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Soles heads to court Thursday


State Sen. R.C. Soles is scheduled to go to court tomorrow on felony assault charges. A grand jury indicted the Columbus County Democrat last month for shooting 22-year-old Kyle Blackburn, a client of his law practice.

Soles claims Blackburn was trying to break into his house at the time of the shooting, but Blackburn was shot in the back of the leg.

If Soles pleads guilty or is convicted on felony charges, it would end his legislative career and could land him in prison. It's not clear what would happen if he pleads down to misdemeanor charges.

The hearing starts at 2 p.m. Thursday in Columbus County. You can follow our coverage here on, Twitter and WWAY NewsChannel 3 at 5, 6 and 11.

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time to get the tricycle bandit off the street.
you kid might be the next one shot in the buttocks. just ask forest gump how it feels to get shot in the buttocks. not fun , not fun at
all this stuff is crazy.

Senator Soles would be the

Senator Soles would be the last person on earth to shoot someone unless he felt his life was in danger, as it certainly was when Kyle Blackburn--a drug addict and dealer-- was trying to break into his house.

My husband and I have known R.C. for decades, and we love him and wish him and his father the best.

R.C. used bad judgment in befrinding these young men, but I believe him when he says he was trying to help them. My husband and I could not care less about Soles' sexual orientation--it's nobody's business.

If the jury in this case has any sense of justice at all, they will find R.C. not guilty.


People like you make other people like me sick. I can't believe that after ever thing that has happen and been said you still believe that Soles has done nothing wrong. If it had happen to you and you shot someone the way Soles did do you think you would get the same punishment as he did?I bet you don't answer the question truthfully.He should get the same punishment as anyone eles would get.


But when you are in the public eye, unfortunately, it IS our business.


"R.C. used bad judgement in "befriending" these young men"
Is that what they are calling it these days.
He was trying to help them all right LOL

Trial of the Century!

ADA: "Your honor, after speaking with the victim who now says that he's not even sure if the Senator was there, and he thinks it night have been a small meteor or an errant shot from the rifle range in....uh...Winnabow or maybe Camp LeJeune, the state has agreed to a plea bargain in which the honorable and esteemed Senator will plead guilty to hunting weasels without a permit from the Wildlife Commission."

Judge: "I fine you five-thousand dollars plus court costs. The fine is suspended on the condition that the Senator contribute it to a worthy cause."

Everyone leaves happy. The victim and witnesses all climb into their new Corvettes. RC writes out a five-thousand dollar check to Rex Gore's reelection campaign. Once again, the citizens of North Carolina can sleep well knowing that justice has been served.


Commonsensenotcommontoday, that scenario wouldn't surprise be one bit. LOL

Common..., don't quit your day job......

Common-whatever...., you're a lot better at your self-serving, higher than thou, better than thou, done everything perfect in my life, screw everybody else that has less than a perfect life, than you are with your feeble attempts at humor. That post of yours wouldn't even be funny after a high dose of nitrous-oxide during a dental visit.

Keep-um comming Common

I think your comment was hilarious. The sad thing is, if history repeats, it just might play out that way.

I thought it was very funny

I thought it was very funny


It WAS funny. 461 must be related to one of RC's boys.

Nah! He's just one of those wounded liberals

They get so upset when I use the truth to make them cry, that they lash out wildly at the most unusual of times.

This may be

nothing more than a preliminary hearing. Or, Senator Soles' attorney may seek a postponement.

Has anyone checked on the health of the Senator or his Father?