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Smithfield Packing is going union

It was close, but in the end, the Smithfield packing plant in Tar Heel is going union. The results were released Thursday night. The tally was 2,041 to 1,879 in favor of the United Food and Commercial Workers; just a 162 vote margin. The UFCW has tried since the plant opened 16 years ago to win the right to represent the Tar Heel workers. This is the world's largest hog processing plant. The Bladen County facility processes up to 32,000 live hogs a day into plate-ready pork. The election comes as part of a settlement in a racketeering lawsuit the company filed against the union last year.

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Union Bacon

Food Lion has Smithfield bacon buy one, get one free for $4.99 this week, which equates to $2.50 a pound. This union bacon happened to be the best priced 16 oz package of bacon in the cooler. I served it this morning and no one noticed any difference. I could care less who is union and who isn't. It would have been stupid to have paid anymore if I didn't have to.

NC...the new DETROIT!!!

Due to this establishment of the union you are going to drive your employer to cut backs because they have to make a profit to keep employees. Do any of you that voted for it watch the news?? Oh, wait, that's right, when you, the UNION WORKERS cripple the pork industry, you can just have the big-wigs drive to D.C. and beg for a BAILOUT. People like you are the exact reason that America is where it is econimically. Your mind works like this: give money to those who choose not to work (not speaking about the extreme few who actually need government aid), or give pay raises to those who don't do a good job. Great motto there. Welcome to America. We are no longer "the home of the brave" we are the home of "the greedy, lazy socialist." We are quickly on our way to a socialist society. We have stripped teachers of the right to be teachers, we tease the men and women who fight for our freedom, we abuse our policemen, and we promote the lazy and the corrupt. When did this happen>>>

Who cares if they went

Who cares if they went union? More power to them for trying to make a descent wage, which North Carolina is known for not paying, but North Carolina does keep up with inflation and then some. Hope they all get better wages, and the non-union employees will gladly take a wage increase the union negotiates into play. Boycott their products all you want to, their pork will remain on the shelves at the stores, and when they have a sale on Smithfield hams/pork chops/bacon etc., I suppose all here (that eat pork) and opposed to their union vote will resist buying their products..right? How many union protesters here writing in are vegetarians whom could really care less about pork products?


"decent" pay for individuals with NO COLLEGE EDUCATION..some of which don't even have a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA...define..DECENT PAY for someone that does a mindless job at a chicken/pork plant.



All i can think of is....

OINK, OINK. No more pork for me.

The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!

If you think the union will price themselves out of business, think again. Most likely there are management/employee differences that cannot be ironed out without a third party. Having been on both sides of the fence, management can be down right unreasonable just as workers can be irresponsible and petty. Imperial Foods in Hamlet, NC had no union representation. 25 workers lost their lives due to stupid management practices. Had a union been there, most likely the outcome would have been much different. I like low prices and dislike unions just like most everyone else does, however, not at the expense of lives or unethical management practices. Understand that the manufacturing unions have little power in NC. However, the teachers union, electrical workers, plumbers, Long Shoremen and such have plenty. The price of your bacon will not go up due to this union. Use you head and boycott the brands that hide excessively fat bacon with one strip of lean bacon on top...a management practice, not worker or union practices.

Give it a few years

The story will then read, Smithfield Packing Going Under. Unions are good for one thing, making money for unions. Mark my words, the price of Smithfield products will rise to cover the high wages the union will demand, demand for pork products will fall, layoffs....look at what unions have done for the automotive industry. One more thing, will the union enroll the illegals that work there?

Another one bites the dust

OK, we all know that 50 to 70 years ago labor unions served a decent purpose. But now we have OSHA, and state and federal labor departments. There is no reason for unions anymore except to fund the wishes of the union bosses and artificially inflate wages and benefits. I love pork, but I will get over it when the prices start to go up. I use to work for a manufacturer in this state, and we did everything in our power to keep our employees happy and avoid issues with OSHA. If you have been on the bad side of OSHA or DEHNR, you would understand why most if not all companies try to do the right thing.

just wondering

Why my pro union comment wasnt allowed to be posted on the site...wway allows all the pro non union that why

unions rule

The union's rule is to clog up free enterprise. If you wonder whathappened to all that film business we used to have just take a look at how the unions drove it all away. So to get it back the taxpayer coughs up the difference in something they call an incentive. Unions are enemies of the free market.


