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Sheriff's deputy arrested, fired after domestic violence charge


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- For the second time in two weeks a New Hanover County Sheriff's deputy is out of a job after being arrested. Pender County deputies arrested New Hanover Deputy Mitchell Marlow yesterday. He is charged with two counts of assault on a female and held with no bond.

Sheriff Ed McMahon fired Marlow after the arrest.

"The facts as presented to me indicated domestic violence along with alcohol consumption," McMahon said in a statement.

Last month, another New Hanover deputy quit after being arrested for DWI in Johnston County.

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I am impressed with this sheriff for the most part.

he does a fairly good job of cleaning house when his dipstick deputies catch a charge.however this guy should have been fired for the way he treated the people of new hanover county before now.the way most of these cops city and county act and treat the tax paying public is a crying shame.i am old enough to remember when the police man was your friend not the armed and dangerous yahoo bunch we are subjected to now.david smithy & mark benson where the last community officers we had.those men gave respect and got respect.the crux of the issue today is a lack of respect from the badge today.the testing process or hiring practices must be at fault as all the officers i encounter make me afraid for my safety and that of my family.i am no gangster or hood,i am an elder in a local church for goodness sake.i know the job is dangerous but its more dangerous when the good folks can not trust you or respect you.


Maybe he will meet up with a few people who he put in jail and they will show him the real meaning of abuse and pain. You give it you get it.



Oh he's guilty

Oh he's guilty alright...Let's just hope justice is served and he gets exactly what he deserves!

Does two black eyes and a busted nose count?

So do any of these features count toward an assumption guilty vs. innocent? I'm sure there were obvious signs by looking at "Ol Curly" here...

Guilt not necessary

Sheriff's employees serve at the pleasure of the Sheriff. He can dismiss them because he doesn't like the way they part their hair.

Everyone knows...

deputies serve at the will of the Sheriff. It would appear, this termination is certainly justified.