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Sheriff mulls possible $1M cut


The New Hanover County Sheriff met with his staff today to discuss ways to cut $1 million out of his budget. Last week the county asked Sheriff Ed McMahon to reduce his budget to try to help make up a $14 million county budget shortfall.

The sheriff says he has been making cuts since July and has cut down on as much as he possibly can. Now he's trying to make more cuts without sacrificing the safety of citizens.

"What I can promise the citizens of New Hanover County is that I will not cut more than what we can afford to that would jeopardize their safety or the quality of their service that they've come to expect and deserve," McMahon said.

The Sheriff's Office will take its new budget plan to a County Commission work budget session Wednesday.

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Raise Taxes

Here's an idea...raise taxes. The county could raise taxes by 1% which would increase enough revenue that county employees will not have to furlough. It will cost citizens about $20-40 a year whereas as it stands now, county employees are taking a 6% paycut and could end up taking a 9% paycut


Are you serious, the county is really talking about cutting 1 million dollars. I can make a statement because my Wife works for the NHC sheriff's Office, and another family member who works fot the county...and what they have been doing for the past years is saving YOU the residents of NHC $$..1 they have not gotten anytype of raise in three years. 2 they have been furloughing for the past 2 years so YOU the residents wont have to suffer a tax increase. YOU the citizents sleep as safe as you can and enjoy other services of this county but the employess have been suffering from there own pocket book so you wont. ITS TIME FOR THE COUNTY TO RAISE TAXES !!! and share the burden for them all...I AGREE WE NEED NEW LEADERS...VOTE THE OLD ONES OUT ITS OBVIOUS THEY CANT DO THE JOB.....and now there talking about layoff's...sure send the deputies home then when YOUR CHILD in school is a victim of a SCHOOL shooting you can on blame your self..for them NOT BEING THERE TO PROTECT...and lets let all the inmates in the jail go free...see how you like that....but wait these county leaders just hired a ABC director for $100,000.00 a year.....THAT MUCH ARE YOU can you expect the SHERIFF to cut more, when COUNTY LEADERS JUST KEEP all of you makikng statements about county employees get your facts straight before you say something..and when you see them say THANK YOU FOR PAYING THE PRICE AND SAVING YOU A TAX INCREASE...the past three YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thought is to require

One thought is to require officers to provide their own transportation to and from work. A lot could be saved in gas alone. Also, not as many patrol cars would be needed if they were available to all 3 shifts.

By deputies taking home

By deputies taking home their vehicles they are able to check on duty right away. If the NHSO required their deputies to provide their own transportation, more miles would be place on the vehicles for those driving from MJ or CB RD to Blue Clay Rd just to turn in their vehicles. Not only that, patrol deputies put on well over 150 miles a shift. Think of the wear and tear those vehicles will endure if they were on the road 24/7. By the way, there are only two shifts

You shuld know the facts first

First of all you would think that you should know the facts before commenting on the subject and your ocmment about 3 shifts proves you don't. There are only two shifts. The dupties start work the time they pull out of their drive ways it is not like they have to go clock in down town the ware and tear on the cars if they never got a day off and were driven 24 hours means the county would have to purchase more cars.

Don't Cut

realign priorities. Make parents accountable for their child's behavious in school. Let the parents of uncontrollable children man the corridors of the public schools.

Release the resource officers to return to patrol duty.

No doubt, when the misbehaving juveniles are suspended from school, they'll likely encounter their former resource officers on the street.

Feel the need to keep the misbehaving students in school. Put them all in one facility with overnight accomodations and 3 squares a day just like a correction facility; pay the teachers combat pay; put some tough officers there to maintain order.

Quickly, the misbehaving children will correct their bahavior or decide they like that type of facility. That cuts through all the wasted time and effort and allows the street thugs to go straight to the pen.

sheriff department cuts

Cut a million dollars?? Hey I got an idea, how about selling that fool helicopter?

While I agree they should

While I agree they should get rid of the helicopter, that would only save them a couple thousand dollars

county financial woes

It is my understanding the old sheriff's office / jail was estimated to be worth eight million dollars. However, the Baptist church bought it for one million. Why would the building and property be sold WAY BELOW IT'S VALUE BY THE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS? What else have they done to loose money for the county? Makes you wonder who is handling the calculator with that bunch. And, further more, if the city is short on money they should stop construction of the so called convention center and put the monies to use where it's needed. The idea of them even beginning this project with the city finances as they are makes me wonder who in the heck handles their finances at home and at work.

Make a Real Change on May 4

We have a chance to make a real change this May and elect the only two candidates who are not part of the good ole boys club.

It's the old boys on the City Council/County Commission, and those that suck up to them trying to join the club, who are responsible for the misplaced priorities, and wasteful spending, which leads to "we have to raise taxes" again and again.

Justin Lanasa and Brian Berger opposed the convention center project, arguing there were more important priorities like growing crime and brazen gang violence, and increasing taxes and fees hurting small businesses and leading to job elimination.

Now, Bill Caster is up for re-election. His crony Rick Catlin is running to sit by his side. Napier Fuller is part of the good ole boys who tax-and-spend for their personal benefits. And nobody puts their self-interests first and acts as shady as jason thompson, so what does that say about jason harris, who is a thompson clone?

If we want real change and candidates with cajones who aren't corrupt members of the establishment running the County, we've got two great candidates in brian berger and justin lanasa.

Berger and Lanasa (berger especially) have a record of prioritizing low taxes, ending corruption and wasteful spending, and they dont want to join the corrupt establishment that's been screwing taxpayers. They have the cajones to fight that good ole boy (and girl) club.

That's exactly what we need, candidates who represent taxpayers and not special interests. Berger and Lanasa are the only candidates for Commissioner who fit that description, so let's make a change this year and get everyone you know to vote for lanasa and berger in the Republican Primary.

Visit to learn more about the only truly independent choices for New Hanover Commissioner, Brian Berger and Justin Lanasa.

Let's take back New Hanover County from the corrupt individuals on the current County Board and expose candidates like Catlin and Harris who are clones of Bill Caster, Bobby Greer and jason thompson.

We need change in NHC, not more of the same!!!