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Sheriff Sid Causey sends his recommendation to NHC

Sheriff Sid Causey recommended Chief Deputy Ed McMahon take over as his successor. Sheriff Causey sent that recommendation to the New Hanover County Democratic Party. The party will make a final nomination to the county commissioners by July 1st. If he is chosen, Chief Deputy McMahon said he is ready for the opportunity. “I will be excited. I will be privileged and honored, and I will lead this department with integrity. I will do my best to serve each and every citizen in this county to the best of my ability,” he said. McMahon is a seventeen year veteran of the sheriff's office. He was promoted to chief deputy in 2007. If McMahon is nominated as the new sheriff, he will serve the remainder of Sheriff Causey's term. After that, there will be an election. Sheriff Causey was unavailable for comment.

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Ed McMahon for Sheriff

I have known Chief Deputy McMahon and his family for roughly twenty years. I not only have known them on a personal basis, but I have worked with the man after I chose a career in law enforcement. As a matter of fact, I decided upon that career field after completing a ride along with Ed during my senior class career day. For everyone who thinks he is guided by the powers that be, you are wrong. Yes he has ended up in a position where politics are key, but this man is made of integrity. he will not sell out just to make someone happy if he truly doesn't believe that it would be the best for all involved. Ed has his religious convictions and that is one of the things I admired most about him. He could work in law enforcement and still abide by his faith, ever willing to treat people with dignity and respect, yet handle business when it needed handling. There will be many people who for whatever reasons will not want to accept him because Sheriff Causeway has recommended him. Sheriff Causey in my opinion has made an excellent choice. I hope that people can again have trust in their law enforcement agencies. There is no better person to accomplish this in New Hanover County than Ed McMahon.

McMahon will be the face of NH county for years to come.

Married to the same woman for 20+ years. His children walk in the path he and Teena have cleared. I have never met anyone that has known Ed McMahon that walked away not loving the man. He is loved by so many. He doesn't even realize the impact he has had on so many of us. Folks, its time for us to become independants for a while so we can vote Ed into the Dem primary and into the Sheriffs seat. He will make everyone that doesn't know him yet so proud. Those that know him need no more explaining. Love you Ed!

mcmahan will fit right in

Ed will definately fit right in with the corrupt system of government. He is a Jerry Falwell dyed in the wool baptist fundamentalist. Yet he orders a man to be tasered at his father's funeral. Come on now, this is the best of the best over there in the sheriff's department? You mean to tell us Sheriff Causey that this man who has proven NOTHING except how to screw things up is going to be our UNELECTED sheriff? What exactly was McMahan's role in Peyton Strickland's killing? If McMahan is such a good deputy chief how is it that Sid had to duplicate the position. McMahon is one of TWO chief deputies. Just because someone is a disciple of Jerry Falwell it doesn't make him worthy of being chief law enforcement officer of the county. There needs to be at least three candidates names put up for the democrats to interview and vet before ANYONE is presented to the commissioners. If not then the commissioners need to ask for it. I know of one man who is much more qualified over there and has the support too. His name should be one of the three. Yes Ed is a nice guy, so was Jerry Falwell, that is except for the people he felt were evil, like gays and sinners. Didnt much care for the constitution either if I remember correctly. This is not who needs to be sheriff, at least not without a vote.

So Sad!

This is really sad! If you have a vendetta against Christians, pick another blog to post on. The fact that this man is a devoted Christian can do nothing but help his reign as Sheriff. You really should get your facts straight. Chief Deputy McMahon gave no order to have that man tasered at his father's funeral. If you believe everything the media says, I have some ocean front property in Colorado I would love to sell you. The one thing you did get right in your rant was that Ed McMahon would fit right in as Sheriff. He will fit in because he has the loyalty and respect of the men and women that have served under and with him. He also has the respect of surrounding law enforcement agencies. He will serve New Hanover County well for years to come. I have yet to meet anyone who had anything but great things to say about Ed McMahon, when the subject of local law enforcement came up. He is exactly who we need to lead and put this department on the right track. That will give us excellent leaders in both the Pender and New Hanover Sheriff's department, and the whole Tri-County area will benefit. I look forward to calling him Sheriff McMahon.

