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Sheriff's detective says former cop was treated differently because of gender

READ MORE: Sheriff's detective says former cop was treated differently because of gender

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- In Brunswick County it was day three of a former police officer's trial against the Town of Holden Beach. The ex-cop says she was discriminated against and fired because of her gender.

Terri Oxford was interim chief of the Holden Beach Police Department for five months in 2002 and 2003. Five years later she was fired. She says it was because she's a woman.

Brunswick County detective Jayne Todd took the stand today. She worked closely with Oxford. Todd said most officers wake up in the morning, pin their badge on their shirt, go to work and get a paycheck. But Oxford, Todd said, pins her badge on her heart and goes to work with passion and love. Todd described oxford as meticulous, organized and careful handling evidence. She said more so than most officers. During testimony Wednesday she said she believed Oxford's gender caused her to be treated differently than other officers within the department.

The defense did not have much of an opportunity today to question Det. Todd, but attorney Norwood Blanchard noted another officer, a man, was fired from the Holden Beach Police Department. Oxford says that officer was fired because he supported her.

Brunswick County Lieutenant Charlie Wilson is expected to testify tomorrow.

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At this stage

it's all about money. While I hav not been paying too much attention to the indepth analysis of testimony, from the summary each evening on the news, I am amazed the County's insurance carrier has not tried to nip it in the bud with a cash settlment. But maybe the issue is the % of the pie which her attorney will take.

That will continue to be a problem as long as law schools continue graduating so many wanna be vampires.

at this stage

To SurfCity Tom. I agree you have not been paying too much attention. The case is against The Town of Holden Beach, not the county.

My Mother's Testimony

This woman, Jayne Todd, gave birth to me and has taken care of me and been my mother for twenty-three years. She has worked hard and to the best of her ability in an environment where corruption and office politics are a major facet of daily life. My mom is a woman who cares about the victims that come to her for help. She has seen victims of rape and abuse, victims of heinous crimes that no man or woman should have to suffer through, and she has done everything in her power to help them find justice. She's seen elderly citizens who have been robbed and taken advantage of, and she has worked to help them get back what they lost, including a sense of security. She's come home at the end of work some days and cried because she felt for these people and wanted to do everything in her power to help them.

My mother is an honest, hardworking woman. The nicest woman I have ever had the privilege of knowing. My mother is not a liar and not the type of woman who would perjure herself. I'd like to know if you even know her personally? Do you know any of the officers that work for Brunswick county personally? If you don't, then you have no call to judge them as liars.

I am proud to be my mother's daughter and not ashamed of my identity. I don't need to hide my opinion behind the tag of "Guest". My mother always taught me to stand up for what I believe in, and I am doing just that, right here. I believe in her. You should to, because she fights hard and sacrifices a great deal to protect and serve her fellow citizens.

im also proud to say i know

im also proud to say i know her.... and her duaghter... and i consider them to be close personal friends and will confidently stand by them...

Jayne Todd

Are we seriously interested in what Jayne Todd has to say? This smells greatly of a woman scorned! How is it that in the two years that this boon-doggle has been happening that nothing until this point has been said by Jayne Todd. I think that all of the folks that supposedly are now retracting their statements and blaming what they have said and written on the former Sheriff is the worst signs of being a coward. How do these people wake up and look at themselves wach morning without a self-loathing is a mystery to all of us.

It is certainly easy now to blame all of your own shortcomings and lies on the former Sherrif. It is of my personal opinion that these "people" that are currently testifying or have testified are the lowest form of human waste. If my children were to perjure themselves the way each of these people are doing they would have a come to Jesus meeting and spanked. These are the idiots and liars we trust to keep us safe in our lives and now all of a sudden Ronald Hewitt made us do it. How many lies and how much garbage are we expected to take from each of these liars?


I have listened to the audio of Ms. Todd's testimony and didn't hear Shreiff Hewett's name a single time. As a matter of record isn't is true that Ms. Todd has been a friend of Justin's since he was in High School? Isn't it true that she was a friend of Ronald's before he ever became Sheriff? Did they not graduate from High School together? If Sheriff Hewett did wrong, which he was convicted of doing, he has paid the price by going to jail. And now isn't it true that as a deputy she isn't allowed to have a personal and social contact with a convicted felon? If Sheriff Hewett's actions affected anyone in another department they should be allowed to testify to that fact without being called a liar. Were you present when any of this took place? I have known Ms. Todd for many years and have always found her to be truthful, honest, hardworking, dependable and an asset to the Sheriff's Department. If you feel so highly of Ronald why do you think he would have hired so many idiots and liars (your words not mine) and kept them on the payroll for so many years? How many more years are women going to be treated as subsurvient doormats by men before our court system brings justice to the females. Perhaps you were there, perhaps you participated in the injustices some officers have experienced, perhaps you are one of the "good old boy" club. Have you been in the courtroom every day listening to all the testimony? Are you going to take the stand against Terri? If not, then why not? You sound like you know more than anyone else so you should testify about the lies those testifying are telling. You sure sound like you have "insider" information so maybe you'd like to share it with the rest of us.

