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Questions answered about teen involved with Soles

READ MORE: Questions answered about teen involved with Soles
State Senator R.C. Soles continues to avoid calls made by WWAY, but has now admitted to buying a house for 17-year-old Allen Strickland. There has been speculation about why the 74-year-old senator would make such a purchase for a non-relative almost 60 years his junior. Soles told a reporter from another news source that it was simply a kind gesture for a good friend, and said there was no sexual relationship between him and Allen Strickland. Mr. Soles didn't explain why all the transactions for the house were apparently in cash, nor did he clarify why he would have bought a home for a minor to live in alone. Allen Strickland was by himself when the house in question caught fire in an apparent arson two weeks ago and says he had to jump out of an upstairs window to escape. Strickland said on July 29, "This whole town is jealous of how I got that house, how I got my car, how I get money and all, and everybody just can't stand it… somebody is trying to hurt me. Whoever did it, they did it with the intention of me getting killed.” Since the fire broke out, we've learned a little more about Strickland’s status as a non-emancipated minor. Records from the Department of Social Services are confidential, but we've gathered information from sources close to the family. From the time he was born, Allen Strickland has lived apart from his mother and father. His aunt, Vicky Stanley Barry, raised him. When Allen was in elementary school, he was sent to live with some family friends, Sherry & Patrick Caines, who became his legal guardians. That apparently went well for a few years, until the Caines started having some medical and financial problems. Allen then went back to live with his Aunt Vicky. When Allen turned 15, he started living on his own in an apartment apparently paid for by Senator Soles, until more recently when he moved into the house Soles bought for him. However, under North Carolina law, a non-emancipated minor is not allowed to live on his own. "There are all sorts of issues that come up for juveniles, and that's why there's a specific age limit, not that 18 is the magic age by which they become adults and know everything, but by law, a parent or caretaker is responsible for a juvenile until they are 18,” said Wanda Marino of DSS. The Department of Social Services tells us they are investigating who is supposed to be watching Allen Strickland and why that apparently hasn't been happening. In the meantime, we continue to try to reach Senator Soles for answers.

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Strickland charged in fire

It was announced today (saw it that Strickland has been charged in the fire at his home. They pressed charges about noon today.

Why No News Reporter Coverage?

Isn't it odd that the News Reporter gets writers cramp when the Senator has some adverse publicity. A former Whiteville City Manger was 'crucified' in the News Reporter for an 'improper' relationship with a city employee. Over a page with very a very 'demeaning photo' of the lady. Are there different standards for different people? One can only wonder...why? A local paper prints the this not news? Could it be someone has benefited from the tenier of the Senator? Plato

R.C. Soles

I would like to make a correction about the legal age in NC, which is 16 not 17. NC is one of a few states that still allows this. Before the House recessed, Rep. Glazier, was working on getting the legal age changed to 18. Maybe they will take this back up and get it done when the House reconvenes.

Back off idiots!?!?

R.C. Soles, Sr. and his wonderful wife were as kind as R.C. Jr. is. I am from a very poor family. When I was a child they visited often and always gave my single mother financial assistance. I am a white female and I assure you I had/have not had sexual relationships with any member of that famiy. Don't you sleazy people have any other way to spend your time? I am sure there are many adult stores in Columbus County. I say again, quite adamantly, back off and leave R.C. alone.

Even if his intentions are

Even if his intentions are good (hahaha!) he is causing more harm to these kids than good. What a teenage boy needs is family, friends and a strong support system around him. Not a corvette and cash. What is he teaching them? To always look to others for hand outs? Just what we need... more uneducated freeloaders.

Ummm, yea

Yea, good luck with that. The news should be all over this like stink on a skunk.

Soles Heat

The temperature is heating up, Soles is beginning to sweat. FBI moving in for the kill? Don't make me laugh. Soles likes it hot. The FBI isn't interested in some old statesman, they're a dime a dozen. It's his money, he can spend it anyway he wants. It's not a crime to pay off blackmailers either. What may be a crime is why he has so much cash. Where does that come from? IS it reported on his tax returns?

R.C.Soles Interview

Thank you, WWAY, for staying on this story. You must feel disappointed that Senator Soles elected to give his exclusive interview to WECT, since you had obviously broke the story. I share in your disappointment. What we saw yesterday was classic R.C. Soles. Playing the role of the elder statesman; the benevolent, self-made man; the charitable churchman; the forgiving friend of the community. Taking another look at the video, you see him challenge people to put their real name with comments, such as this one. Was that not a subtle threat? He mentioned six people who want to see him, "go down"; yet refused to give their names. Mr. Soles is a very intelligent man and, as he said, a skilled attorney. He chose public life decades ago, when he first ran for political office. With his intellect and experience, he should realize that private citizens are just that - private. He should have never considered challenging us to go public, by using our names in forums such as this one. My best guess as to why he behaved that way? Because he feels threatened. Keep up the good work, WWAY. This story hasn't been told, yet.

Allen Strickland

If he was a foster child, where was his case worker? Did the aunt and uncle have guardianship? Who was LEGALLY responsible for him when he was living alone in an apartment at 15?


". . . A kind gesture for a good friend . . ." This is how Senator Soles characterises his gift of a house and car to Allen Strickland, and we, the understanding, open-minded people of Tabor City, believe Mr Soles' explanation. The media do not understand how generous RC Soles and his father are and have been all of their lives. They have offered help to numerous families in and around the Tabor City area. Allen Strickland has had an unfortunate life, and Mr. Soles knew about his sad circumstances and offered assistance without any strings attached. Unfortunately, for Mr. Soles, in todays callous, inhospitable climate acts of charity are often greeted with suspicion.


Here is an interesting article from a year ago.


And there it is. "Police say Strickland learned Soles was considering pressing charges and threatened to call NewsChannel 3, the FBI, and Bettie Fennell, who is Soles' political challenger, with damaging information regarding Soles. He threatened to ruin Soles' political career and said he would see him in prison." From WWAY article August 28th 2008 That article perfectly illustrates the path from the smoke to the fire.

Kind Chesture?

Guest098 do you work for Senator Soles, are you a secretary, paid to say this?

I do not work for RC

but I am above average intelligence and do have the ability to determine when something is none of my business. Hopefully, you idiots will back off and let R.C. spend his money anyway he wants.


GuestTerry...when you say 'idiots' are you referring to the investigating authorities or the concerned taxpayers exercising their 1st amendment rights? Or Both? Seems you have a monopoly on the law and free speech with special privilidges by calling people idiot, especially for something 'none of your business' as you said.

to Guest Terry the intelligent one

If you are so intelligent how do you explain RC putting a 15 year old minor up in an apartment alone when this is clearly against the law and he is a lawmaker? Are you saying it is o.k for some people to break the law and not other? Shouldn't he had guided him to the proper authorities to help this minor maybe child protection services or the department of social services? Maybe then people (intelligent people) would have admired Mr. Soles for his good deed.

If you're above average in intelligence....

...then you should know that potential violations of the North Carolina General Statutes are EVERYONE'S business. Strickland is a minor that is neither emancipated nor under the protection of a legal guardian, and an adult male giving him huge sums of money begs the question, "What's going on?" Let there be a total and full investigation by the SBI. If Soles is totally cleared of any wrondoing, fine. If not, then he should be treated the same as any other adult who breaks the law. "Usually, when you smell a rat, a thorough investigation will reveal a rat."