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Sheriff's deputies end 10-hour standoff

WILMINGTON -- A standoff that lasted about 10 hours in Wilmington ended peacefully this afternoon. New Hanover County Sheriff's deputies say at about 1:30 Tuesday morning they received a call from a woman claiming Don Wesley Burton held her against her will inside the home 1417 Middle Sound Loop Rd. Deputies say the woman was able to get away to a neighbors house to call 911. Around noon sheriff deputies were able to force their way through Burton's front door. Sheriff Causey says there were no problems and no one was injured taking Burton into custody once they were able to enter his home. Causey said, "Always lucky when no one's hurt. And that's what we strive to do. Unfortunately these things are very volatile, and it's up to the individual. In this case he chose not to give us trouble, except that he refused to answer the door." Causey says they recovered the weapon inside the home believed to be used last night. Burton is charged with second-degree kidnapping, assault by pointing a gun and interfering with emergency communication. Sheriff Causey expects more arrests later today.

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All Im saying is that the

All Im saying is that the way the situation was handled was obviously wrong and created more problems that has now hurt the family even more.. Why all of a sudden after 4 years is the family concerned about the mother staying there if it was so bad..? Why couldnt the family get the mother out quietly and not cause drama for Don? Im am NOT saying he should not be responsible for his actions, i believe he is GUILTY for his bad decisions... But I will say, that the supposed FAMILY should have handled the situation differently than causing more DRAMA... Good Luck to All

Can someone fill in the blanks here?

The news story was about an unidentified woman calling in the charges against Don Burton. I don't understand where the mother and sister come into it.Is there some expansion of the story that identifies the caller as Don Burton's mother, or are all these unidentified commenters using this forum about the unidentified woman to comment about some wholly unrelated aspect of Burton's life? Can someone fill in the blanks here?

Reply to Can someone fill in the blanks

You are correct, the story is about a woman who was held in the house he lived in that was his mothers house. The person above seems to think that Don's actions were related to him moving out of his mothers home not anything else which is really questionable. This act that has taken place was something that Don did and will have to pay the price somehow. The mother and sister had nothing to do with it. They are both in another state. It seems to be a friend of Don's trying to make an excuse for his actions but tell that to the woman who called 911. I am not sure how this got started but wish it would end. There is no excuse for his actions and blaming his mom or his sister is just a way to condone what he has done. Don is the person in the susituation who is full of DRAMA... Take responsibility here!

Filling in the blanks

There's a lot missing here. I can only guess. There doesn't seem to be any connection between the alleged kidnapping and Burton's mother and sister. This is a story about serious legal and criminal issues.Unless the unidentified woman who made the call is Burton's mother or sister, all of the comments about their interaction would be disallowed in court and stricken from the record if raised. It sounds to me as if a bunch of people went to Mr. Burton's house to party on when the bars closed, and the 911 woman was left there with a partied-out, heavily sleeping, boxer shorts clad Don Wesley Burton. I'd like to know if the caller, Burton or anyone else was tested for substances one might find at such a party. Are we looking at a frivolous report leading to a ten-hour Sheriff's Dept. stand-off with a man who slept through the whole thing? There are so many blanks here that such a scenario seems at least possible.

Stop judging other people

I think that anyone that doesn't know the situation here needs to keep there comments to their self. You can't sit there and say that the situation should have been handled differenly when you don't know anything about it. You say that you wouldn've done something differently, but you don't know that. Do me a favor don't judge someone else's family. You might need to take a hard look at yours.

Stand off

You have no idea who Don Burton really is... His mother is so much better off than she was in the last 4 years, his sister saved her, she did not take her.... His mother is happy to be where she is and never wants to go back and live with him again...

