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Some business owners worried about water restrictions

WILMINGTON -- The average Wilmington resident uses 138 gallons of water a day. Because of the drought mandatory water restrictions are in place, but some business owners are worried about the effect. The fountains are dry, some hoses are off and the leaves show it. Mandatory water restrictions in Wilmington have garden center owners like Tom Ericson worried they'll lose business. Transplanted Garden Center owner Tom Ericson said, "It's certainly going to have an impact on it and we'll be running a sale trying to promote sales." Even though Ericson can water at his business he's concerned customers won't come by if they need to cut back on watering at home. "If they're only watering, spot watering, as opposed to broadcasting water everywhere where it may not be needed, that's the best thing they can do," Ericson said. Personal use of sprinklers is prohibited in Wilmington. In addition, you may not wash vehicles, outdoor surfaces such as driveways and patios or building exteriors. You're also not allowed to use water for things like fountains, pools and ponds unless that water is recycled.
Mandatory water restrictions
  • no sprinklers
  • no vehicle washing
  • no outdoor surface washing
  • no building exterior washing
  • no ornamental use unless is recycled water
Renee Jones is a landscaper of 22 years. She says people will still do what they can to keep their yards looking nice. "They may not water their whole yard, their lawn and their shrubs, but they're going to water their pansies and their other flowers," Jones said. Ericson said, "It's kind of a hit or miss situation where, you know, should we use the water while we can and it stops when it stops and it doesn't really matter how much we take from the other side of the dam, or if everybody starts to conserve, that's going to be a good thing." Another restriction you may notice in Wilmington: restaurants may not serve water to customers unless it's specifically requested.

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While conservation of water

While conservation of water is a good idea in general, since our supply is upstream of a dam on the Cape Fear, as long as water is flowing over the dam, it's "wasted" water... Very little we do will change the amount of water on the upstream side of the dam... Now if there was no longer sufficient water to flow over the dam, then it would make much more sense to have mandatory conservation...

Water restriction

This is a good thing so that we do not get into a problem like Georgia is having. What is funny :0)is that so many people are still using their sprinkler systems. Not all watch the news and read the paper. Most do drive so why don't some signs go up on main roads ?

I agree! Yes, it looks nice

I agree! Yes, it looks nice to have a pretty green lawn but when there is no water left to shower with and you have to go to work smelly, the pretty lawn really loses it's importance. If you are gonna use your share of the water to water your grass, don't take a shower and stop brushing your teeth! Seriously people, What is more important? Kudos on the road sign idea!

Water Restriction/Burning

People are just plain old ignorant they are going to do what they want. How about having a neighbor burning while we are in a drought right NEXT to the woods. People just don't care.