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Smithfield union vote begins Wednesday

READ MORE: Smithfield union vote begins Wednesday
Workers at the largest employer in Bladen County are facing a tough decision. It all comes down to a vote to determine if the employees at the Smithfield Food's pork producing plant in Tar Heel will unionize or not. Smithfield is not only the largest pork processing plant in the world but employees thousands, which is part of the reason why going union in a typically union-free state is such a touchy subject. The election will decide if the workers will unionize under the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. Two previous attempts to unionize the company failed, and the aftermath has been ugly. The UFCW launched an aggressive campaign in June 2006 that included boycotts and other actions against Smithfield. Smithfield filed a lawsuit against the UFCW claiming extortion. As part of a settlement reached in October, both sides agreed to another election and released a joint statement stating: "Smithfield and the UFCW have agreed on what both parties believe to be a fair election process by which the employees at Smithfield's Tar Heel plant can choose whether or not to be represented by the UFCW." Union talks began when employees claimed they were mistreated and had a poor work environment. Employees will vote by secret ballot Wednesday and Thursday, which will be supervised by the Nation Labor Relations Board. Smithfield already has 19 other smaller plants that are unionized.

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My dad worked for American

My dad worked for American Bakeries for 35 years until the late 50's. The union wanted in.They were told that if the union was voted in the plant would close. The vote was yes. Do you see an American bakery in Wilmington today? They closed within a month of the vote.

People sure got suckered by our union

We voted for a union about two years ago and learned the fast way that its no savior. Every single benefit we gained we paid for somewhere else. Everything was a trade-off. One guy who was all happy over being unionized saved about $2000 on his health insurance costs and then saw his annual bonus drop by over $3000. The union never told people that when they were unionized they fell into a different category for bonus computation and it was cut in half. The worst part is that the new contract that's in negotiation now calls for healthcare deductibles that erase his $2000 savings. So only three years after the union came in, he'll be in the hole. I never voted for it because I already new what he now knows, that a union is simply a business that makes their money off your labor without doing anything to earn it.

The "WORD" Business

You're so crazzzzzy, there's nothing for this world. This guy may not be getting a large bonus, but he has a job three years later. Right? Maybe he's in the hole because of poor money management, who knows, that's his story. And you're on the outside of the window looking in. You need to do your own research on unions before you believe everything you hear. Because the "WORD" business is a money making tool. There's people in todays recession that still have a job because of these union businesses.


your not supposed to say things like that! UNIONS SHOULD BE BARRED AND OUTLAWED...they are the SOLE REASON a LOT of jobs have gotten shipped over seas!