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Some concerned over using USS North Carolina as ghost ship

READ MORE: Some concerned over using USS North Carolina as ghost ship
A local military vet is wary of plans to use the Battleship USS North Carolina for a Halloween celebration, but organizers say the event won't tarnish the military memorial. For a couple of weekends later this month the Battleship becomes the "Ghost Ship." One Navy vet is concerned bringing ghosts and goblins aboard goes against the true spirit of the sailors who served during World War II. Larry Williams is third generation military. He served in the US Navy until 1985 and proudly remembers the day the Battleship first found it's home in the Cape Fear River. “To us, it was brought in especially as a memorial to the men that served on board that ship during World War II,” he said. Williams supports many of the events that take place at the battleship, but he's worried a Halloween celebration just isn't in the right spirit of the USS North Carolina Battleship Memorial. “This Halloween thing kind of takes away from respect to those who served and died aboard that vessel,” Williams said. Battleship Executive Director Captain Terry Brag says organizers of the Ghost Ship are sensitive to the ship's standing as a memorial and took that into account when planning the event. “Nothing that has to do with military, the former crew, the military legacy of the ship.” But the battleship North Carolina is completely self-sufficient. It gets no state or federal funding. That means the staff has to come up with creative ways to increase attendance to keep the memorial alive. “If we just maintain the status quo, then we were not going to be generating the revenue to keep this fine beautiful memorial in good shape,” Captain Brag said. He added, if people visit the Battleship for special events, they'll want to learn more about its history and the memorial. “If I can get them here, they have a great time, and they always come back.” Other veterans groups we spoke with didn't seem excited about the Ghost Ship, but say they understand the need to think outside the box to raise money, and keeping the memorial alive is everyone's top priority.

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Let the vets decide

Since I'm not a Veteran I can't say how I would feel. I did notice one sentence "Other veterans groups we spoke with didn't seem excited about the Ghost Ship, but say they understand the need to think outside the box to raise money, and keeping the memorial alive is everyone's top priority". I don't think this part was noticed by some folks posting the comments. I think the best thing to do would be to let the Veterans, and ONLY the Veterans vote on what they think is best. It's very easy for those of us who haven't served to say what we think is ok when we don't (and can't) understand what they feel. The men that died on this ship were the brothers to the other soldiers aboard. Like my grandfather said about the event. We lost our brothers on this ship. It's a wonderful teaching tool, but deserves respect. Would you want a Halloween event thrown on the cemetery plot of your mother, father, brother, son, daughter etc just to raise money? I can understand what he's saying. I was born and raised here and if we could all help keep the ship maintained when our population wasn't large, we shouldn't have no problem now with the population explosion here.

Wasting money

Maybe if the North Carolina Battleship Commission cut back on wasteful spending and dinner parties at Wrightsville Beach with free flowing alcohol they would have more money for the ship itself. The mayor will always show up for free dinner and drinks at one of these dinners.


What about decorating the ship for Christmas? Is that not worthy either?


Actually, they do decorate the ship at Christmas.

Part of the reason......

The Battleship is part of the reason we have the freedom to have such events. I think the Officers and Men of this great ship would get a kick out of kids being able to have fun on her decks. Heck even some of the ghosts who live on her just might come out for a night of fun.

Good comment

Good comment

Unhappy people

Some people just find anything to complain about. This guy should have never been given the time of day for an interview. Kids enjoy it, it brings money to the city and it gives the community something to do together. Forbid someone have some fun around here!

I have lived in Wilmington

I have lived in Wilmington my whole life, ... when I was a kid my parents thought the fee for visiting the ship was a little too high for them you pay at that time in the I never got the chance to visit it at all. Yet from a distance I always dreamed I would get to see it "up close".... Imagine living your whole life next to such a GREAT piece of history...I read the article from the Veteran who is worried about the ship being disgraced....sir respectfully I address this...your service for the country is thought of everyday, I personally thank you,my family thanks you..... but it wasn't until the Battleship NC had the Ghost Ship event last year that I figured my famly could afford to visit...since I couldn't go as a child I wanted my children to enjoy a piece of NC's history...... we went to the Haunted Battleship, it wasn't expensive like I thought it was going to be....and you know what it was AWESOME!!!.....I can not imagine how much work went into such a huge event. I was amazed at just how BIG that ship is close much so that now my family goes and visits several times throughout the year....and we still haven't seen everything...we pack a picnic lunch...and there is plenty of space to watch the boats go down the river.......there are so many nooks and cranies it is just awesome...any extended family we have always asks to visit when they are in town...and we are more than happy to share "our ship" with the family from out of NOT take offense that the NC Battleship is finding ways to raise funds to PRESERVE the battleship....once a child myself, I raised dimes to help bring the Battleship to Wilmington...and from what I enjoyed last year at the Haunted Battleship...there was NOTHING that would disgrace the ship what so ever...The Staff of the USS NC Battleship are VERY watchful of all that goes on, during the tour guest are allowed in to tour the "ghost ship" in groups it is NOT a free for all. It is very organized. The staff does not let the public run wild.


