. Tazing bums to help them stay warm on a cold Winter's night.....who dares to say I'm not a humanitarian?