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Sheriff's Department earns 'best-dressed'

WILMINGTON -- Just call them the fashion police. The New Hanover County Sheriff's Department has just earned quite a distinction. Law and Order Magazine just awarded the department the best dressed county agency in the nation. Deputy's uniforms received rave reviews for the highly polished appearance, and tonal color. They weren't just awarded a page in the magazine – they got the cover. Chief Deputy Ed McMahon said, "We are very excited, the sheriff is very pleased and very honored that we won that award." The sheriff's office is quoted in the magazine as saying they "strive to live by three things: appearance, performance and demeanor."

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You got the uniform on straight now how about the performance and demeanor. BTW I'd be embarassed to put on the uniform of the team that allows the 2nd highest violent crime rate in the State. Cover of Law and Order magazine my @$$. How much did that cost? So... end the ludicrous front and go fight the violent crime. Start....... now.

Re: Peyton: You would think

Re: Peyton: You would think that the people who leave comments on here regarding this Peyton kid would want to remember him in a positive light. Not continuing to live in the past weather it was right or wrong , justified or not...


North Carolina State Highway Patrol looks better.. *and is more professional.....) Sorry guys..


I just moved to wilmington and one of my family members is a state trooper (nc). And I think that the Sheriff's Dept is a better looking uniform. I don't think they even considered the highway patrol. Your all in Law Enforcement (same team) you guy's sound like little kids!!!!!!!!

I agree

I agree that the North Carolina Highway Patrol is the best dressed and the most professional out there..... bar none.

Three Things

Please....let's put performance before anything else. If a job is done bad by a well-dressed person, it is still a bad job. Re-evaluate the priorities before running for Sheriff again!!!!

NH Sheriff Dept best dressed county agency

Is this all our Sheriff's department has to do enter contest after contest? Yest folks this was a contest. Look it up the web site of the magazine and see. They are now running a contest of the uglest patrol vehicle. Does NH County qualify?

Let go of "Best Dressed"

I don't know much about the Department and how they run. But I'm guessing they look professional doing it! It's a comment about their appearance, for goodness sake!

Congratulations Sheriff's Department

Goodness, all I know is that I LOVE a man in uniform!

Sheriff dressing up

"The sheriff's office is quoted in the magazine as saying they "strive to live by three things: appearance, performance and demeanor." Appearance - black helmets, dark visors, automatic weapons Performance - being able to hit target from less than a foot away thru a door Demenor - Not giving a crap about it.

Get a life

You have no clue what you are talking about. You hear a few things in the paper and you automatically believe everything they say. How many times did they paper change what happened? Several. So which article do you believe? I say none. Long was not found to be at fault. Your buddy Strickland did something illegal and got hurt by it, as did his family. Feel sorry for his family and even his dog, but Strickland brought everything that happened onto himself


Was Peyton shot thru a door? Was Peyton unarmed? Had Peyton been convicted of any crime? Was there no other way of arresting Peyton? Couldn't they have waited for him to go to class? Was there any reason to have a SWAT team there?

Did u notice

Hey boy wonder, have you noticed that poor peytons parents have not files any lawsuit's against the sheriffs department? That is because his parents knew what a dirtbag little peyton is/was. Why do you think daddy had him go to school here and not in Durham? To try to get him away from his past. Get over it, he was a thug and paid the price.


You meant one of the guys that robbed the guy of those computer games? When someone commits a felony like Strong Arm Robbery, no one approaches them lightly. It's sad that it happened that way, but it did. He was trying to embrace the so-called "thug life". Well, sadly enough, he found it. There would have been no confrontation with law enforcement if he had not committed robbery in the first place. Yes, it was Strong Arm Robbery, not just stealing a video game like the media likes to phrase it. Big difference.

too bad boy

And all of those actions were set into play by peytons own actions. If he hadn't done what he did, the sheriff's officers wouldn't be at his door. They don't ever come knocking at my door because of the way I choose to live my life....LAW-ABIDING

Hey expert!

I'm sure that your many years in law enforcement make you an expert, but here's something you obviously forgot. When you are serving arrest AND search warrants at a location, you don't wait to arrest people AWAY FROM the area you want to search. It's too easy for a co-conspirator or even a friend to hear about the arrest, go to the loaction, and destroy or remove evidence. Second issue, there was a valid arrest warrant to be served - you don't have to be convicted to be arrested. (Let me know if that complex concept confuses you. Arrest does not require a conviction.) Last issue, an ERT is called in on any situation where it is deemed appropriate by leadership. That could be anything from an armed barricaded suspect with hostages to something as mundane as traffic control at the County Fair. You people really need to get over this. It was very unfortunate, it should not have happened, but it DID happen. Hopefully, we learn from it.