Re: Terri insider information. What I have is common sense which is something you seem to lack in your argument.

Again, not a part of any club other than the common sense club. Sorry, you obviously can not be a member! It is amazing that when those of us feel offended that ignorant remarks such as yours appear. They appear because you have no valid arguments to make on your own self worth. They are made to detract away from the conversation and or argument at hand.

Try being objective and open your mind to the fact that your opinion may not be the only one that has merit and or value. I simply stated that it is easy to change your testimony 2 years later to adapt or adjust to Terri's statement. If I ruffled your feathers then maybe you should stop reading my opinion. You are no more wrong for saying what you feel about Terri or the Chief or whomever for this matter, but when you try and make this personal because you lack integrity and have no other valid opinion or arguments that is plain sad.

I do not believe until recently anyone has read anything from me stating ignorant quips about the good ole boys club or any other silly comments that has nothing to do with the trial at hand.

If you feel threatned by open and honest debate then maybe you should not debate. I am entitled, just as anyone else, to state my opinion. The beautiful thing here is that if you do not like my opinion then you do not have to respond and if you do respond, respond intelligently. The silly quips about the good ole boy club and insider information is a lack of something intelligent to say. Again, just my opinion.

Common sense

No, Thank God I don't qualify for membership in your "common sense club". I am blessed. And why would I argue on my own self worth? That has absolutely nothing to do with the testimony given in this case or you. The most important thing in this case is what happened, who is telling the truth and who has the evidence to back up their case. If anyone has proof that anyone testifying is lying then that person should come forth with that evidence and charges of purgery should be filed. Nothing you have said ruffled my feathers, I'm not a chicken, then maybe I'm not edge u mi cated enough to know the difference. I'm too ignorant to attend school, was kicked out in first grade for being too old to attend. I'm open minded enough to wait to hear the whole story to voice an opinion. You are correct when you say you have a right to your opinion and likewise if you do not like mine you do not have to respond or read it. If there was a debate here then I would debate with the best of you. What I have seen so far is accusations of lying on the witness stand with no proof to back up the accusations. Show us your proof that any of those who have testified has lied. And just for your information I am retired and have had many years working with governmental officials.

Re: Common Sense

Whether you were kicked out of the first grade or not is irrevalent. Again, ignorant remarks like this has no place in a civilized conversation which you are obviously not capable of handling because you feeling are hurt.

Your remarks about waiting for all the facts is a complete distortion of the truth. You have not waited until all the facts are in. You have pretty much written off the government officials as liars. The way your comments read everyone but Terri and her croonies are lying. Where is your sense of fair play now? Seems as long as you can make this one sided that it is fair in your eyes.

Again, being retired or not has no basis for conversation, at least not in this conversation. I am sure that since you have all of these years of experience working with government officials you are capable of being fair, open-minded, and waiting with baited breath to hear all sides such as you have been here.

Being cynical is not what I would call being open for debate and conversation. Just for your can be highly educated and be void of commen sense. You can be highly educated and completely ignorant or you can be highly educated and ignorant and void of common sense.


"common sense" "common" i can think of no better word to describe you beachbum.... "common" intellect.. "common" courage, as your plenty out spoken typing on your keyboard but when the chips are down you'll be found fetal and your diaper moist... leaving us all to wonder who exactly are you, what kind of person are you. your no good citizen or some genius as youve been trying to convince us all.. your barely grade school material as far as your ability to look up words and barely thread together a thought that convays your single minded thought process, your attaking someone for standing up for what she beleives in as if virtually muddying her name could compare to putting your career on the line to testify in a court of law... do you know jJayne Todd personally... i do... i find it hard to believe she would lie on the stand considering the job she chose, which as you may or may not realise with your "common" reasoning is to represent the law to her fullest... and as long as ive known her that is exactly what shes done.. do you even know what ignorant means.. you should look it up becuase im sure youll find that you and it have a "common" definition......

Subservient Female?