I couldn't agree more

I couldn't agree more

There is help for you out

There is help for you out just need to ask for it. You know nothing about this man. I have met him several times (I have many friends in LE), and I have never though anything bad about him. I've also never heard anything bad about him. As far as the two Chief positions, I asked a friend about that. Most deputies believed that Causey promoted a second Chief because he new he was going to retire early and this way McMahon could concentrate and learn the position of the Sheriff while the other Chief dealt mostly with the Chief's position. In a way, its kind of smart that way. And don't worry about the voting...there will be an election in 2010 so McMahon will only be Sheriff a short time before the position will be up for election

McMahon needs help

Chief Deputy Ed McMahon needs help. Although a nice guy he lacks the understanding for the job. It is a job you have to take on full responsibility for. I've known Ed for about 12 years and he is the nicest guy in the world, but he has one of those, "God's will" attitudes that will end up hurting him. This is not a job for someone who lets go and lets God, it is a job for someone with a certain amount of ego and a compassion to figure things out. Ed has a hard time figuring things out so he sort of just lets things happen hoping and having faith that God will take over. While I respect that, as a Christian, it troubles me when his "faith" may get in the way of an important decision. As to what McMahon's role was in the Peyton Strickland operation, the Chief pushed the button sending the operation into full swing. When asked about it he said he had "no idea that things would have ended up so bad" Anytime you send out a SWAT team you do so because things could get bad. Then he blew it off as God's will for the kid.

McMahon will be great for New Hanover county

Chief McMahon was the Captain of Support services (courts, civil) when Peyton Strickland died. He had no influence in any of the decision making on patrol-ERT. Get your facts straight. I know your intention was to give bad information, and we are here to correct people like yourself. Go look it up. Ed McMahon is the right man for the job of Sheriff!

Nope your wrong about McMahon

McCarthy was and still is the captain over support services.

More people not having a

More people not having a clue as to what is going on but wanting to put their 2 cents worth in.

Nope your wrong

McMahon was promoted to Chief Deputy in the Summer of July 2007. McCarthy was promoted then. The Strickland incident happened while McMahon was Captain of the Bailiffs. Look it up.


Graduated from Laney high school in the mid 1990's. Mcmahon was our school resource officer for a while. He made an impact on me and several other friends of mine. He's a good guy. I've seen him from time to time and he always goes out of his way to say hello and ask how I'm doing. He has a way of communicating with people. Ed McMahon will be great for New Hanover county.

love that Ed McMahon has been picked to be Sheriff

He will do what Causey couldn't...get along with all agencies in the county. McMahon will be an asset to the law enforcement community in New Hanover county. Finally we have sanity in the Sheriffs Dept. It bodes well for us as law enforcement officers to have our boss's get along. Congrats Ed!

McMahon will bridge the gap between WPD and NH sheriffs Dept

WPD and The Sheriffs dept will be alright. McMahon has great relationships with several high ranking WPD brass. Ask Dep. Chief Conklin his opinion of McMahon. McMahon is awesome. What a great choice.


To the good people of Wilmington I strongely urgue you to research this recomendation of this Sheriff. How many times do the great folks in Wilmington have to be duped over this poorly run uncooperative sheriff's department. Do you really think anything is going to change with this recommendation. You got to have fresh blood for a fresh start and lines of communication have to be opened up with the police department so THEY work as a team unit for the greater good of the people of Wilmington.

I must respectfully disagree

I KNOW Ed McMahon. I've SEEN him work, and I've witnessed his work ethic firsthand. You know what else? He's not my first pick either, and I'll get more into that shortly, but let me assure you...when he serves this county as (interim) Sheriff, there is NO doubt in my mind that Ed McMahon will do an AMAZING job. YES, McMahon is one who currently serves at the will of Sheriff Causey. NO, I do not believe Causey has been a great Sheriff for New Hanover. YES, I do think McMahon will do a fantastic job as interim Sheriff, and if elected to replace Sid, I also believe McMahon will serve us ALL well and make us ALL proud. Why? While he currently may serve under Sir Sid, he is not afraid to make his beliefs known, even if they are not in agreement with Sid's. Standing up to the person who has unequivocal power to take away your JOB...that takes courage, my friend. He stands his ground on what he believes to be true, even if it conflicts with his boss Sid, knowing all the while that disagreeing with the Sheriff could easily mean that he no longer has a job. Remember: ALL deputies serve at the will of the SHERIFF. If the Sheriff doesn't want them in his department, they are gone - simple as that. Ed stood up for his beliefs when he felt it was the right thing to do, and when he realized that his opinion was NOT going to be majority, he wisely stepped back and thus avoided becoming a useless whiner. There is difference between realizing when the battle (NOT the war) is lost, and realizing that the only way to move forward is to constantly agree with the higher ups. I'd say McMahon is my first choice to be our interim Sheriff. I'd also state that I believe if elected, he will serve this county well as Sheriff. There are others in the department that I have more history of working with that I hope will decide to was made Lieutenant within the last year, a promotion from Sergeant who was in charge of a particular Uniform Patrol Divison squad. He may be just a lieutenant in the eyes of some, but my PERSONAL experiences with him as we both carried out the duties of our respective jobs leave NO doubt in my mind that he would serve ALL the citizens of the county - AND the city of Wilmington - quite well. There is also another long-time lieutenant I would love to see run in the election. He has recently considered the option of early retirement, and it is my fervent prayer that he decides instead to remain in the department and run in the election to be our next Sheriff. Now, let me directly address YOUR post, Retired LEO. I thank you for your service, especially if your service was to the citizens of this county or the city of Wilmington or any of this county's beaches. I sincerely thank you for your service. You and those like you CHOSE to do a job that everyone will agree is necessary but few are willing to do. However, I must disagree with you on certain issues. Just because our current Sheriff decided he did not need to work in conjunction with other local law enforcement agencies, namely WPD, does NOT mean that our next Sheriff will automatically feel the same way. My personal experience with deputies and police officers from WPD and the beaches is what guides this particular belief. In short...Sid promised when he became Sheriff that ANY person in New Hanover County - whether they lived in the county, the city, or any of the beaches in this county - wanted to speak/meet with a deputy - they would indeed speak/meet with a deputy. Ed McMahon has fulfilled that promise, as have all of our brave deputies. Whenever I needed to speak with him or any citizen called and I answered their call for help, Ed responded. As Chief Deputy, he could have chosen to hide behind his desk and send someone under him to the call, but whenever he was called upon, Ed McMahon responded. I don't know about you, but I personally cannot ask for more than that from the next person chosen to act as my Sheriff.


