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Sheriff's Department seizes more than twenty pounds of potent marijuana

More than twenty pounds of extremely potent marijuana is off the streets after a series of four significant drug seizures by the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Department. The NHCSD also seized more than $50,000 in cash and a handgun. They said the drugs were being transported over state lines, in plastic sea bags, and then stored in PVC piping at the home of William Bradley Jones of Wilmington. Police say the pot was hydroponically grown and potent. Deputy Charles Smith said, "It's probably three to four times more potent than other marijuana that is seized." Jones was charged with drug trafficking, possession with intent to sell, among others counts. The investigation is ongoing, and the sheriff's department says they anticipate making more arrests.

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drip drip

Just another drop in the bucket. His customers will go without maybe 1 day before they have another seller. It is only a phone call away.


As someone who knows this situation personally, let me just say that most of the things that you have "heard" from these articles aren't even true. Yes, he was arrested and charged with trafficking, but the details being released through the media are completely I'm sure most things are. I agree that what this person may or may not have done is wrong, but it also isn't the WORST thing that a person could do. Like some of you have said, marijuana doesn't kill isn't crack, heroin, or any of those other "hard-core" drugs. You are all so quick to write someone of by saying "good for the police...he got what he deserves." This seems very unfair considering that none of you know him or the situation.You haven't considered that fact that he has a family who needs him and that all the police are trying to do at this point is strip him of every possession that he has. The system is very corrupt, and you really have no idea until it happens to you. I'm sure that if you knew the details on how the police handled themselves in this case, your opinion of them would change.

"ill gotten goods"

I feel bad for his family, but if he bought those possessions, with proceeds from the sale of illegal drugs, he shouldn't be allowed to keep them. Its called ill gotten goods or ill gotten gains, look it up.

How moronic can you be?

"isn't the WORST thing that a person could do" Who ever said it was? The guy committed a crime, got caught, and needs to pay the price. If he has a family that needs him. He needs to realize that, and not put himself in a situation where he can get arrested. If you are mature enough to have children, you should also be mature enough to know you have to provide for them - LEGALLY. Plain and simple - the guy is a criminal and he got what he deserved. Putting your family in a situation where you are selling drugs makes you filth.

Are you serious???

Are you serious? I guess the police were lieing about how much marijuana and cash he had on him? Since you "know" him and the situation, I guess we should just believe you that he isn't that bad of a person? I could care less about this guy, HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVES! I do feel bad for family members, but they also made a choice to be with this guy and I'm sure have benfited from his illegal doings. He desrves to have everything he owns stripped from him. As far as how the police handled themselves, I could care less since this thug, scumbag was doing what he was doing. What's wrong, did the police use vulgar language with him? Did they not talk nice to him? The only bad part of all of this is this loser won't spend the rest of his life behind bars!


I am so grateful to the hard working deputies of the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department for their vigilance and perserverance in combating drug dealers. Way to go Y'all! Keep up the good work. THANK YOU for a job well done!!!!


I get so tired of the WPD and NHCSD getting blasted on here. Yes they make mistakes, like any bureaucracy does and will, but they still keep our city safe and put people like this behind bars!

stop flushing the tax money away

While they may have done a good job, this is a waste of tax money and resources. There are plenty of things in this county that are technically illegal which the police do not enforce (i.e. co-habitation, multiple roommates). Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and the legalization and taxed sale of it could stimulate the sagging economy. It is a potent herb, one that eases the pain of Multiple Sclerosis and slows the progression of Alzheimer's (if you're a person who is experiencing the alarming effects of Alzheimer's either personally or in a family member, google it, read the truth). It is long proven not to be a gateway drug, so please stop demonizing this herb.

Co-habitation is no longer

Co-habitation is no longer illegal. Catch up! herb? Do you add it the dishes you cook for your family? Please!

tax money

look whos a pot head!!!! must have been going to your house.... lol

Prohibition does not work!

Great Job???? Do you realize there are a bunch of LE officers, lawyers, and judges that see this as ridiculuous. STOP wasting tax money for court and jail. Instead make tax money! I am sure the alcohol industry would not like that. Welcome to our hypocritical society, the officers were probably later that day drinking beer thinking they have helped society. So now this guy will be put in jail, where the ONLY thing he will be taught is how to be a better criminal! We can not change things with the same level of thinking that created the problems.

Big Deal

Great, my Daughter Renee Guinn dies of an overdose 11/12/2008 because she was injected by a drug dealer (Michael Sands) who was out on bail for Heroin distribution,( bail reduced from 2 million to 10,000) cocaine possesion, Maintaining a dwelling for distribution, Armed Robbery and a myriad of other charges and we are hunting down people selling pot. What a Joke.

Drug dealer

I am sorry for your loss but, what wss your daughter doing with someone like that? I would bet it was not the first time she was there, they don't want to kill you, they need your business. I would actually agree that they should may pot legal over alcohol. If this goverment collected taxes on it this courty would be out of debt in a short period of time and restaurant's would be booming with business. Grocery stores would triple their profit, some people you may even see walking around with a smile, laughing, instead of being rude and looking at you like they want to kill you. I'm not saying you should be able to smoke at your job, same as alcohol but think about it...think hard at what I'm saying.

still illegal

If i'm not mistaken... pot is still illegal. Just because the sheriff's dept. busted some pot dealers doesn't mean they're not working bigger cases as well. People have a tendency to blame others for the misfortunes in their own life. Don't let this be you.

