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Shortage in nursing field

Recruiting efforts are underway locally aimed at middle and high school students. In 2006, the UNC-Wilmington School of Nursing developed Camp Brigade of Nurse Exploring Seahawks – Camp BONES for short. The camp is two weeks during the summer and allows the students to shadow nurses at work. This year 33 local students are involved in the camp, and this week they are at New Hanover Regional Medical Center learning about nursing and career possibilities. Hoggard High School freshman Andrea Age said, "I want to be a cardiologist, at least that's what I was thinking. Now, I may want to be a nurse practitioner or a labor nurse." That is just the reaction camp counselors are hoping for. For more information call the School of Nursing at UNCW at 910-962-3784.

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I have been a RN four years and I am already in burnout. I work night shift at a surrounding hospital (wish not to list). We are so short staffed that we are scheduled 48hours per week but can work more if we wish. We only have 10 night shift nurses. The nurses that have left within the last year have not been replaced. If we ask about hiring us some help, we are always told noone is applying. I never see an advertisement for this facility. Of course noone is going to apply if you never advertise and word of mouth can only do so much. Our ratio is 6:1 so that's not a problem. I continue to work at this hospital because it's only 12 miles from my home and with gas prices I don't want the drive. I would encourage anyone not to stop with RN but to continue their education towards a nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist.

The wonderful thing about America

In this country, no one is compelled to remain in a job that makes them unhappy. All of you RNs that are so unhappy at NHRMC can move on down the road and find a horse that your saddle fits. If you're overworked, underpaid, treated with no respect, and everything else I've read here....well....why put up with it? Meanwhile, it's REALLY disloyal and hypocritical to badmouth the organization that's putting food on your table. Wait until you walk out the door before you start badmouthing your employer.


I wish I went to nursing school. Instead I became a Paramedic. I love doing what I do, but the long hours and low pay in this area is terrible. Staffing shortages are causing Ambulances to be out of service. RN's make way more money than any Paramedic. New RN grads make more that a Paramedic with 10 years of service. What a Shame.

RN's vs. Paramedics

Why not explore the idea of switching from a paramedic to an RN? E.g: What would it take (in training, courses, and so on) to get on the RN ladder? You already have so much knowledge as a paramedic and, for sure, that would look GREAT on a resume, wouldn't it? As Randy Pausch said: "Break down the brick walls"! GO FOR IT! 'Cos no-one else can!

RN and EMT-P

Some years back, NC rules changed to allow Paramedics to work in Non Traditional practice settings-IE ED's, Offices, etc. This in theory would take some of the load off RN's. In some places around NC, this is working. Some ED's now have Paramedics working in the hospital, esp. the ER helping reduce the load on RN's etc. However, it is my understanding (I could be wrong) the NC Board of Nursing has been very upset about this and has tried blocking Paramedics from doing what an RN does. Nurses have their place. But I also believe Paramedics have a place in the hospital setting now days. Take a look at the new Paramedic Curriculum. Paramedic is even offered in 4 year degree programs now. So, I believe there are options we could explore to help the nursing shortage problem.

someone better tell the truth

This area is horrible for nursing! I moved here (and yes from up north) only because of my husbands need for better weather. I am appalled at the wages they pay for nursing, the lack of actual benefits and the opportunities for nurses to move up and improve their skills. As much as I love this area I am sorely disappointed in the employment situation in a field that I have wanted to be in since I was a little child. It has made me almost hate a profession that I once loved dearly. If you go to school for nursing better plan on moving out of town, unless you are content with low wages, no opportunity and dealing with ridiculous politics.

hI Are you in the Wilmington

hI Are you in the Wilmington area. We are moving there from Jersey. I am a nurse also and afraid of the pay scale.


Florida has great weather.

I am completly appalled by

I am completly appalled by NHRMCs attempt to make the city of Wilmington think that they are looking hard for nurses to fill the positions available. I am a new nurse and I have applied for over 10 different positions at NHRMC only to be told in an email that I am not experienced enough. The recriutment efforts need to be targeted to those of us who have suffered through nursing school and want to stay in the area to provide healthcare to our neighbors. Please dont fall victim to their plight to make us feel sorry for them, they keep turning all the eager ones down.

Last I heard NHRMC is on a

Last I heard NHRMC is on a hiring freeze for nurses, so how they are complaining of a shortage I don't know. It is also a little known fact that they have a 4% vacancy in the nursing field at the hospital. So again how they are complaining or why I dont know. Maybe someone could explain it to me and everyone else!

NHRMC Nurses

In response to the 4% vacancy on paper that may look good, but in reality positions are getting eliminated increasing the nurse patient ratio 8:1 in the tower and 3:1 in the ICU's. For all of you who are not healthcare workers this is an unsafe patient ratio. Hanover is more worried about the bottom line and financing new facilities that they are unable to afford, rather than patient safety. As an RN in my area in the last 2 months we have lost 40% of the night staff. With the hiring freeze the positions are not being filled when nuses leave making higher nurse patient ratios, OT, and increased employee burnout. I feel that retention is essentially nonexistant and we as nurses are viewed as a replaceable body that comes to work on a daily basis. To all of those out there that are considering nursing as a career I support you. There are those of us like myself that love my patients, bedside nursing, and have a commitment to the profession.

Good luck

They will need it if they plan to be a nurse at New Hanover Hospital. The nurses are treated like crap there by the hospital administration. Brunswick County hospital isn't much better. The nurses in this area need to unionize and that may be coming their way very soon too.

Like Crap? I don't think

Like Crap? I don't think so! The Nurses at NHRMC are treated very well! I work with them everyday. Believe me, Administration takes very good care of all of their employees. They receive all kind of incentives and education. They are well taken care of at New Hanover and Cape Fear. I work at NHRMC and I do not hear anyone complaining!

J Lo in fantasy land

You must work for HR or administration because if you were a nurse, you would hear alot of complaining. The nurses are not going to talk openly around an outsider. No one in administration really cares about what the nurses think or they wouldn't dump on them so much. As one nurse manager was heard saying to an RN,(before she was moved to another floor and given a bonus), there are nurses graduating every day that can replace you and everyone on this floor. # north is the meat grinder.

Like crap!

You must not be an RN. Nurses at NHRMC are now doing the jobs of the CNA's, unit clerks and phlebotomists on the night shifts. Working with them and being one of them is not the same. Cruise up to the tower and check out the moral and turnover rate over the last 18 months.


You all should run over to the Wilmington Star website and access the detailed accounts (on the forums) of a story they are working on of this subject. Nurses over there do not feel the same as the admin at the hospital. There are several nurses afraid to even fill out surveys, for fear of losing jobs they can't afford to lose. I am not sure there are plenty of nurses there that are not overworked and feel they are underpaid. 8 to 1 ratio is not a good one. But I do hear the admin staff gets NICE bonuses for the hard work the nurses do.

nurse at NH and survey

Why would anyone at New Hanover be afraid of a survey they are secret, know one is aware of who fills them out and who doesn't I also work at New Hanover and I can tell you the ones who complain are not in nursing for the care of people they are thinking only of money and they really don't need to be in the field were you take care of people, we are offered many benefits, education, employee assistants, and the pay rate is very good here, I really don't think people realize when they apply that New Hanover gets over 65000 resume a year and that is quite a lot and everyone can not get an interview.