You do not know this man. You are basing your judgments and opinions upon the actions of Sid Causey. I have never been a great fan of Causey but I am a huge fan of Ed McMahon. He is a man of integrity and high morals. He will follow the law and lead the department with the same convictions I have seen him lead his family and the same leadership he has shown in his home church! Sid Causey led the department for his own personal benefit without regard for those who served under him or the citizens of this county. I believe Ed McMahon will have a different legacy to leave behind. I for one hope he will begin to build a better relationship with the police department. I think that is one thing that has been wrong with the situation. In order for the to be a 'team' spirit there has to be cooperation from both sides and I think Sid Causey was lacking in that department! As for this man's character, I'd trust my life and those of my family in his hands before I would Sid Causey's. Mr. McMahon - you have my vote of confidence and my vote come next election time!!!

I'll vote for McMahon, but I wish he'd run republican

I guess though a law man it really doesn't matter. What a super guy McMahon is. A great cop too.

McMahon for Sheriff

Great move. Might have been the best decision Sheriff Causey as made in a while. New Hanover County is in good shape.

Ed McMahon is a wonderful choice for Sheriff

Your friends are so happy for you. We know the man you are and the convictions that guide you. I know the support you will recieve from the many you have touched will be overwhelming. Ed McMahon will serve the citizens of New Hanover county with pride and honor for many years to come.


Ed McMahon will do an outstanding for the Sheriff's Office and New Hanover Co. Wonderful news!

Ed McMahon

I am pleased to hear of Ed McMahon's recommendation for the sheriff's position. I have know him for ten years and he is a man of integrity. I know he will do a great job if his nomination is approved.

EdMcMahon will be a great Sheriff!

As we know him as a deacon at Grace Baptist, you will come to know and love Ed McMahon. He is loved by so many in our church and community. Democrats and Republicans(I'm a republican) will support this loving and compassionate man. So many of us who have been touched by his kindness and warm smile can testify to his character. We love you Ed! Grace Baptist Church, your home, will support you and the Sheriffs Department.


He is the BEST one for the job and I for one sure hope he gets it. If he ran for election, I sure would vote for him.

Hey now!

What a dang joke! That's the best ya got Sid?

His own man!

Anyone out there that doesn't believe Ed Mcmahon wouldn't be a great Sheriff doesn't have a clue what they are talking about. Take it from the deputies that actually work for the man. Many of us have waited for this day to come. And for the record, Ed did not order that guy to be tased at the funeral. That story got so twisted just to make a good news story. The man was walking back to his car when he was approached. Not "carrying his father's casket" as it was wrongly reported. This man was a wife beater! He had a chance for things to go quietly and he's the one who took it to another level. Don't believe every news story you hear! McMahon is the BEST choice for this great county for many years to come!

You want to see a Joke?

I think Ed will do a fine job. He is full of integrity. If you want to see a joke take a look at Sheriff Ingram. He allows his patrol Deputies to speed around the county drunk, sleep in thier patrol cars and them promotes them! If you are looking to dig up dirt on a Sheriffs office leave New Hanover alone and look at one with no integrity like Brunswick County!

Causey nailed this one. McMahon will be a great Sheriff

for years and years to come. This guy is great. He is driven by convictions many wish they had. He's going to touch so many more people who have not had the pleasure of meeting him yet. I can't explain it. He just has "it". I can't wait til the day he is confirmed as Sheriff. He will be so after that for as long as he chooses. I know he has missionary work in his future, but that will be after he has served this county for many great years.