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Should Lincoln Elementary students wear uniforms?

A Brunswick County school is trying to sharpen its image. Next week, the Brunswick County school board will talk about whether Lincoln students should wear uniforms. "With me in the morning, I have to get dressed, eat breakfast, then have to go to school, but it takes a while to pick out clothes,” said fourth grader Christina Gabrielle Johnson. Sounds like a lot of work, but that's not why Lincoln Elementary wants their students to wear uniforms; they're trying to boost the school's image. "Pride about going to school, and being at a school dressed in uniforms, and looking neat and ready for the day,” said Manie Brown, the Lincoln PTA president. Lincoln is one of the most diverse campuses in Brunswick County with a large population of minority and disadvantaged students. School officials hope uniforms will help create an equal playing field by not singling students out, for not having the means to buy the latest fashion trends. "The children would not feel intimated or lack, because they are not wearing the same type shirt or hoodie that another child is wearing,” Brown said. “They won't go home asking mom about Hannah Montana, or the shirts the boys wear with the Spiderman ones with the lights on them." In a preliminary poll by the school board, 73 percent of parents think uniforms are a good idea. They said uniforms are cost effective and would eliminate the morning outfit struggle. The students on the other hand…"They don't really want to wear them, because they think they look weird and stuff, but I think after they see them, they'll probably change their minds,” Christina hypothesized. Parents are welcome to attend the school board meeting next Tuesday to ask any questions about the uniform policy.

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Not so bad...

My son attends a public high school in New Hanover county which requires uniforms. It is not a uniform in which everyone "looks alike". They are required to wear either khaki, black or navy slacks with either a navy, white of black polo shirt which displays the school emblem. They are also required to tuck in their shirts and wear belts. It is an attempt to create a more professional, business-like environment in which to prepare these kids for the "real world". I really don't see it as a bad thing. I do understand the concerns of the general public, but I also believe that it assists in the more positive self-image of the students. Friday is a more casual day in which the students are allowed to wear jeans. It also makes for an easier morning. I just don't see where this has anything to do with "Socialism".

All For It!

I think it is a great idea. Uniforms should be policcy at all Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender co. schools K-12th grade. I am so sick of seeing boys with their pants hanging down below their boxers and girls with clothes on that are too revealing. School is the place to learn, not for fashion!!!!!

And the march towards

And the march towards socialism continues. Lets kill individuality and train everybody to be happy with the abolishment of the 1st amendment. Its all poppy cock

Re: Individually

I guess now a-days children cannot express there individually by getting great grades, having positive involvement in school, volunteering in the community, being involved with church. They can only express themselves by their clothes. Please give teenagers/children more credit than that!! You attitude is very antiquated and outdated. It is the same tired augment that people have been using for years; maybe you need your clothes to better express yourself. On a side note who uses the express poppy cock anymore.

Uniforms at Lincoln Elementary

Absolutely not! Uniforms may be OK for military purposes, but not in educational environments. They block creativity and reinforce socialistic attitudes. Children in Socialist and Communist countries wear uniforms as a requirement of the government control in those countries. While it appears the U.S. is heading in that direction at this time, true Americans should resist this type of behavior to the greatest extent possible. Freedom of choice is still basically an American right unless we give it up!


in public schools have been wearing uniforms for 100's of years....children don't HAVE CHOICE...they just need to go to school and get a good education...if everyone wearing the same outfit fosters better attention and learning..which it DOES...I am all for it...and this coming from a slightly to the right Republican!

Another step toward

Another step toward Socialism it is. I believe in dress codes, but not everyone looking the same. I guess when students have to have their social security number tattooed on their forehaed, some of these dim-witted parents will wake up.....well, maybe not even then. Most would probably go along with that, too.

You really sound crazy!

You really sound crazy! Have you even seen how some of these kids are dressing these days! They are in school for an education not to walk around with everything hanging out! I blame the parents for this. People should care more about how their children represent themselves. Pants with belts on under the behind should not be acceptable. Girls should not have mini-skirts on so short that they cannot even bend down to pick up a book. I don't want my daughter to have to see asses when she is trying to get her education. Drive down Market Street at lunch time in front of NHHS and you will see for yourself. It has nothing to do with "Socialism"!

I don't know what grade your

I don't know what grade your daughter is in, but if she is in high school, you can bet she has seen more than asses. There SHOULD be a dress code. Schools should have a list of what is acceptable and what is not, but to limit students to a certain type of clothing and colors, takes away their individuality and if this is not a step toward socialism, where the government dictates what you can and cannot do, I would like to know what is.

LOL guys should be MORE concerned with what is being TAUGHT in schools and not be as worried about what they are wearing. I personally went to a private school that had a dress DIDN'T turn me into a socialist, it DIDN'T kill my individuality and it DIDN'T kill my creativity. If the thought of socialism scares really need to see what is being TAUGHT in school about our government and's basically watered down dribble. OH and fear the MESSIAH spending money so hard we won't have a CHOICE.