Great Job NHCSD

No, what a joke is you putting down LEO for doing a great job. If you want to blame someone for your daughter's death, blame your daughter. Are you trying to make us believe that the drug dealer held your daughter down and injected the drugs into her body against her will??? Some how I just don't believe that. GREAT JOB NHCSO.


I heard the real total was 25 lbs. Must've lost a few lbs on the scales, or somewhere.

Yeah sure you did....way to

Yeah sure you did....way to make stuff up to make LEO look bad.

Drug Bust

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter dieing, but I think you might want to take that up with the court system about the bail NOT Law Enforcement. I just retired from the Virgina State Police and I think that this was a GREAT bust from our local Sheriffs Office!!!! AWESOME JOB GUYS, keep up the good work!!!

What interests you about NC?

What interests you about NC? go back to VA tough guy. Marijuana is not the problem here. Kids don't OD on it and no one breaks into your house to steal from you on it. It is a waste of law enforcement's time.

Better than you

I would bet SC Man has more character, intelligence and integrity in his big toe than you have in your entire body (including that oversized empty head of yours!)

tough guy?

I didn't see anywhere in his post where he was trying to be a tough guy. And exactly how do you know nobody breaks into your house to steal from you when they are on it....UNLESS you are one of those that use it. On the other hand, people do drive will they are high and that is a HUGE concern for me. Everything about them is slowed and that does cause problems for other motorists

No, people don't OD on pot.

No, people don't OD on pot. But people do rob pot dealers for their stashes and their money. There was 20 lbs of pot and 50 thousand dollars there. Quite a target for robbery, which is why he had a gun. I've seen violent home invasions where dealers get robbed by other dealers. Sometimes bullets go flying. What about he innocent people who live nearby? What if someone got hit by a stray bullet? It's not the type of drug that concerns me, but the violent nature of this guys business.

Noooooo, what is a joke is

Noooooo, what is a joke is the amount of money the county put into getting him ($4000per pound at least once according to another news website) as well as man hours doing paperwork and other stuff. But they seized $50,000 cash, right? Yes and when the case goes federal the feds are keeping all the assets and giving a fraction to Causey and the NHSD Vice/narcotics. It is very naive to think that the time it took to get this guy was spent as efficiently as possible. While he did have a gun and a substantial amount of marijuana, he was targeted more for the money that his "risk" to the community. This is not the type of person who is out shooting people and endangering others. You see, he wouldn't have even been on the radar if not for some other criminal wanting a sentence reduction. There are so many criminals in this area who pose a greater risk to the community at large than him that you wouldn't believe it. All of this rhetoric and fallacious talk about how marijuana is still illegal is irrelevant to what the first poster is pointing out; he knows all too well that priorities in drug enforcement are often not what you would expect. To summarize, this is clearly an issue of going after money and assets. Say all you want about how recreational drugs still cause problems, at the end of the day people are not stealing and pawning for marijuana, nor are they dying. Wondering why someone broke into your garage and stole all your power tools? It wasn’t ecstasy or marijuana behind it. The same goes for drug overdoses. The area narcotics officers know what the real problem is, yet they go all in trying getting nice asset forfeiture. It's about the money bottom line. Please don't attempt to contradict me if have no knowledge of the subject. Informed opinions are welcome, however. This comes from someone who knows the game.

You are wrong

People steal from drug dealers. Drug dealers steal. This is why there are so many "home invasions." If pot dealers aren't going to rob or be robbed, then why did he need a gun? Yes, there are other criminals out there, but that is not relevant to this story.


Marijuana is laced with acid and other chemicals all the time. People do die from the stuff. They also are a threat to others. LEO did what they were suppose to do and did a great job of doing it. It's thugs like you that cause problems for the rest of us

So, you are someone that

So, you are someone that knows the game, huh? It doesn't surprise me that drug users would be on here to downplay what happened and defend other drug users/dealers.

This is a public forum - we

This is a public forum - we can contradict you all we want. After all, these are just people's opinions, and everyone is entitled to express their opinion. Who are you to tell people not to? I personally want the drug dealers arrested. This guy wasn't a street level dealer either - he sold 15 lbs of pot to an undercover officer. This guy is the one who supplies the local dealers. Do you think he was paying taxes on his profits? I doubt it, so he probably is also guilty of evading taxes. Most importantly, he had large amount of cash, (valuable) drugs, and an illegal firearm in a residential neighborhood. What would happen if someone knew about his stash and wanted to rob him? With a gun around, there could have been a shooting. Kids live around here, and stray bullets could go flying. Bullets go right through walls, windows, car doors, etc. This guy was a danger to the community in which he lives. Violence surrounds the drug trade, not because of the type of drug involved, but because of the large amounts of money involved. Until marijuana is legalized (which I actually support) and the drug dealer is taken out of the supply chain, I am glad to see when they get arrested.



He's a THUG!!!

He has 4 felony charges for trafficing marijuana, a felony charge of possession with intent to sell/deliver, poss of drug paraphernalia, felony drug possession, maintianing a dwelling - a felony, and a misc. felony charge. All toll, he has 7 felony charges and a misdemeanor charge. This is public record by the way

wonder if this guy drove a

wonder if this guy drove a cadillac escalade or ford expedition -- i see a lot of those in the sheriff's parking lot...