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Smoking ban causes frustration with downtown businesses

Recently, the downtown campus of Cape Fear Community college became off limits to smokers. Now, business owners nearby say smokers looking for a safe haven are becoming a nuisance. The campus went smoke free August 1st. Area business owners said the ban has pushed students who do smoke closer and closer to their doors. Smoking on the city's sidewalks is still fair game. Folks at the Cotton Exchange, next door to campus, said that is a major problem. "It has become a nuisance to our existing tenants who have been here a long time and we are trying to work out a solution to share the sidewalks and it not be such an annoyance to our ongoing businesses here," said Cotton Exchange general manager Nancy Bullock. The college and the city have tried to help the situation by placing new cigarette butt receptacles next to trash cans. Police are also warning students about littering and breaking campus rules.

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smoke-free public areas

If the city, county and state had the nerve to make smoking in public places illegal it would solve all these problems. Smokers could just pollute their own homes and cars and let the rest of us breathe clear air and not have to look at their litter on the ground.

Yes, because even without

Yes, because even without smoke we breathe such clean air. Why not ban cars, then? Factories? After all, they make our air dirty. This is ridiculous. I paid state taxes for my cigarettes. I will not be told I can't smoke them on state land. Especially at a college, which should be looking less at what I legally do in my free time and more at my education.

Too late

I think you have been told you can't smoke on that property. If you choose not to follow that, don't cry when you are kicked out of school.

smoking ban

Why don't educated people ahve any common sense? Any cretin could see this coming.


Couldn't the campus have designated smoking areas. I don't smoke and I like the idea of most of a campus to be smoke free, but I don't see a problem with designated smoking areas in conspicuous places away from the majority. That's how South Eastern Community college dose it. Most smoking areas are at the back of the building around the corner. No smoking allowed any where else except the designated areas.

Smoking at CFCC

It seems to me that one of the purposes of higher education is to teach. Maybe it would be a good idea for CFCC to teach their students that ,"Smoking is bad for your health and contributes to higher health care bills for us all."

Up in smoke

I personally wil never shop downtown because too many businesses do not support smokers.

So when bars and places to

So when bars and places to eat ban smoking in Jan.... you wount eat there or drink there? have fun by yourself.


Smokers brought this upon themselves, they think they can litter and throw butts on the ground, they don't care about nobody but themselves, they will toss butts out the car window.They need to take the proper action for the disposal of the butts. I don't feel sorry for them.

I don't smoke, but will like

I don't smoke, but will like to know where will the state get money if everyone stops smoking... More and more they are stopping the people from the right to smoke but want to tax them over and over again... I guess everyones taxes will go up to make up the lost of cigarette taxes..


I agree. Not all, but most people that smoke are selfish individuals who could care less about anyone but themselves. They throw butts out and hit my car all the time. When I am in a restaurant they blow smoke over in my direction away from themselves. Go look at any major stoplight in Wilmington and you will see hundreds of butts on the ground. It is a nuisance that needs to be delt with.

Use this link

When you see a slob throw their cigarette butt out the window, take down their tag number. Then when stopped go to this link for the NCDOT litterbug reporting.

rude smokers

I am a smoker, and have been for a long time. It annoys me very much to see cigarette butts in the street, on the beach, on the ground, etc. I guess it is ignorance to blame. A removable ashtray in the car is a simple solution. If the college insists on trying to have a smoke-free campus, they should make their students aware of the effects of littering of any kind. These little cig filters are not just ugly, various species see them as food, which is obviously not a good thing. Surely these young people would respond to a campaign based on respecting and sharing their environment?