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Shuler wants restrictions on in-flight movies


RALEIGH (AP) -- North Carolina Congressman Heath Shuler says he's worried about the captive audiences on airliners when movies are shown in the cabin.

The Democrat will offer legislation today that calls for commercial airlines to create sections on the planes where children will not be exposed to violent movies.

Shuler says it's hard for parents to tell young children not to look to at the screen.

The Family Friendly Flights Act calls for sections on commercial flights where there would not be any viewable movie screens. Shuler says the bill would allow airlines to continue showing the movies they choose on screens in other sections, as well as on individual screens.

David Castelveter with the Air Transport Association says it's up to airlines to decide which movies to show.

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screwed up

THIS is why our state is so screwed along with our country. These morons who get voted in are using our tax dollars to push STUPID ideas that have NOTHING to do with helping this country. How does HE think he can control what we watch when we are not even in/over this country any more? He should be worried about mechanical maintenance, better idea wouldn't you think? I guess one of his or his cronies little grandkids saw a violent movie and the Mommy complained so he leaped into action. I personally do not want to watch Disney movies for 8 hours when I travel overseas. Next it will be NO alcohol for all you folks that drink...Oh my, the children may see.

How about an area where we are protected from children?

Nothing makes a flight more miserable than someone's snot nosed brat kicking the back of your seat.

Oh good

Great, yet another way the government knows what is best for me and my family.

You expected him..... come up with some meaningful legislation? You want Congress to concentrate on Medicare going bust, Social Security going bust, or the federal government exceeding it's Constitutional authority increasingly, on a daily basis? Who the heck will investigate steroid use in baseball, the NFL retirement package, and the price of oil (for the 795th time) if they spend their time working on the REAL issues we elected them to address?