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Shooting claims life of Wilmington man

One man is dead after a shooting in Downtown Wilmington this afternoon just blocks away from New Hanover High School and Wilmington Police are on a man-hunt. The shooting happened just before four o'clock this afternoon as students were still leaving school. Detectives are questioning witnesses and still looking to identify the gunman. "I just heard two small pops, kinda like fireworks and I just decided to step outside," Neighborhood resident William Mules said, "I saw two girls in front of my house, and all I heard was: Is he dead?" Wilmington Police have confirmed one man is dead after being shot at 12th and Chestnut Streets, right near New Hanover High School. The incident prompted the school to go on lock-down for just over a half hour. Neighborhood residents say that area has been the site of violent crimes before. "This is one of several murders that has happened within three hundred feet of my own home and we've been complaining about this particular corner for years," Resident Ronald Sparks said. Ronalds Sparks is now running for city council, fed up with crime just like this happening in his own back yard. "We need to do something about it. I'm just disgusted and sick of this," Sparks said. Investigators haven't determined the motive behind the shooting. They did say multiple shots were fired. Some residents say they wouldn't be surprised if the incident was gang related. "I think most likely the gang activity in this area is becoming a little bit alarming considering for the size of this town," William Mules said. Detectives with the Wilmington Police Department say the victim is 23-year-old Wilmington man named Eugene Williams... Anyone with any information about this case should call the Wilmington Police Department at 343-3600.

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Much can change if you really want it too

Much of the youth today seem to have a "I want it, so I deserve it now" mentality so when they see/want that new Cadillac Escalade they turn to the easiest road available to them which for the impoverished is typically drug dealing. We should try to seek out how the mind frame can be changed to, yes you can have that nice car/house/clothes this way, it might take a little longer and be harder but get an education (past high school) and many of these poor people can change their lives and break this bleak impoverished cycle.

The violence will stop when

The violence will stop when City Hall is taken BACK by the citizens and the government is run by the citizens, not by politicians; the police will not be there until City Hall is cleared out of those who are only there to earn a name for themselves and become fully aware, by having to live in these neighborhood areas of the crime and violence; Clean out City Hall and you START to clean up your streets; make the police cheif ACCOUNTABLE to the Citizens, not the politicians

they don't help

I can't wait for them to start bitching about the police not protecting them. Everybody that was a witness scattered like roaches when the police were trying to get statements. Nobody wants to help, only complain.

Notice the title of this

Notice the title of this piece is "shooting claims life..." while the title of the piece on the student that died in a fight was "...student killed in self defense...". Do you think that's subtle, or just plain media bias? Not "shooting kills man" or "student dies in fight"... Read with skepticism...

man killed vs student dies

One was a coverup and one wasn't.

if the cops in wilmington

if the cops in wilmington would start tackling real crime instead of writing tickets to speeders going 32 mph on rogersville road then maybe this wouldn't happen...


How many have you gotten so far

utter refusal

i was there, in my house, on 11th and chestnut, just doors away from the murder. i heard the 5 gunshots- 5, not 2 as reported. they were so loud it sounded as if they were in my living room. i hear gunshots at least once a week in the neighborhood, but i actually said aloud "those can't be shots. it's 3:45 in the afternoon. that has to be coming from the coca-cola plant or the garage around the corner. it can't be shots." then the sirens started. and continued for nearly 30 mins. i got up and let my dogs outside. i opened the door to a murder scene. there was yellow tape and uniformed people everywhere. there was a bicycle lying in the middle of the road and people crying. there was a huge atenna sticking up as far as i could see from the news van parked in front of my house. and a man was dead. shot multiple times on a street where kids were walking. a street where crack deals occur every minute and the police know yet are rarely there. the blocks of 11th and chestnut and 11th and grace rival Creekwood and Rankin streets as the most dangerous in Wilmington. and i got home last night and there was not one officer in sight- some man-hunt. and i went to work this morning and i saw the same dealers walking around but, again, no police. i was born and raised in this city and i refuse to allow it to degrade in this way. i call 911 a couple of times a month, every time i hear a gunshot or see a drug deal on my street. i urge each and every one of you to do the same- let our elected officials know we are not going to sit idly by while our city goes to hell. don't let another person die because you are too scared to have a voice.

Poor Poor Citizen,,,,

Pay all that tax money and after its all over, later on in the day, no Police are to be found. Did it even cross your mind that maybe the suspect had left the area as reported by every major news outlet in this town. Why would the police, as inept as you make them out to be , just stand around in your front yard while the real killer got away (and no it was'nt OJ, he was to busy robbing people in Las Vegas). So you call the Police every week because you live in the hood. But I live in a nearly nice area and the police have to come out here as well. I just dont classify myself as a victim. Get over yourself. This shooting had nothing to do with us law abiding citizens (me and you) and everything to do with wanting to act like little thug gangbangers. Blame who you want but I know who is at fault. You can start with the parents.

What is Wilmington coming to?

I agree fully with your statement and your story touched me as to some people's articles some people disgust me how dare you say you can't wait until "they" start complaining and "they" scattered like roaches do you live your life in fear of some one knocking down your door and taking the lives of your loved ones because you told on someone. A lot of people live in fear and yes even sometimes self denial but don't think for a second that there weren't people out there trying to help authorities if the authorities even were listening. It is sometimes dangerous for others to do the right thing it's easy for some one to make that assumption if someone does not have to think twice about risking anothers life.

Murder in Wilmington

Just on more of what has become a typical day in Wilmington!!!!!!

No sir.

No sir. I will not accept that this is a typical anything, anywhere. Every effort should be put into this incident and the ongoing violent crime wave in Wilmington, NC.