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Smoke, fog make dangerous driving conditions

READ MORE: Smoke, fog make dangerous driving conditions
BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Many people faced dense fog as they drove to work Monday morning. Add heavy smoke to that fog and what you've got is a dangerous drive in Brunswick County. This was the view -- or lack thereof -- for drivers on Longwood Road Monday morning. "I thought I was going to run into a mailbox a few minutes ago, it's just that bad," one driver said. Visability at some points was about 10 feet or less. The smoke was so heavy you could barely breathe. This is what drivers had to go through this morning and it's what residents are still facing in Longwood. The Brunswick County Fire Marshal Scott Garner says there was zero visibility for a two to three mile radius around the Longwood area. And these hazardous driving conditions had people concerned about their loved ones. Brunswick County resident IV Cribb said, "I came through to see if my daughter and grandson made it through the smoke and traffic and didn't have no accident." Brunswick County resident Sharon Crawford said, "Earlier when I came out here, thank God, I was riding real slow. I almost hit a truck. If I was going the speed limit there's no way I would have stopped in time." The smoky conditions combined with the fog did prove to be a problem for a number of drivers. Garner said, "About six this morning we started getting calls about numerous accidents. We've had about 6 accidents in the area. We've had multiple people, about three people transported out." "My brother-in-law called about an hour ago and told me he had gotten into a wreck. He was part of that five car pile up back there." The fire marshal says all the injuries were minor -- a relief for IV Cribb. "I found out that there was no serious accidents reported so I'm going on home pretty shortly," Cribb said. North Carolina Forestry Service sent a plane to fly over the area. It found the source was one controlled burn. The forestry service is looking into whether there was a permit for that burn. There is a burn ban in effect in Brunswick County -- but it only applies to 100 feet around a structure. Garner asked the state to re-instate the full ban in his county, but the state denied that request.

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smoke. in longwood

It took me 45 minutes this morning to try to get out of my neighborhood, country meadows. I heard the noise of a cars colliding. It was then I decided to go home and give up, which that was a task within its self! However, if this person does not have a permit for this control burn I hope he is severely punished. He helped put everyone in harms way this morning, which luckily was not worse. The fog was enough to drive through, without the added smoke. It is now night and the fog is starting to develop and it is smoky in the area again. I hope tomorrow morning is better than today's was.

Smoke, Fog

Why are we blaming the person that was burning for these accidents, the fog was bad and yes there was smoke mixed in with it, that means to slow down and take responsibility for driving, just like heavy rain or blizzard conditions, if it is not safe to drive then don't, read the drivers handbook. We always try to blame other people for our actions, why not blame the DOT for failure to close the roads. I have leaves in my yard from October and I would like to burn, do I know the fog is going to be bad the next day and the smoke cause an accident, who's knows, Only God. At least they can burn, New Hanover county will not lift the burn ban, there is a water shortage and when it rains we should be allowed to burn debris or the county should provide debris pick-up or give me the address of the persons in New Hanover county that will not lift the burn ban since the state did and I will take my debris to their yard. They probably do not live in the county but live in the city where they have debris pick-up. I am sympathetic to those that were in an accident and by the article there appears to have been no serious injuries.

Let me guess you were the

Let me guess you were the guy burning the yard debris that caused the wreck

U R Serious?

R U SERIOUS?? It is common knowledge that the fog in the longwood area is bad in the mornings. Some are worse then others BUT a nice clear morning is rear. How do u not blame the people driving down the road when this RESIDENT of the longwood area had to know the fog would be there and HIS Smoke was only going to make things worse! His actions resulted in several accidents, the waste in taxpayer money, and created a huge problem for emergency services. He should be held responsible. I hope someone sues him for the cost of vehicle repair and it would be great if the county did the same to regain the cost of the emergency services! It is ridiculous to say that this person is not responsible!