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Six New Hanover County schools switch to uniforms

READ MORE: Six New Hanover County schools switch to uniforms
NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- A number of schools in New Hanover County have started the year off in style -- uniform style that is. The change came after a parent survey showed strong support for school uniforms. Alderman Elementary Principal Julie Schuilwerve said, "Yesterday was the first day and the kids came off the bus or got out of the cars and they looked great." Alderman Elementary is one of six schools in New Hanover County to switch to school uniforms. This year students have to wear a white or navy polo shirt and either khaki or navy colored pants or skirts. The kids have mixed feelings about the new dress code. Fifth-grader Stephens Whitehurst said, "I like it cause then everybody has on the same thing so nobody gets made fun of." Student Tayah Lowery said, "In other ways it's bad because everybody's walking around with basically the same things on." The goal is to make kids less concerned about their wardrobe and more concerned about their schoolwork. Principal Schuilwerve says some parents are still not convinced the uniforms were the way to go. "I do know that there are some parents who feel it takes away from choice and the child's creativity, but we want that creativity to go into the academics and not into the dress." And it seems the kids are still finding creative ways to keep their identity amidst a sea of navy, white and khaki. Teacher Rachel Moser said, "Style is how you carry yourself and your personality." Students aren't the only ones who have to follow a new dress code. Employees at New Hanover County schools also have to follow a new stricter dress code which doesn't allow shorts, tank tops or flip flops. They are also only allowed to wear jeans ten days out of the year that are specified by the school system.

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I would have no problem

I would have no problem following the dress code if they didn't make up new rules on top of the ones written in writing. Like say I am wearing a polo and don't have the buttons buttoned or have no buttons then I get in trouble. Its not like I am showing anything and I have a spaghetti top underneath it anyway. I just think that if they want these changes to be made then they need to add that little detail into the form that was sent home to my parents. I don't understand why we can't wear gray denim pants, a friend of mine whose mom is an SRO was wearing gray pants which are a variation of black, and she had to call her mom and change. I understand that some students before dressed inappropriately but some of the things we can't wear were decent or comfortable like sweatpants.

My kids are fine

My kids wear uniforms to school and I love it. Putting so much weight on clothes alone as a way to express creativity and individuality is petty. They are children, they will find ways to show how special they are without clothes. Going against the rules and saying "I'm not going to abide by this" shows your children that they don't have to follow the rules they don't like. I am a department store kind of shopper too, and I have no problem finding inexpensive uniforms, it actually costs less for me. Also, the school can set up a uniform exchage, people donate uniforms that don't fit anymore, and, for a very small fee, the school sells them. The money goes to help the school.

dress code

The dress code currently in place in the New Hanover County school system is more than sufficient to address any issues related to inappropriate dress...the schools and parents just need to ENFORCE it. School systems try to promote uniform policies by referring to studies that claim improved scores after uniform codes are implemented. However, according to a teacher I know who has researched this issue, all of those studies were of schools that had also implemented other programs such as tutoring or other extra help. The one study where the only variable was the uniform policy...scores went down. This doesn't even account for the additional expense for people who can often barely afford "regular" clothes. I am not one who buys my kids clothing at expensive stores...we're WalMart, Target, JC Penny, Kohl's, Rack Room. The additional expense of specific type and color clothing is a BURDEN. And why in the world do they want to restrict to certain colors? I can see wanting kids to dress nice, but to make them all into little carbon copies of each other is just ridiculous. Just another way for government, in the form of the school system, to have more control over our everyday lives if you ask me.

Stifle Creativity, Freedom of Choice

Taking away our freedom of choice, individuality, and creativity is against what this country was founded upon. As a parent, I will not abide by this if it happens to us. I want my children to understand the principles of our country, our right to freedom, and not kowtow to those just trying to make life easier for themselves. btw - the fact that the news is reporting this as a good thing worries me because I see no data backing this decision up. I just see opinions of people who obviously are OK with suppressing children, making them a number, because they hope it will make their jobs easier. Finally to those who think that what people wear leads to insecurities or a dysfunctional learning environment, well, you're missing out on the opportunity to teach valuable lessons to our youth. You should seize these moments to reinforce individualism and creativity, instead of running from it.


First, children don't have those types of rights as children. They have the right to go to school and get an education and to do what they are told. Second, if your school passes this...YOU WILL abide...just like you abide when they forced your child to have certain immunizations.


Unfortunately you are right, unless I move, I would have to unwillingly abide by this trivial decision. Is that fair? And as far as immunizations go, it's not apples to apples. Public schools have a dress code which we abide by. My point, it's a matter of encroaching to far on our freedoms. We are also missing an opportunity to teach our youth the non-importance of materialism. Or we can be like you and believe that children have no rights and have to be controlled at every step so that things are real easy and convenient for everyone. That's not teaching IMO.


ANY time a law is encroaches on our freedoms. THAT is why we have representation...we follow those laws passed by those we elect into office. There is a LONG list of laws I feel are overstepping bounds...but that doesn't make them any less enforceable as a law. I WISH more people were just like ME. Our elected leadership would look MUCH different and comprise of individuals that actually did their jobs and listen to the people....government wouldn't hand hold citizens hands and force them to be SELF RESPONSIBLE and children would get a good WHIPPIN when they needed it. Yep..MORE people like ME could get this country where it needs to be...with government put back in it's place and a country with MORALS.

Yeah, let's allow our

Yeah, let's allow our children to have the same rights as their parents and other adults and see where that gets them. Have you actually been in the schools lately? What children are wearing these days is ridiculous and what makes it worse is taht parents know what their children are wearing and they allow them out of the house looking like they do. Say what you want about the dress codes, but they are a blessing. I agree parents should help teach their own kids what is right and wrong, but the problem today is that parents aren't doing that. Some kids think it's okay to make fun of another student because they can't afford $50 jeans. I see nothing but good things coming from students having to wear uniforms

Yea for uniforms

Guess what people? School is not a social club, it is not a fashion show, and it is not a democracy. The purpose of school is education and that is what you should be worrying about. If your child is upset about uniforms, and demanding that they be able to express their personality, you might have a bigger problem. As we go through life, we learn that not everything is about us, that there are more important things in life than what you are wearing. And, to add to this, if some of you would take a few minutes to look at some of the clothes that these children do wear, you would be like me, and wonder what the parents are thinking in letting their children go out looking like they do.

Uniforms Suck

Ok. Kids in public schools should be able to wear what they want. If you want your child to wear uniforms then send them to a private school or make them wear a uniform anyways. Public school kids should be allowed to wear whatever they want that is appropriate. People getting picked on because of what they wear happens but you just have to build a bridge and get over it. They're taking away the individuality of children!


need to learn and little respect. When you pay taxes and can take care of yourself, you can decide what to wear.

I must've missed that democratic decision.

So now children are second-class citizens? I have plenty of respect, but I'm not going to just blindly respect authority because lawmakers and admistrators are "older" than me. I have the right to make choices about the way I dress and how I present myself. I think rule-makers are the ones who need to learn a little respect when it comes to infringing on others' rights.


well...since you are young you need to learn some RESPECT and HOW things work...we elect our officials...they then make the rules based on what is SUPPOSED to be best for the majority...IF they pass rules...YOU WILL follow them or make the choice to face the consequences of breaking that rule...


thats unbeleivibly screwed up. that takes away what little bit of indivduality is still allowed in the school systems. i think that allowing them to strip children of their freedom to express there opinions is wrong. next their going to say your hair can only be a certian length or style to be exeptible in school. this is the worst idea i have ever heard the board of education come up with!

high school

does not need uniforms. that's dumb.