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Six jailed after Bladen County drug bust

READ MORE: Six jailed after Bladen County drug bust
BLADEN COUNTY -- Six people spent the holiday weekend behind bars after a large drug bust in Bladen County Thursday night. Investigators found more than 20 pounds of cocaine on the suspects, which has a street value of more than $1 million. Bladen County Sheriff Steve Bunn said, "In my 30 years this is the biggest cocaine seizure Bladen County has been involved in. We're just tickled to death we got it off the street." The six men charged with bringing the cocaine into the area were arrested Thursday night in Bladen County, but investigators say they sold the drugs to people all over southeast North Carolina. Columbus County Sheriff Chris Batten said, "We're not sure about the MO about bringing the drugs in here, but we do know that the cocaine was distributed widely." Along with cocaine investigators from Bladen, Columbus and New Hanover County also seized numerous cars, four-wheelers and a tractor from the suspects, which will be sold by authorities to benefit the community. "Those funds, a percentage can be turned back over to the counties for extra purposes rather than budgetary items," Batten said. Batten says the huge bust is likely to reduce the amount of crime in the area because of the large amount of crime bred by drugs. It's also likely to save a number of lives. "We've hurt a lot of people on the street who were expecting to have these drugs out there and accessible to them over this Easter holiday weekend -- and we're just happy it's in our possession and not going to hurt any young people or ruin and lives this Easter weekend," Batten said. Batten says his detectives are also looking into whether the men were in the country illegally. Most of the suspects are in jail on more than $1 million bond.

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If you're here illegally and commit a crime, you go to jail and then you get deported. For the others who are here and are good "citizens", I say thank you. "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free - I lift my lamp beside the golden door." That's on a plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty and I believe in everything it says. Welcome one and all who are trying to better themselves and their family. With the door absolutely slammed shut to Latinos to come legally, if I lived down there I'd come any way I could, and you would, too. What's the problem? With 5% unemployment, everyone who wants a job has one. The illegals aren't stealing jobs from Americans, and many do pay taxes and improve our country. Get off their backs - their life is hard enough as it is.



Not to do with racisim

I don't think this has anything to do with race. Geez people, in 10-12 years we won't have any SS left for us hard working tax payers. I have met alot of hispanics and some are honest hard working people, and then there are those who don't pay a dime. However, I worked with a lady who made decent money with me, her husband was a construction worker, made really good money and they got medicade, free housing, and food stamps. Personally, the americans are paying taxes to support the illegals who aren't, not to mention the fact that the government is giving our money to them. Race is only an issue to those who constantly bring it give it a rest people.


I have to wonder when I see that new Cadillac Escalade and the new John Deere tractor just how they paid for them??? I doubt they have checking accounts so did they just pay CASH? How can someone pay 30-40+ thousand cash and not get noticed? Is that not checked out? I saw a young Mexican girl at the store last week. She was maybe 25, she barely spoke English to the checkout lady and in the parking lot she was driving a brand new 50,000$ Mercedes.


Well they come here to make a better life but the goverment is taking all that away so what to do to make money .I am not saying its right but its a way for money ..Its not in just hispanic its in all race .Why put any nationalty down for what happened ..What if it was afercian or white then what would of been said .well at least they are off the streets now but they are human like everyone eles .If the goverment is taking jobs away from hispanics what they want them to do .Only deport the ones who make the trouble and not the ones here taking care of there family .and doing good things .I am glad they are off the streets there to many kids that can get in to that stuff and then go down steps

Our jobs

How about the jobs that they are taking from the US citizens!!! There are so many illegal immigrants from all over the world, but in this area its mostly hispanics, who come to the US and work for much less, dont pay taxes and send the money back home. I wonder if this has a small part to do with the failing economy. If you want to come here to make a better life do it legally and learn the language!!! I could go on for days about this.

I think the waiting list is

I think the waiting list is around 7 years to come here legally. If I had to live on a dirt floor making pennies a day and had to support my family, and someone offered to take me somewhere else where I could make good money to send back home..I believe I would be trying to do the same thing. We need to come up with something better than "DEPORT, DEPORT". We really need to stop looking at this as a race and color issue. As for the comment about the boat..I'm willing to bet they didn't come here on a boat. At least not one like the majority of our ancestors did.

