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Some garden hoses contain harmful lead

READ MORE: Some garden hoses contain harmful lead
WILMINGTON -- When you consider your garden hose cancer and birth defects probably don't come to mind. Garden hoses contain harmful chemicals including lead. If you read the fine print, you'll see the warning: "do not drink water from this hose." Environmental health specialists say for children under six - there *is* no safe amount of lead. Thomas Stich environmental health specialist Environmental health specialist Thomas Stich said, "It can cause memory problems, cause dizziness. It can cause liver damage." Garden hoses should be used only to water plants and lawns. Stich recommends that you not use your garden hose to fill up your pet's waterbowl, or to fill kiddie pools, as your child could swallow some water when playing.

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China Water hose fittings

I was wondering if I'm the only person that is having problems with the new shiney 'metal' fittings that are on today's water hoses from China! When these fittings are connected to American brass devices the two fittings immediately start corroding and if left connected they will lock together (corrode together). The only way to seperate the hose is to cut it off with a hacksaw.
However - your problems are not over yet - if you want to save the hose you have to put on another fitting but guess what - the new fitting is made of the same 'metal'!!
I highlighted 'metal' because I'm betting the China fittings are made of lead.
Also - have you noticed the shiney 'metal rods for the comode shutoff ball is from China?? Guess what - the rods don't last very long! Yep you got it - they corrode and fall apart when they get wet!