YAWN! Is this STILL a burr under your saddle?

"Not giving a crap about it?" The deputy you are referring to was fired within days of the shooting. What else could the Sheriff have done to show you that he "gave a crap?" Did you want him to take Long out in the parking lot and execute him? Brains aren't your strong suit, are they?

sheriff should apologize

You said, 'What else could the Sheriff have done to show you that he "gave a crap?"" How about explain what happened by talking to the media. How about disbanning the ERT unit until a proper evaluation can be done to determine what training and standards changes need to be implimented to avoid future deaths. How about firing all the decision makers How about apologize for the deadly mistake. How about resigning. This was an unarmed 18 year old boy who was making his way to answer the door when he was shot once in the chest and once between the eyes THRU A DOOR! This was not a crack crazed naked man pointing a gun at officers. This was a kid that may or may not have stolen a video game. Anyone say they are sorry for that? Well dressed to hide the ugliness underneath.


For what, doing their job

Welcome to real life

The sheriff cannot discuss an ongoing case with the media. When a plane crashes, do we ground all airplanes? If a patient dies on an operating table, do we ban all surgeries? Recently a police officer in the Midwest went bonkers and killed five people - should we do away with police departments? Then why would we disBAND the ERT simply because a one-time mistake was made by a deputy who wasn't focused? What kind of a naive, Sesame Street world do you live in? People make mistakes. People sometimes die because of those mistakes. The best we can do is learn from it, and take steps to insure we never duplicate those mistakes in the future. Sid Causey apologizing or resigning isn't going to un-do a tragic accident.

Ignorance sprouts in many

Ignorance sprouts in many forms.......and rears its ugly head at any opportunity.

get over it

get over it

Thats a good one Blaze's

Thats a good one Blaze's buddy I like it

sheriffs uniforms

"The sheriff's office is quoted in the magazine as saying they "strive to live by three things: appearance, performance and demeanor." Shouldn't performance be first on that list?????You know I wouldn't care if you all wore overalls and flannel shirts, just get rid of the thugs and gangs downtown will ya?

Really, where are their

Really, where are their priorities? Its kind of like--look busy there is someone watching

Who cares!

Who cares when you are the person that is behind the door they knock on...?

best dressed

The downtown thugs as you say are a problem, but the Sheriffs Office can not do it alone. It will have to be a joint effort between the city and Sheriff. I think our Deputies do a fine job. At any time you think it is an easy job or you can make a better split decision put the uniform on and try it. Way to go guys this is one citizen that is proud of you!!!

armchair quarterback

Its real easy to call plays from your lazyboy with a cold bud in your hand, its a another thing to be the one on the field getting creamed. I think we all know that hind sight is 20/20, and the media had days and months to pick apart a decision that had to be made in a split second. Did deputy Long make a mistake, yes. Did he pay dearly for it? Yes. And believe it or not, he has to live with that mistake for the rest of his life, and though I've never met him personally, I'm sure that it does, and will keep him up at nights. I'm sure that if he could, he'd take it back, but he can't. This world has become a place where everybody has to blame somebody, and somebody has to pay. We want to sue our doctors, prosecute our military, disable our law enforcement, and what good does it do? Sometimes people make mistakes, sometimes they're tragic. Peyton Strickland was not an innocent bystander. They had reason to believe they had multiple weapons in that house/apartment, the news reported that. Deputy Long heard a noise he thought was a gunshot, he took what he considered appropriate action. Like I said earlier, hindsight is 20/20, and sometimes the present isn't. My whole point, move on and support our boys in blue, khaki, or whatever color their uniform is.

A former paid door kicker and shooter

This was a bad shoot. Poor planning, and I hate to say it Long had a lame excuse. Technically a good excuse but there is no sound like gunfire other than gunfire. He got spooked, plain and simple. These guys should have been trained better. Guest1980, you say you don't know Long but you say he is suffering remorse. I've spent 17 years in the military. There are some people that can kill a person and never think twice about it. It isn't just criminals that can be vicious. Good guys can be too. So if you do not know Deputy Long, you don't know him period. You have no idea what he thinks about at all. No one does. And some guy in another post said if Peyton wasn't guilty of something the cops would have never been at his door. First of all everyone has the assumption of innocence until proven guilty IN COURT so video game snatching 18 year old or grandma, both are innocent. And speaking of grandma, if you Google police, raid, wrong house, you may just see you have no idea what you are talking about. At least though you can all rest easy because here in the States no one tosses grenades into the house killing 4 children under 6 and two old women LOOKING for a bad guy. Like I said some people never think twice about it. Semper Fi