It's NOT a "race and color issue"

It's an issue of breaking the law, and a government that cannot manage who is crossing its borders, coming and going at will. It's a matter of non-US citizens receiving benefits that should be reserved for Amerticans, costing us billions. Do we need them? Of course! We're addicted to their cheap labor. But do we need them in the number we have? Do we have to go broke caring for them? A plan that could work: * Three year work visas, capped at the number the US DOL thinks we need (revised annually) * One extension available. After that, you have become a citizen or you go home for good. * The ones that are already here can even apply by mail. (Subject to the cap - no more visas left? Adios, amigo!) For others, we establish consulates every one-hundred miles along the Mexican border. They apply and wait. * While here, they rate NOTHING beyond emergency, life saving medical care. * Amend the Constitution such that you are a citizen if born here AND both parents are here legally. * Caught in the US without a visa? Three years in prison, THEN deported. (That will preclude them sending money home, and they'll flee like lemmings. No fancy prisons, either - camp towns, such as we interred the Japanese in during WW the middle of the desert, surrounded by armed guards and high barbed-wire fences.) BTW, it's estimated that there are 100k illegal Irsih immigrants in the Boston to DC corridor. They need to be treated exactly the same. Another poster made an accurate comparison to the movie "Utopia." We need much of the cheap labor these people provide, but by not managing and controlling who comes in, we are witnessing the total destruction of our culture and way of life.


Get informed about the FAIR TAX and then get out there and elect politicians that well put it in legislation. When the illegals find out they are then paying for their own deportations and they can no longer cheat the system, they will simply go home. For all the rest of us, nobody can b*tch about paying unfair taxes anymore.


Your comment reminds me of one of my favorite Laurel and Hardy films, Utopia. The 2 clowns end up allowing anyone on their little utopic island paradise. Utopia ends up being a rat nest to put it politely. Forget the race and color issue, that card is now the Joker in the deck. The ILLEGAL immigration issue has done nothing but harm to all of those except on the top. "If I had to live on a dirt floor making pennies a day and had to support my family" I'd either educate myself, work harder or rise up against a corrupt government. Get Real!


I just noticed that nobody ever comments on the good job that Law Enforcement Agencies does to help get Drugs off the street. So I just wanted to say GREAT JOB GUYS!!!! Keep up the Good Work... Be Safe!!

They did good

They did good taking all six of these people to jail. They did good talking the judge into such a HIGH bond. Are they illegal? I dunno.... Does it matter? Illegal drugs like this.........crippling our youth "type drugs" , are illegal enough to give KUDOS to whomever decided to take these punks down.

six jailed

If those six guys get sent back with in a weeks time they will be right back over here doing the same crimes again and maybe even worse next time. Best thing to do is to make sure that the government takes them and takes care of this problem what ever it may be that has to be done to stop them from coming over here.

But They're Our Friends

But, but, but, (whine and snivel) these workers are helping us. They are helping our economy. Haven't you heard the man on the TV set say that? We need to give them all legal status! In reality, if we were only told the real truth about just how much black market activities are taking place on our southern border, we would all be shocked. Could anyone please give me an answer as to why anyone would ever think that open boarders and/or amnesty is a good thing?

They will get it all

They will get the FREE legal aid, they are getting room and board right now. And if they have to bus any where they won't have to worry about GAS prices.... put, them back on the boat that brought them over here. Enough is Enough

Six Jailed

What a shame and disgrace. Let's see, I bet they are all illegal immigrants, right? Deport, Deport, Deport. My god when are we ever, excuse me, when is our Government ever going to learn? Oh, that's right they aren't.

They have been allowed... come over here ILLEGALLY and have their way for far too long now. Politicians and corporations are pandering to the illegals for votes and dollars and the "bleeding hearts" don't have the "cojones" to speak out against them. America will not fail and we won't starve if they all go back home. If law enforcement would enforce the first law broken by these people, they wouldn't have to deal with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th... I support legal immigration but I just have no patience or respect for the ones here ILLEGALLY. Stop employing them and pandering to them. No shirt, no shoes, no English, no service.

Where do you get that LEO

Where do you get that LEO aren't enforcing the laws??? It's not up to LEO to export illegals back to where they belong. LEO arrest them, put them in jail, and the jucial office lets them out. We have a huge problem will illegals and something needs to be done about it. On a side note, I didn't read anywhere that said these guys were illegals


Isnt ICE a law enforcement agency? And on a side note, you willing to bet they arent illegals?

I have no doubts, BUT

No, it wouldn't surprise me if they were illegals. But you can't blame local LEO. ICE is a federal LE organization. Local agencies put these guys in jail all the time, but if ICE isn't going to export, which 90% of the time they won't, there is nothing local agencies can do about it. Personally, I think EVERY illegal that is caught she be deported, and without hesitation. It's not like they are paying (thru taxes) to house themselves

why are you being so racist?

why are you being so racist?

Your Funny

Your funny. I hope you never have to witness true racism like I have.

OH yeah

If you stayed in school you would have said YOU ARE FUNNY. Silly boy, go back to school. Stop making us look like fools.... we are from the south,...... So go back to school and get what you have coming to you. Thanks, in advance.