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Soles Shooting Update


The Whiteville News Reporter has published an article saying that Senator Soles shot 22-year-old Kyle Blackburn in the back of his right thigh.

Blackburn told us he was shot as he was leaving the senator's property, but Senator Soles said he shot Blackburn in self defense as Blackburn was trying to break into his house.

Authorities have never disclosed the location of the bullet entry wound, but if it was in the back of Blackburn's leg, it would lend credence to his version of events.

It may also help explain the grand jury's decision to indict Soles on a felony assault charge last week.

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so a month later and still no trial date

Ok more than a month has now passed since Mr Soles was to appear in court for this arrest.



Time for an up-date


Already went

He had court on 2/10/10. I don't know if he went to trial or had it continued.

He did go...

and both parties agreed to a continuance. I think he is due back in the Columbus County courthouse 2/25. His attorney was tied up with another case I think was the reason given.....

Well, Well, Well

there have been candidacy announcements to replace "retiring" Senator Boseman.

Still no public announcements to replace Senator Soles.

Will he have to continue in office through default?

It's not about his actions....

I'm more interested in his blatant hypocrisy based on his history as a gun control advocate. His record on gun control shows his belief that the average citizen should NOT be able to defend his/her self and/or family in an identical situation with a HE did. Why didn't he just call 911 and wait for the police? Or is it hard to remember the number for 911 under pressure?

As's "Do as I say...not as I do!"


I don’t care one way or another; however it is easy to say how he could have been shot in the back of the leg while trying to break in to the house. Blackburn had his back to the door while kicking it (mule kick) and he was shot, would make it possible. Because you get shot in the “back”; does not all ways mean that you where leaving and no longer a threat. But like I said I do really have a say one way or another. Just like to point out facts; or the lack there of.

Great theory!

Too bad there was no bullet hole through the door.

Must Be

a slow news week.

Why not focus on some of the upcoming issues?

Will a down turn in health lead to an indeterminate trial delay as Senator Soles participation is vital to his defense?

Where will the trial be held? Certainly not in Columbus County or any of the counties which constitute the Senator's district.

What further antics will the youthful miscreants engage in which will lower their credibility even further?

What's the status of his attorneys working with the DA's office to esove the issues? Does that bespeak of plea bargain?

This has got to be crazy

What were they doing on his property in the first place? Let me see, I bet they were there to make amends and invite Mr. Soles to an awards banquet for being the best Senator there ever was. LOL. Or better yet, they noticed the front door to the Senator’s house was locked and they thought there might be a fire inside and he needed assistance, so they kicked in the door only to find out that he was ok. That's what their attorney will say. But then Mr. Soles could say that he was cleaning his gun and it just went off.
They were committing a home invasion. A FELONY!! 1) Home Invasion 2) Conspiracy 3) Damage to Real Property. They didn't come there to go trick or treat. They went there to hurt or kill a Senator of the Unites States. Go to Washington D.C. and try that at the White House and see how far you get. If he gets convicted then the people in this country have serious problems. It's alright to be an illegal alien and take jobs and revenue from tax payers like you and I, but God help us when we defend our homes from scum of the earth like these two idiots. Yeah, nobody likes his life style, but that’s for him to figure out. He should have put the bullet between their eyes and spit on them.

Please learn the law

When an attack ceases, your right to use deadly force ceases. You can't walk out into your yard to confront someone you are in mortal fear of and then shoot them.

BTW, he's a STATE Senator in the North Carolina State Senate. Study civics much?


First of all everyone knows why those guys went there in the first place.That is not the first time any of those boys have been to soles house to begin with.All of those young guys goes to soles house all the time just, like they go to his law office in tabor city.And if people would go to tabor city they would see that for themselfs.Just, because it is all over the news nothing has changed,they are still there MAD MAX.Know what you are talking about before you say anything about any of this cause sounds like to me you don't know what you are talking about.And I wouldn't be telling about the bullet between the eyes if I was you and keep the spit in your mouth nasty. There is a reason that there is money given out to them.Also the door was not kicked in.

Not a "Senator of the Unites

Not a "Senator of the Unites States".... proofread, it will give your comment much more credit.

Sen. Soles

Give the guy a break, before the thugs came into the light of Senator Sole's life, have you EVER heard anything negative in his 42 years of service. They were thugs, they were in his house, the man protected himself and property. What gets me about the news is: If there is a whif of a problem in a public figure's life, you jump all over it - making it sound as if these thugs are creditable... what gives?

If you've never heard

If you've never heard anything negative about Soles you must not have lived in his district. The vast majority of folks do not hold him in high esteem, to say the least. He has held on to his seat because he is good at spreading the pork around and getting influential people to back him. I don't know if he was justified in his shooting or not.


How not one of the locals you refer to has stepped forward to file for his seat. He's not standing for re-election. So why have there been no locals, who have access to all this local "dope, rumours, inside information, and neighborhood gossip", file to run for the position?

That's truly pathetic. Folks can stand on street corners and gossip; but no one can stand tall and run for office.