No more Smithfield products for me....I refuse to support Unions...they do nothing but drive up costs and steal from those they claim to protect....


Gee, almost sounds like government.

the hogs need the union

These poor defenseless animals need representation. I think PETA should help the hogs start a union.

Union hogs

"These poor defenseless animals need representation. I think PETA should help the hogs start a union". I think they just did.

Boycott Smithfields ... why?

There is no need to boycott Smithfield's, When there product goes up, it just won't be bought. With this economy, are those people crazy to jeopardize their jobs like that. I once work for a really big union in a huge plant (20,000 people now has about 6,000). They only cripple businesses these days. If it was just about fair wages and benefits that would be one thing, but unions have made so many rules just to justify there existence it really hurts employers. One example, the plant I worked at, if I dropped something at my workstation, I could not get a broom and sweep it up ... not my job classification ... I could have a grievance put on me if I did. Engineers could not even check the product they were trying to make. Just down right crazy. Bottom line, a company has to be able to make a profit to survive, (and create jobs) and they will go wherever that can happen, the south used to be a place for that. The plant I used to work at now has a satellite plant here ... guess what ... same pay and benefits as the union shop, so the pay rate was not the problem. Being able to make a profitable product was what mattered, with out all the stupid rules! But, I guess if someone at that plant has seniority, it's Easy Ville for the next few months .... because a union doesn't care about workers performance, only seniority. I thought the southern culture could speak up for them selves. Don't kind yourselves if you think that the UFCW cares about you, you are dead wrong. It just wanted to increase it's membership numbers, so it has stronger lobbing power ... why do you think they are based in Washington DC.

How ignorant and insensitive

How ignorant and insensitive can people be? If employers treated their workers with the respect and dignity they deserve, then maybe there wouldn't be a need for unions. But obviously something is going wrong someplace for this to be an issue. I say go forward! Maybe this will get the attention of unethical employers in NC and some positive changes will be made.

Good for them!

If employers treated workers well, the employees would not have a reason to vote in a union. We here in NC have been brainwashed for years & years. I can't hardly believe the comments I'm reading here! God bless the workers and their new union. Hoping life gets much better for them now!

It will certainly get the attention of companies

that could be future employers for the people of North Carolina. One of the main reasons NC has always been against unionization. If more companies unionize and it continues to spread we are no longer set apart from other states as being a desirable place to locate companies. This in turn causes us to lose jobs that could have been here for our people. By the way, especially when times are hard, you can starve to death on principle or everyone can have something to eat.


i work for a non union local company the best thing i ever did,(besides the USMC) 30 years ago was leave the god forsaken union lifestyle in michigan. take a trip to lower michigan and see the wounderful life styles that they have respect and dignity are only achived when you have respect and dignity for your self. and you want to talk about unethical do you belive that unions are ethical? CHANGE IS HERE

Boycott Smithfields

'Nuff said.

union workers

oh boy, $7,000.00 for pork chops


Yea, the unions have really worked well for the car companies.

Remember the old saying "Be careful what you wish for,

you just might get it." No one wants to hear any of these people crying in their beer; when they realize they are getting exactly what they wished/voted for.

I'll start buying an

I'll start buying an alternative product in the grocery store, not supporting these union goons. Looking forward to the day this business fails.

....and a round of applause....

....for Socialist mediocrity! The totally worthless will now be protected. They will be paid and promoted in lock-step with the hard working and competent. So if you are naturally a hard charger, where's your incentive to STAY a hard charger? Glad I don't eat pork....


smh.....It would seem these people should be thankful for having a job......After 2 yrs and no job, I know I would be.........


2 years.......looks like you are loving that unemployment or welfare too much. If you haven't found a job in 2 years you ain't lookin.

Yeah Right

But of course,nobody on this board knows anything about the horrible conditions working in a facility like that. And sure seniority has it's drawbacks, but the upside is the fact that when you have so many people it's the only fair way to do it, cuts back on all the politics. Some business can handle and need unions, others don't. Take it on a case by case basis. What I've read about conditions in that facility, They needed it desperately.

USA is not.....

......communist. If those poor, poor people that work in the "horrible conditions" you speak of want to they CAN GET A DIFFERENT JOB at any time. You speak as if they are forced to work there. I really can not imagine anyone aspiring to be ankle deep in hog guts all day. I wouldn't do it for any amount. If there are no jobs in the area then MOVE, I seriously doubt many of them own their homes or have any other sort of investments in the area.