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Smoking ban near entrances of state buildings

READ MORE: Smoking ban near entrances of state buildings
The state senate wants to tighten tobacco restrictions on state owned property. The senate has approved bills that ban smoking within 25 feet of entrances to state buildings. Here in Wilmington, UNCW's campus is one of the largest state properties. Administrators already implemented the more restrictive policy earlier this month. Some students told NewsChannel Three today that it is for the best. Junior Jill Murtaugh said, "It's nice to go to residence halls and not have to walk through smoke to get through the door. So I really like the fact that they put this new rule in place." A recent university survey indicated that 88 percent of UNCW students don't smoke daily. Students who smoke called the new rules inconvenient.

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Quitting is not easy

Try Chantix, being a smoker for 30 years, I have kicked the habit. Call your health care professional, they will gladly write a perscription. I will say it was hard, but I did it. It's amazing stuff..... Then you will no longer have to feel put out and put down for an addiction that's pretty hard to break.


Smoking is disgusting...period!!!! I for one would like a total ban on smoking in all public areas. Smokers litter the ground with their butts and they don't care that the smoke from their cigarette is blowing in non smokers faces and the smell is repulsive. How can people even afford to smoke! Just give it up people.

apparently you don't know

apparently you don't know anything about addiction. Do you think we enjoy spending a couple of thousand a year on cigarettes? It's not that easy to "just quit." When one starts smoking (usually as a teenager) they never have the intention of getting addicted, but before we know it, it happens. So get your facts straight before you judge!

get your facts straight... my weak minded friend

I started smoking in my late teens. Dumb. I did however grow in maturity and when I was 24 I quit. I smoked a pack and a half a day for over 4 years but I realized through maturity that I was killing myself. If you want to quit then do it. If you can't then you have a bigger problem. You are weak minded and will likely have an ample supply of other problems throughout your life which you will undoubtable blame on others. Man up and take control of your life or at least keep your mouth shut if you arent going to be a responsible adult.

You smoked for four years,

You smoked for four years, Thats not that long considering many people have 20,30,40 year habits. It has nothing to do with having a weak mind(my friend?)and your comment was just rude!!!


You know they make all of these smoking laws not to smoke here or there but, they don't have one for the hospitals. I wonder why? Of all places to get healthy and recover from illness. New Hanover Regional has a no smoking on campus policy, since it is not a law, it can not be enforced by the police and the people still smoke there. Where else can you go and blow up someone who is on oxygen or cause a fire in a bathroom and kill more people than at the hospital? If you need to smoke that bad come out there and join the crowd. Happy 4th of July folks.

Just so you know...New

Just so you know...New Hanover Regional Medical Center has signs all over the place saying that smoking is not allowed on the premises. I was recently there visiting someone and decided to take a smoke break with a friend. We walked along way from the main entrance and had barely lit our cigarettes before some old lady came outside telling us to put those cigs out or else...So yeah, New Hanover RMC does def have a policy against smoking.

Yeah thats me smoking!

Pretty much all i had...

banning smoking near

banning smoking near entrances does not cure the problem of anything. it was only recently that one could not smoke a cigarette inside the general assembly in raleigh. i cannot understand the danger of smoke OUTSIDE a building (look up the chemicals in cigarettes, then look up the EPA estimated measurement of the chemicals that can cause problems. there is a HUGE difference, and according to the EPA the chemicals and carcinogens in second hand smoke cannot even affect one in a confined space unless exposed to MASSIVE amounts, let alone OUTSIDE). how about the state pass a law that requires ashtrays outside of state buildings so that cigarettes do not litter the entrance and so that butts don't get tracked inside. our legislature needs to focus on real problems...this law will not keep anyone from smoking (AKA paying EXCISE TAXES TO BENEFIT EDUCATION, and help our tobacco industry) outside a state building, only create criminals or civil violators.


Kidding...right? SMOKERS are the most INCONSIDERATE individuals around. Do you think I want to walk thru a plume of smoke to get into a building? As far as your butt can idea....LOL you must be high...I can sit a butt can RIGHT BESIDE a smoker and over HALF of them would still toss it on the ground. I don't even know why they put ashtrays in cars anymore...people SURE don't use them. BAN SMOKING FROM ENTRANCES TO ALL PUBLIC PLACES...want to kill yourself...BE MY GUEST...but keep me out of it.

i agree 200%

i agree 200%

What about the people who

What about the people who have respiratory problems? I was a student at UNCW a couple of years ago, when people would literally stand in the doorways and smoke so they could talk to people inside the buildings. Cigarette smoke wreaks havoc with my asthma. Many times I couldn't walk to class without having to pass through a smoke cloud that sent me into an attack. It's not about pollution caused by cigarettes, it's that selfish smokers don't care what damage and suffering their causing to people with health problems. I guess I could stop being selfish too; maybe I should stop breathing or get a full-face gas mask. Another problem with smoking around buildings was made clear a couple of years ago when a residence hall's bushes around the building were set on fire doing moderate damage to the building and caused an evacuation. The cause turned out to be a discarded cigarette. I'd love to see a full public smoking ban for the state. Smokers can go without a cigarette for a few hours, but people like me can only go without breathing for about 2 minutes.

smoky college?

i'm a uncw student as well...i've noticed that verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry few students here smoke. instead of complaining, be glad that you're on such a smoke free campus compared to others! at other colleges I guess you would have to walk around with a gas mask!


You may need to look at the big picture. I smoke. I am in the process of quitting for my own reasions. If we allow the government to tell us where and when we can do things that are leagle, what is next? What time we wake up? They already have laws to tell us what we can and can't do in our privet property (seat belt LAW, helmit LAW). That should be my choice. It is my life. This just another step twards us loosing our freedom. I may be one of the few that respected nonsmokers. I did not smoke when I was pregnant and my son still has breathing problems. So I didn't smoke around him. Yet people kept saying "you need to quit" I never told nonsmoker with a bad attitude that they NEEDED to smoke. My last point is you say smokers can go without for a few hours? You must have never been around someone trying to quit. Know what you are talking about before you open your mouth.


far it for ALL entrances to public places!

banning things that are bad for you?

hope this means that when smoking is banned at state building entrances that they will also ban break areas with vending machines full of snack items. you know what i'm talking about. little debbie cakes, snickers bars, peanuts, potato chips, non-diet drinks, etc. all of these items are also bad for your health and if you been to the courthouse lately you know exactly what i'm talking about. can't tell most of the time whether it's state employees working there or somebody just dumped off a herd of swine.