Ok, here we go. Here is another "female" being made to feel subservient in a male dominated world. Why don't you people give it a rest? Just do the job and quit trying to blame all the men in the world if you have problems in the work place. Nothing about the comment from Beachbum says "good old boys", it says that people are fed up with people like Terri Oxford who crys sexual discrimination when she was fired for violating town policies. As for Jayne, how interesting that she has felt discriminated against but has done nothing about it. Will we see her filing a lawsuit next? If not, why not? By the way, I am a female and I, too, am sick of people like you, Terri and Jayne giving all the rest of the hard working dedicated females in this world a bad name.

here we go again

Just where in my comment did I indicate Jayne felt discriminated against in her job? Reread my comment. I don't know what goes on in the Sheriff's office and don't really don't care. If she feels threatened I believe she is intelligent enough to discuss it with the Sheriff or go through the chain of command until she reached the Sheriff. Did Ms. Oxford cry sexual discrimination? Is that what the newspaper say? I have neither read or heard the word "sexual" in any of the reports so far. And who has blamed "all the men in the world" for women having trouble in the workplace? I blame only those who are guilty. I'm sorry you are sick of people like me for giving the rest of the hard working females a bad name, you'll just have to "get over it" as my greatgrand daughter says. And no, I don't feel subsurient in a male dominated world. I have worked with some of the finest men that ever lived, been treated with respect, diginity, and as an equal. The fact remains no one outside any department knows all that goes on within that department. Unless you are there you have only one side of the story.

Where did you hear the

Where did you hear the testimony? I would like to hear it also...

If Terri Oxford was such a

If Terri Oxford was such a wonderful dedicated officer, why wasn't she offered the job of Chief of Police after 5 months of doing the job? Obviously, she didn't do such a great job after all. I think Terri Oxford's real problem is that she wasn't offered the position of Chief, that the job went to someone else in another state. Terri Oxford is in the position of being the only female working for the department, so no wonder she's using the sexual discrimination card to her advantage. Has anyone stopped to wonder why Chief Layne would wait 5 YEARS to fire her if his only motivation for doing so is because she's a female? It seems to me that it's his job, the same job that Miss Oxford wanted, to hire and fire whomever he sees fit and Miss Oxford obviously fell short.

Well rehearsed Jayne! How

Well rehearsed Jayne! How long did it take to memorize all those pat answers?

Jayne Todd

I have known Jayne Todd all her life and I do not believe she would tell a lie of any kind or for anyone on the stand in court. Just get over it. I am proud of her expertise in law enforcement and how she conducts herself as a lady and an officer of the BCSD. She is very compassionate about her job and about the people of Brunswick County, her family and her fiends of which she has many. She has investigated and help convict crooks, robbers and other in court that need to be sent away. I am a female and have also been discriminated against because I am a lady that could perform my duties on a job just as well as the man doing the same thing. It is a known fact that women are paid 77% on the dollar and men get the whole $1.00 for the same work. As for Ronald Hewett, ....he has paid his dues...he is paying along with all his family. Let's leave him and his family alone, but pray for him and his family. We are neither male, female, Greek nor Jew, but one day we will all be SONS of God...that is if you are born again and live for Jesus Let's pray for our Sheriff Department,Holden Beach Police Department, and America.



My name is Carla Sands and I

My name is Carla Sands and I am currently suing my ex-employer, Pulaski Police Department and the Chief because I was discriminated against and wrongfully terminated. I had been a patrol officer for almost 20 years when I was terminated but had never received any disciplary action for the first 15 years. It was not until our city government promoted the captain to the position of Chief of Police in 2005, that I suddenly began recieving one reprimand after another for so-called violations that were not in our policy, handbook, or had ever been known to me before. It was obvious the new Chief did not like me because I was the only one receiving this type of treatment and I was the only female in patrol. After every reprimand, the Chief would say the same thing, "you can do yourself a favor and quit now, or face more to come in the future". Then he would act like he was really doing me a favor and say, "if you quit, you can go somewhere else and I will promise to give you a good recommendation and not tell them anything about all the write-ups you have in your personnel file so it would be in your best interest to quit while you still can". Every time I refuse to quit and sure enough, weeks or a month later, BAM another reprimand. After receiving nine in a period of four years, he terminated me because he said the previous write-ups were evidence that I was a liability to the city and my behavior reflected badly upon on the good officers that served in the department. That was the most hurtfull thing that has ever been told to me in all the years I was an officer. What made it even worse was the fact that I had told him after the sixth write-up, almost a year before that I would never do anything that would bring shame upon the department and I always made sure to be aware of my actions, on and off duty so that nothing I did would put the department's integrity at risk. For him to say what he did on the day of my termination was the lowest blow that he could have possibly done to me. I felt as though I had been gutted with a knife. The main reason I am writing to you is because since I was fired in April 09, I have struggled with no being able to find a job, fighting with bouts of depression and my health is deteriating. I despriately need some words of encouragement and just to talk to you about what you went through could make all the difference in the world to me. Please contact me at and I will forward you my phone number or address so that we can correspond. Thanks