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Interview with Sheriff Ingram

READ MORE: Interview with Sheriff Ingram
It's officially day number two for Brunswick County's new sheriff. County commissioners approved the Democratic party's decision to have John Ingram finish out the final two and a half years of Ron Hewett's term. Ingram is looking forward to the job. "I'm honored that I get to serve the citizens of the county as their sheriff and I hope to continue serving as their sheriff for many years to come," said Ingram. Just how many years could depend on the job he does today. "We're going to aggresssively enforce every law possible to put them behind bars if they're caught committing these property crimes and the property crimes go hand and hand with a lot of the drug trade in the county," said Ingram. These changes are exactly what some Brunswick County residents are looking for. "I hope he clears up a lot of the drug problems," said Brunswick County resident Andrew Gary. Brunswick County resident Hope Meyer said, "I'm hoping that our new sheriff can reduce the crime and that he can get all the drug activity off the streets." Sheriff Ingram says he plans to do everything possible to build back the trust and faith people have lost in the sheriff's department, but some Brunswick County residents say that won't be an easy task. "It is going to be a tough time to get the community to trust him because of what the last sheriff did in the community. He lied to us , he betrayed us," said Meyer. Ingram said, "I feel sure that the public will see that in time everyone will hold dear their integrity and always be truthful and do their very best to serve the folks in the county." When asked how this job would change him, Sheriff Ingram said, "What defines me as a person is what kind of father I am, what kind of husband I am and friend and law enforcement officer. No title, or authority will change that as far as I'm concerned. And that's about it. That's who I am." Sheriff Ingram stresses he wants each department to work together to serve the citizens. He said two heads are better than one and the same goes for law enforcement. He doesn't like to talk about what he'll do, but what the department can accomplish as a whole.

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Run for the hills

All the criminals, drug pushers and junkies, wife beaters, plain ole law breakers take pack up and run for the hills. We have a true man in the Brunswick County Sheriff's seat that is not going to put up with your crime or polictical corruption. If you think you have a shield of politics to protect your criminal acts, think again. Brunswick County appointed the right man as Sheriff this time....

Litter Prevention = Crime Prevention

Wouldn't it be something if our new sheriff decided the best way to fight crime (at all levels) would be to change the physical attributes of the areas where he exerts some control? This would include issuing citations for illegal dumping, littering in our parks & along our major highways, having unsightly yards & lots cleared as a "public nuisance" and enforced even the slightest of the laws which protect our environment. Litterally, "clean up the streets" did Rudy Guiliani back in 1983 as the new mayor of NYC. Check out the Broken Window Syndrome sometime on made sense to Police Chief Bratton back then. What about today? Major crime (murders) in all 5 boroughs was reduced 19% in the first year alone, along with a 15% decrease in car thefts! Those decreases in crime continued for over 10 years in New York City. Will Sheriff Ingram investigate the opportunities (and desirable results) of the Broken Window Syndrome and use the tactics to clean up Brunswick County? Time will tell.

I wonder

I wonder how long it took for all the Ron monuments to come down? That department was nothing but a showcase of him.