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Soles turns himself in

READ MORE: Soles turns himself in

R.C. Soles has spent 42 years in the state senate. His visit to jail lasted barely as many minutes.

The longest serving member of the state legislature turned himself in just after 11 a.m. Friday. Thursday a grand jury indicted him for assault with a deadly weapon. The charge stems from the August shooting of Kyle Blackburn, a law client of the senator, at Soles's home outside Tabor City.

"I wish I were free to comment to you," Soles told reporters on his way into the jail. "But it would be totally inappropriate under any circumstances now."

The senator said nothing as he walked back to his car around noon after posting a $5,000 bond. His attorney said little more, including when asked how the criminal charges would affect Soles's ability to serve out the remainder of his term.

"You know I want to leave all questions like that until later," attorney Brad Bannon said, "and I hope you all can appreciate that, because this is now a pending case, and there are rules about as it relates to speaking about pending cases publicly."

Soles's next court date is scheduled for Feb. 10.

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Soles Survivor

As tempting as it is for us to say to this Senator "I told you so", ("us" meaning those of us who believe that the Second Amendment really does mean what it says, and that it guarantees law abiding US Citizens the right to keep and bear arms), we should see this as a victory for American citizens. Here we have a long term respected politician who voted for gun control for everyone else, but deep down this person realized that the only way he could protect himself and his family was to own a firearm himself and use it when he was felt threatened for his own safety or someone else's safety. This HOPEFULLY will make him sit down and do some deep thinking as to whether he helped keep his constituents safe all these years, or if through his voting on the "wrong side" of self protection, he compromised others safety in their own home or travels either discouraging them from owning a gun for self defense or making it illegal for them to own and/or carry a firearm for self defense. I am very happy that this man was not a victim. I am very happy that he defended himself when he felt threatened by someone who was breaking down his door to get to him. I HOPE he realizes that he may be alive today ONLY because he was able to successfully defend himself from someone who was much younger and stronger then he. I also hope that the courts come to decide that this man was defending himself and remove all charges. It is ridiculous that he was even indicted for this very obvious situation of self defense. May God please help this country.

Well, Well the high and

Well, Well the high and mighty finally fall. You can't get away with everything. Eventually all that you do wrong will catch up with you. Senator Soles, It looks like it finally caught you.

Senator Soles

He is a victim - a right to self defense in his own home - from the old common law rule to the present - the castle theory. Support victims rights!

a Victim????

Senator Soles has been against private gun ownership for his entire career, now he shoots someone with a handgun!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!

I think his bail should have been more

I think that his bail should have been much more than what it was. I think for someone like him for all the charges that he has on him it should have been more.

wow only $5000 he probably

wow only $5000 he probably had that in his glove compartment had it been me (I have no criminal record) i would have gotten a $20000 bond............ cant wait on the results...... he will probably get probation since he is old.......

This is a ridiculous

This is a ridiculous man-hunt! If someone were to break into my home, I would shoot then ask questions. It is a shame that the victims' rights are stripped and the criminals treated as victims.

RC Soles

I do not usually comment on issues, but this really has stirred my ire.

Soles was defending himself and his property. The young, threatening man who was on Soles' property, has been arrested on many criminal offences, and certainly would have been perceived as a danger.

Soles did what most men would do: in fear for his live, he shot the intruder to wound him, not to kill him.

As for Soles'personal life, we could not care less. For all you readers who are up in the air about Soles' sexuality, take a look back at all of your sexual experimentation. Would you like it publicized?

RC Soles

*Loyal Supporter*

His personal life is at issue. He is a Public official. My ISSUE with this HYPOCRITE is that he is against citizens owning handguns but yet he not only has a handgun but used it.

R.C. Soles

There is nothing wrong with defending yourself in your own home, but the irony is that this old fart is one of the biggest anti-gun activists there is!


I would like to know why any politician who swears an oath to uphold the ENTIRE Constitution, and that INCLUDES the Second Amendment is allowed by his constituants to continue serving term after term as an ANTI Second Amendment advocate?! His use of a handgun to defend himself is protected under the Second Amendment, it is 'We the Problem' that allow morons like this to stay in office. Come November I hope that all changes in America. Mark Shean