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Shuttle from Monkey Junction to Carolina Beach

READ MORE: Shuttle from Monkey Junction to Carolina Beach
Starting Thursday, there may be a new bus line in town, unless county public transport authorities have anything to say about it. The privately owned Carolina Beach Shuttle will provide service from Monkey Junction to Carolina Beach. It will be open Thursday through Sunday between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. The assistant director of Wave Transit told NewsChannel Three that Wave's lawyers are looking into any conflicts of interest with their service. If it does, shuttle owner Bethany Golden may be forced to close down. "Well they've never came to Carolina Beach as far as I know. And I don't think it's fair for the citizens out here in Carolina Beach to be left out of some kind of transportation other than taxi," said Golden. Wave does have plans to expand to Carolina Beach, but no money to pay for it. Golden said she is coordinating with Wave to make it easy for people to ride Wave to Monkey Junction, then hop on the shuttle to the beach.

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Not for me......

....but why fight this private non tax payer, non subsidized enterprise. I probably would not use this service but if this group can pull this off with the amount gas cost's today we should all take a closer look at how WAVE (high cost, no profit) does thier business. They would have been better to keep thier mouth's shut. Now everyone is watching. Just another example of WAVE's bad business decisions.


Maybe WAVE has too many do-nothing managers and not enough of the people who actually make money for the company.

bus shuttle

i live within walking distance to the snows cut bridge on the wilmington side. this has been a long time coming. i applaud this lady for providing a much needed service to the citizens of this county who want/need a ride from monkey junction to the beach. if she gets shut down, she should contact an attorney who practices law within NC but out of wilmington to fight this.

Its about time

Carolina Beach has historically been comprised of an eclictic group of people from all levels of economic standing. For years many who were without any means of transportation were unable to obtain, meaningful employment, proper medical and dental care, were unable to present themselves for court matters and were basically cut off from the rest of New Hanover County for whatever their needs. With access to any kind of shuttle/bus service, be it private or public transportation,it could change the course of people lives. GO BETHANY!!!!!

New Hanover Government is

New Hanover Government is such a joke. Let this lady run her business since she will more than likely have much more success than WAVE ever had, what a joke.


is healthy. Why penalize this lady for trying to provide a service that is needed. NH County doesn't have the money to fund this route given that WAVE Transit is a fiasco. Look at the ridership numbers once the routes were changed. Obviously, little, if any, thought went into the route changes. Total ridership is down, expenses are up.


The money is there it is just going into someone else's pocket.

Typical county government tyranny

"Wave does have plans to expand to Carolina Beach, but no money to pay for it." In other words, we can't provide the service, but neither can you. Well here's an idea - if WAVE can't do it, WAVE needs to shut up! Obviously they're worried that this woman may be able to operate without a massive taxpayer subsidy, exposing WAVE for the bottomless money-pit it is. I say let the woman try to make a go of it with her shuttle. If she can pull it off, maybe we could bring her in to run a privatized WAVE that paid for itself.

As usual...

you're totally on point with your comment. To think that private enterprise can do what a "gubment" one can't...who'd a "thunk" it! Can't you see Caster and his cast of commissioning cadre' admit that a privately-run business operates more efficiently AND at a profit than one he and his band of cronies can't! "But wait" says Caster, "We'll throw more taxpayer money in the bottomless pit. THAT will make it better!"

But if you can't have competition..

Isn't that just a monopoly when you can actually shut down competitors?


I always throught that a county or town "goverment was supose to like after us...but well i guess thats a thing of the past..the taxes when up why because they made a mistake so the people get a chance to get the on thing free to us the ocean "wave have been saying they had to cut becasuse of gas prices so why are they saying anything leave the lady a long.. but again its all bout our goven people onle thinking about them self