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Shooting at Scooter King

A Wilmington man is behind bars tonight after a shooting incident at Wilmington's Scooter King on Third Street. Police say 47-year-old Harold Richardson got in a dispute with employees over money. He became frustrated, pulled out a gun and fired a few rounds. Employees of Scooter King ran and called police. Richardson was arrested on the scene. He is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon, possesion of stolen goods and carrying a concealed weapon.

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ms.mcdonald didnt kill anybody

you people have the nerve to be commenting about 10 years of her living in creekwood when the subject matter is about a human being getting far as i am concerned if you have something to say to ms.mcdonald be women or man enough to discuss it with her.this is a comment box my god its not about her but ignorant people always try to find something wrong in a good person....obviously you all that made comments about her are worried about her...or maybe wanna be her...get your own life and stick to the subject at may have been your child committing the crime behind your back un be knowing to your knowledge....creekwood has came a long way and because of her input,suggestions and asst people are a little more safer and comfortable then before......again stop trying to be holier than thou and come together instead always trying to tear eachother down.......

no she did'nt kill

no she did'nt kill anyboby it was one of her kids that murdered someone... she is no bettter

Are you kidding?

I'll have to say, if you've lived in Creekwood for 10 years, you have to be a glutton for punishment. One to two years is plenty of time to improve your situation. The problem is, people get used to subsidized rent. Having babies they can't afford, and buying some expensive cars. And don't forget the drug problem. The previous post said "or maybe wanna be her...get your own life and stick to the subject". Are you for real. I don't know anyone who would put up with the crime in their neighborhood. But somehow Creekwood has been the same dump for the last 10 years. The WHA is ultimately responsible for this nightmare. Where are the head honchos. Why don't they evict the scammers, and provide security for the residents. Too busy cashing those fat checks. 10 years is ridiculous. That's part of the problem. The city or county needs to step up to the mark and end this faux dependency game.

One of my children did commit a crime behind my back

I made the phone call to the police to have her arrested. How many Creekwood residents would do that? BTW, being arrested put the fear of God into her, and thankfully the victim chose not to press charges as long as she made reimbursement. Those two factors enabled her to graduate in second place from her academy class a few years later, and she is now a deputy sheriff in Florida. Sure, until the day she dies she'll never forget that Dad is one hard-nosed S.O.B., but the incident served to turn her life around... ...and that's what being a parent is all about. Getting them on the right road.

I would have Ms. McDonald in my corner anyday...

Honey, you so upset your comment in on the wrong story. I agree with you Commissioner McDonald is a good lady. Yes, she is a Commissioner on the board of the Wilmington Housing Authority. She is a strong woman handling her business, she stands up for those who are too afraid to stand up and speak for themselves. Ms. McDonald keep your head up and keep up the GOOD work!!!

"You people" meaning...

...those that work for a living and support themselves and don't live off the taxpayers? Yes I "have the nerve" when Ms. McDonald has been living off my tax money for over 10 years now. We have a right to our opinions just as you have. I'd be careful about using the word ignorant after reading YOUR opinion posted in the wrong area. If Ms. McDonald has done so much to keep the residents safer, Why did someone get killed and why isn't she using those skills to get off government assistance after 10 years?

Wrong place

quote "it may have been your child committing the crime behind your back un be knowing to your knowledge". English? NO, it may have been your kid or one of your cousins. My child was raised properly and is a productive member of society. We are all sick of paying the way for lay abouts, (that IS how public housing residents are seen by the public). Get over it. If it bothers you get a real job and move.

You've Got It...

You're right...I want to be just like Ms. McDonald. She is actually PROUD of living in public housing for 10 years? Are you kidding me...wake up. Creekwood has bred low-life, medicaid carrying, drug-dealing thugs for as long as I can remember. I have lived here all of my life and I can remember riding down princess place going to my grandma's house near the airport. I remember locking my doors when we turned down by McDonalds, and then looking at all the whinos at the Zip Mart that used to be at the entrance. My next memory is the police trailer that used to be at the entrance. Come on, everyone knows what Creekwood is about. Get over it, get a job and start supporting yourself. I go to work everyday, and have since I was 15...want to know why? Because my parents did their job and instilled a work ethic in me...sorry, but it ALL STARTS AT HOME. As for Ms. McDonald...the ignorant behavior you display is why people are attacking you...get a real job. Just curious...does she have a real job or is she just the spokesman for the hood??


...just a spokeswoman for the hood. Her children have been arrested numerous times, and when near riot situations break out there, where do the thugs run and hide? Her house. If the police are not in "hot pursuit" they are not allowed to go in without a warrant and guess who does not let them in? You got it, the spokeswoman. How do I know this, you ask? I did police work here for 12 years and retired. Responded to many fights, near riots, shootings, stabbings, etc. The police trailer that was put up years ago, was shot the first night it was there. BellSouth and cable installers are routinely assaulted, pizza places will not deliver there after hours, and EMS and fire ask for an escort when responding to calls. Now, I ask....Is this something you are proud of? Has Creekwood "come a long way"? The answer is no and it is because young people that have not learned hate yet see people like Ms. McDonald sucking the taxpayers and bad-mouthing the police their entire life and see thug life glorified by the residents. It is a cycle and never-ending until the WHA makes it stop by tearing the place down.