Good Luck Don

I personally have known Don for about 15 years now and this is shocking to me. I know he is a little crazy at times but overall someone to not do something this crazy... It makes me wonder the "other side" of the story. Something must have really hurt him or gone wrong for him to pull something like this. I think it is a shame and all parties involved are GUILTY..... That was the wrong way to approach a problem(Listen up Sister), it just created a bigger problem.... Good Luck Don!

reply to Good luck Don

I see your point that Don should not have done something this crazy. But where is the responsibility here? How could someone cause him to hold someone against their will? It seems to me to be a cry for attention. Why is anyone blaming the family? Where does Don take responsibility for his own actions? You have to admit that a man of his age should be able to support himself without the help of his mother. Using the mother as an excuse does not make sense to me. You don't commit a felony because your mom decides to move. Don needs to stand up and not blame anyone for his own problems. Moving out of your mothers house is not a reason to commit a crime. And, BTW, about the kidnapping, did this woman live there? Was someone living in his mom's house without the mother's knowledge? You do know that Don paid nothing to live there right? You do know that the mother paid all of the bills for the house even though she was in another state? This really does not make any sense to me at all... I am close to this situation and I know the truth.... If you know something that I don't know, please inform me... I am not on anyone's side, I care about Don, the mother and the sister... Does anyone care about the woman who called the police? No mention of her! She is the one that people should write about. How did Don get himself in this situation? That is the real Question? You can't blame his mother or sister for him sitting in jail right now. This is his doing and I hope it turns out ok for him and all involved....

Good ending

Considering how many standoffs as well as other contacts with authority figures tend to go south, it's good to see that this one ended well for the officers, the mom, AND the guy involved. We may never hear the WHOLE story as both sides of the issue are rather biased towards their own interests, but it's still good to know that things didn't turn bloody later. More arrests? This makes things interesting as, to my knowledge, only one person held anyone hostage. BTW, how can you kidnap someone by holding them hostage in their own home? I thought it was something along the lines of Holding against one's will? Interesting. Andrew

This comment is written in

This comment is written in regards to the first comment posted. I am the sister who took her mom out of a unsafe environment, and was an action in regards to the safety of my mother.


I met this don burton a few times and my husband had stayed in the same house with him on a out of town const. job and this don't even sound like the same person that i had met he really seem to be a real respectful nice man.As i was told he lived with his mother for years and looked out for her and a sister came from another st. and got the mother for a visit and then did'nt want her to return home.then when he return home from his job from about 3 hours away and working 12 hour days just to find out that his sister had someone to go change the locks to the doors on the home he lived in with his mother so this may be an incident over a selfish,greedy sister he was always a really well mannered nice gentalman everytime i come into contact with him

Don Burton

I am afraid you don't know Don at all. You may have met him but you did not know him for 40 years. His mother decided on her own to move away and sell her home. She had good reasons. None of which we will discuss here. She called her daughter to come and get her without his knowledge because she was afraid to confront him on her own. She is an elderly frail woman who was afraid to live there with him any longer. You really don't know what you are talking about. Who lives with their mother at age 50 and lives off of her. She paid his bills for 4 years and he drove her car and paid the insurance and gas. She paid all the bills and he took money from her. She left because of that, not because of Don's sister. If there is anything to say about the sister it is this: She is one of the most responsible caring people you will ever meet and she took her mother out of a dangerous and volatile situation. She had to get her out by her mother's own wishes. The mother does not want to go back and should not go back ever!!!!! Don needs to take care of himself and not live off of his 70 year old mother!!!!!!! You don't know any of the things that happened to his mom in the last 4 years and the family is very thankful that his mother is out of his control!!!!

Reply to Comment

Reply to comment written above. I am the sister that took her Mom out of an unsafe environment and definately was not a selfish action. My Mom changed the locks & put her home on the market & I am supporting & taking care of her. Sometimes you may not always know the truth about a situation & it is better to keep your comments to yourself.

prayer and solice for Mom..

The stand off,news coverage and candid comments about Don..... I pray for the peace in mind and spirit of Mom. was it four years ago that a son,down on his luck maybe with demons at the door. Was sheltered by the very woman that brought him in to this miserable world? Who sheltered and supported him with the hope that all he needed was another start. Someone who gave her all, phyisically, mentally and financualy. But when all was gone he could not be satisfied. Reality can be harsh when a mother finds that a sons demons have no maternal bonds. No love. Only pain. I shall pray for you mother. For your son.

I am a relative of Don. I

I am a relative of Don. I know for a fact that his mother is better off now then she was with him. Maybe you should not judge people and their family unless you know the entire story.