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Slow response for local census jobs


With unemployment rates in the Cape Fear region hovering above ten per cent you would think there would be a run on the 2,000 or so census jobs coming our way. Many of these jobs will run through next December with positions paying more than $11 an hour.

Oddly enough, people at the Wilmington Employment Security Commission say the response has from job seekers has so far been underwhelming.

ESC Director Walker Biggs told us "I thought there would be a lot more response to it. in some cases you need to look and see that some people are saying yeah, its not what I want to do and I think some people don't understand exactly what the census does."

The employment security commission is a census bureau testing site. To find out more about the jobs you can call the census bureau at 910-442-4600.

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What jobs?

My husband took the census test almost a year ago, and I took it 4 months ago. NEITHER of us have heard ONE WORD from the Census bureau. So where are all these SUPPOSED jobs??? I'd take one if they'd just call.

I'd take the job if they'd hire me.

Damn, there are a lot of crybabies/self-righteous "earners" posting on this. A friend and I applied for this job almost a month ago. We took this test, which was quite easy, and neither of us has heard anything back. I just heard some other guy tell me he did it and never heard back, either. I'm glad people from the ESC can take the time to do all these interviews claiming nobody has shown up for the job or whatever. You want to talk about people wasting your "precious tax dollar?" Look no further than those fools; they basically sit around their cubicle all day doing obsolete work (I have had better luck using the ESC website and searching leads myself) and having the security of a government job and a pension. There are undoubtedly people abusing the welfare system, but for people like me who have been everywhere and can't seem to find a job digging ditches, people like you who bitch and moan about people "being lazy" is an eyesore. I like how you all had the time in mid-afternoon to get on here and judge people; I'd think with your great job and the apparent money you have to spare you'd be off doing other things. Drop the "I'M A VICTIM OF SOMEBODY SUCKIN MY TAX DOLLARS" act, and suggest some places people might go to get a job. By the way, I'm getting NO benefits from anywhere and I'm barely cruising by on my savings.

No wonder a bad turnout

I can see why it was a bad turnout. I just called to make an appointment to do testing and the choices were in Scotts Hill, Wrightsboro, and one location downtown and it accepted testing ONLY only Thursdays at 2pm. For some, this is not an easy time to get off work and take the test.

Why don't they hire illegal aliens to do it?

They have the illegal aliens employed doing taxpayer funded construction and highway work. They let them go to college, provide free healthcare and social security. So what's the difference?

Social Welfare

With so many social welfare programs being offered why would anyone want to go door to door asking people questions for the census bureau? I mean, they can sit infront of their TV in a government subsidized house and make almost as much money in government hand-outs. The destruction of America starts with hope and change.

No work and a check to boot!

This story is a prime example of why extending unemployment benefits is wrong.

There would be a line around the block if benefits had run out---instead sitting home collecting tax payer money for nothing is much easier!!

Unemployment was supposed to be for emergency aid----not for years!!

Extended Unemployment Benefits

Not very many jobs here in town for professional folks. What are folks supposed to do if they can't collect extended unemployment benefits until th emarket gets better? I've paid a lot of taxes in the last 25 years and feel I've earned these unemployement benefits to tide me over until I can find another job.

Then maybe you should look

Then maybe you should look for a job in a area that has more "professional" jobs. That was a reality I faced when I moved to the Wilmington area. Mostly jobs in the service industry. I applied at McDonalds's and Scotchman and left my "professional" resume at home. I found a job in construction until a "professional" job opened up and didn't rely on the state to maintain my lifestyle. That is like those people after Kartrina who waited on the government to come save them. God gave you two legs.......... walk!


That's what's wrong with the world today. Everybody has a false sense of entitlement. Just because you paid taxes for 25 years, it doesn't mean you are owed anything. You live in a free country with LOTS of privledges, paid for by EVERYONES tax dollars. You can take a day off when you retire. So for now, get your lazy butt off the couch and my dime and get back to work!!!

The small amount of

The small amount of unemployement insurance that I've collected is just a few dimes, compared to what I've paid in taxes over the years. Yes. I was entitled to collect these benefits until I could find a job. God forbid you lose your job and have to find a way to take care of your family. Stop classifying folks. Lazy I'm NOT!

Share your wealth of job

To the people saying these hurtful things about people being on unemployment---maybe one day you will be down and out at no fault of your own.
I lost my job and was on unemployment for over a year. I looked for work and that in itself is a job when there are no jobs available or people are not hiring. I finally found a job and I am very thankful that I have a job.
Unemployment benefits are based on your salary, so yes some people can make more getting unemployment benefits than working at a fast food place. What you people need to realize is that a house whole who has a budget set for say $20 an hour salary can not make it on a $7 an hour job.
What I gather from your response is that people should take whatever is out there and not worry about having enough salary to pay bills, have their living expenses met and so on. So my suggestion is why don't you give someone who is on unemployment your job and you go take a job at a fast food place or one of these opening that is spoken about in this article. Then the person without a job will be happy and then you should be more than happy as you got a "lazy butt" off the couch.

Well said. Thank You!

Well said. Thank You!

You can

You can make it on $7 an hour because people do it every day. You don't want to make the cuts required to survive. You would have to cut your cable/satellite, cell phone, eating out as much, movies, and all the other "necessities" in your life. You might have to sell your good car and get a beater, take in a roommate or work two $7 an hour jobs.

$7 hr job

I beg to differ. I supervise several people that make $8 and hr. They all have cell phones, cable, etc... it's because they also get subsidies from the goverment! They also have plenty of $$ for their drugs and alcohol, by selling their foodstamps for 1/2 price.

You are correct

I was assuming it would be a person with pride and morals, not a government slug.


I have NO issue with helping someone while they are down on times to get by until they get a job...a YEAR is enough time...actually MORE than enough...and while your RIGHT that a family that used to run on 20 bucks an hour can't survive on a 7 dollar an hour COULD on TWO jobs paying 7 bucks an hour...something I DID instead of taking a hand out. In my case it was 2-10 dollar an hour jobs...


My points exactly. BUT NO, they are ENTITLED!!
LMAO!! Good job guesty!

Entitled? “Ask not what

Entitled? “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” Robert F. Kennedy. When you pay taxes, they do not go into a personal entitlement account for you. The monies are used by the local, state or federal agencies that collect them to operate. I cannot understand how people have the audacity of hopelessness to refuse to do a job that is below them. If you were not working, wouldn’t a minimum wage job be something? How many people in the US are unemployed? How many illegal aliens are working in the US? Boycott big businesses that cater to illegals with drive-thru menus, billboards and programming in Spanish, while sending our jobs to Mexico and China.