COME a 12 year veteran...GO FOR IT...if I was dead...I WOULDN'T CARE...part of the freedoms I died for...heck..I might even try to make an appearance.


i understand the gentlemans point on preserving the memorial of what the battleship stands for and represents. But, what he may not see is the opportunity of the people that work aboard the ship to teach all generations that visit the memorial this halloween on what the memorial means to the community and those that served on the ship.

Ghostship - Halloween

I think it is a dishonor not only to the servicemen that served on the USS NC, but to all military, to stage something so stupid aboard this great ship for halloween. We wouldn't think of having a display like this at the Lincoln Memorial or the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is a lame attempt at a way to bring in more revenue.

USS North Carolina~ Ghostship

To all that complain about having Ghost Ship, I say you need to donate to the battleship regularly ! Our battleship is not funded by the state, local or federal goverment, and depends solely on donations and admissions fees to continue to maintain this memorial.
Last year Ghost Ship paid for the painting of the hull. This year all who volunterred were working toward raising money for the coffer dam project. We love to volunteer each year as many others do to give our children and their children a chance to touch history and learn about the great men who served aboard the USS North Carolina. I wonder if you think the Easter Egg hunt is "Lame and stupid"too? How about all the other programs that are available for the public.
Gladly you are among the few that would stoop to complaining about a program that generates not only revenew but a good time for thousands of people.

Actually, some of the best

Actually, some of the best haunted house I've been to have been put on by military men for the neighborhood kids at halloween. So I have a hard time beleiving that the soldiers that served on the USS NC would be insulted by this.


speak for me...12 year veteran here...I think it's just fine.

Sherry stop drinking Sherry

The Lincoln Memorial & the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are already in the most ghoulish & wicked place on earth. No place is scarier than D.C.


Actually without extra funds coming in to support the USS NC, there would not be a USS NC to remember the honor of the fallen. So here is my statement.. Get over it you ol fuddy duddy...



There used to be mermoiles

There used to be mermoiles on the ship, but they hired an exterminator and got rid of them. Seriously, the ship itself is a memorial. If they hadn't brought it here in the 60's, it would have been disassembled and sold for scrap. How better to remember and pay tribute to those who served and died aboard her, than to preserve the ship?

Im undecided on the issue.I

Im undecided on the issue.I would be interested in the books for the uss north carolina.Are there over paid exec on the books.And what they are actually trying to do are generate more revnue for parasites to live off of.Thought i would throw a different spin on the subject.

The "books" are not gouged

The "books" are not gouged and bursting at the seams, trust me.. I've worked there. It's state owned which means the employees get paid by the state. TIGHT WADS. Anything that happens at the ship for extra money goes back into the upkeep and future of the ship. Money isn't going into anyone's pockets, trust me. If it were that way, I would have never left...

Big Picture Here Folks...........

You don't get the point. The Lincoln Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are funded by TAX DOLLARS, and are not self sufficient. If you get your way the USS North Carolina Memorial would have to be completely funded by tax dollars. This would likely never garner enough public support to ever happen and most likely would ultimately lead to the demise of the great ship. So I now ask you, what would be a more fitting memorial? A great valiant ship that honors the legacy of the state and the individuals that served our country that has to have these types of events to keep the memory alive, or cooking on your backyard grill that was cast in the metal that was scrapped from this once great ship?

For Thoes That Dont Know What They Are Talking About

The Gost Ship is not a haunted house with teenagers running around in costumes. It is true storys that have come from the ship representing the gost that are on the ship daily.

Ghost ship

Is it really haunted though? Have any of you ever really experienced anything? It is a wonderful ship and piece of history. A treasure to us everyone of all ages. We are fortunate to have it here, and should support whatever we can to maintain it and keep it preserved for the generations to come!